ANNABEL’S LITTLE SECRET – Faith Lucky: Episode 11 – The End

Little Secret
(What happened to her?)

Episode 19

By: Faith Lucky.

Vanessa’s Pov:
“Oh, God! What are we going to do?” Esther asked, worriedly as we stood in our room.

We were finally able to free ourselves from Annabel’s room, but couldn’t find any trace of her.

“Where could she be?” I asked tiredly and plonked myself on the bed.

we were so devastated.

“What happened to Annabel?” Renee asked.

“She confessed to those murders. Does it mean she really did them?”

There was no reply to that.

“I…I seriously think we should involve the police”.

“Yes;!” Renee supported.

“That lady isn’t the Annabel we know. She might do something cr@zy”.

I buried my face in my palm and didn’t know what to say.

Just then, my phone started ringing and I checked and discovered it was Leo.

Why the h*ell is he calling me now?

I exhaled deeply before answering the call.

“Leo?” I called blearily on the phone.

“Vanessa, are you there?” He asked.
He sounded bothered.

“Y..Yeah. Its me”.

“Um..what happened between you guys and Annabel?” He asked and my countenance brightened up immediately.

Renee and Esther who could also listen to the call, beamed.

“A…Annabel? Nothing. Why? Do you know where she is?” I asked curiously.

“Well yeah. She just came over to my place not long ago, crying. She told me she wanted to spend sometime with me and asked me not to tell you guys about it” he replied and I sprang on my feet immediately.

“H…Hold on, Annabel is there with you?” I asked, my eyes almost bulging out.

“Yeah, she’s sleeping right now. I…was just kinda confused and wanted to know what was going on”.

Oh, God!

“Leo, please, I beg you in God’s name; make sure Annabel stays there till we arrive. If possible, tie her up. Please Leo, don’t let her leave” I pleaded on the phone.

“Huh? But why?”

“Leo please, I’ll explain everything to you as soon as we get there. But for now, just do as we say. Please” I said and hung up.

“Annabel is with him?”, Esther and Renee asked immediately.

“Yes. Let’s go” I said and we ran out of the house.
Annabel’s Pov:
I slept for a long time and woke up feeling a little better.

I opened my eyes and found myself still lying on the bed. Then, I tried to sit up and that was when I discovered my hands and legs were chained.


I yanked the chains, but nothing happened. I was chained like a dog.
What the h*ell is this?

“Leo?” I called angrily.
Anger was beginning to eat me up.

“Leo!!” I Called again and the door opened.

He walked in with my sisters.


Vanessa’s Pov:
Thank goodness Leo was able to chain Annabel and keep her till we arrived.

We were already approaching her room when we heard her call his name.

“She’s awake” he said and we hastened our footsteps and ran to the room.

We opened the door and went in and there were found her on her knees, her hands and legs chained.

Her eyes flashed with anger the moment she saw us.

“Annabel” Leo called.
He felt pity for her.

“You animal!” She snarled.

“I can’t believe you betrayed me! Yet you claim to love me! You fool!”

“Annabel, I’m sorry…”

“He didn’t betray you, Annabel.” I cut Leo off.
“He’s just trying to save the girl he loves”.

“And the girl he loves will never kill people”. Esther said.

“She’ll never try to kill her sister’s boyfriend.” Renee chipped in.

“And so f**king what???” She yelled.

“Yes, I’ve killed people! Why haven’t you turned me over to the police then?”

“Because we love our sister too much to do that” Esther said.

“Even when you know she’s a murderer???”

“Even when we know she can never be a murderer” I said and her eyes dropped immediately.


Her anger melted into that of a sober mood
She busted into tears.

“Why won’t you just leave me alone?” She wept.
“All I wanted was revenge”.

“What revenge, Annabel? What did they do to you?”

“Please, stop calling me that name” she winced.


My sisters and I looked at each other.

“What name?” I asked and she bent her head and wept bitterly.

“I’m sorry” she whimpered.

“You’re right, Annabel would never do such a thing. She’s not a murderer”.
She wept and lifted her head to look at us.

“I’m not your sister. I’m not Annabel”.


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