The Trillionaire’s Surrogate. ?
Written By Feathers

Chapter 1?

Jason’s POV

“I’m pregn@nt for you sir.” Her silly voice came through.

About few minutes ago, I was inside resting and watching a movie when I got informed that a woman is at the entrance of my house insisting that she must see me.

I chuckled at her words. “Do I even know you?” I asked while shooting her a look that glaringly interpretes to her that she is cr@zy.

“You may not know me because you are rich and been sleeping with many ladies. We made love three months ago at Flemango Hotel, I was the lady that attended to you that night.”

I laughed again and placed my cup on the table.

“Are you been serious right here woman? Oh! You must have devised a plan to get some money from me.” I said and giggled.

“You as a pro0$titute should know better not to get pregn@nt.” I added with a smirk on my lips.

“You were too tipsy to use a c0nd0m that night sir, I told you to but you slapped me and went ahead to …”

I chuckled. “Woman, I have s3x everytime I get to visit the hotel, it’s normal for me. You should know better to use a drug after we were done.” I said while she kept looking.

“What do you want?” I asked comfortably.

“I know I’m too lowly to be accepted but accept my baby.” She said still standing.

“Guards!” I shouted angrily. I was really getting pissed at her. She must be cr@zy to even think she can stand before me talking nonsense.

Two of my men ran inside.

“Throw this woman out of my house, I don’t want to ever see her again.”

“Sure boss.” One of them replied and they both charged at the woman. To my surprise, the woman sumersaulted and sent two kicks to their chin each.

They landed to the floor groaning in pain. It was like a dream.

A pregnant woman? Just knocked two of my well trained boys out?

She turned at me and I felt odd, I wasn’t scared cause I’ve got over hundred men in my compound, I was just surprised.

I think I’ll be needing her skills, wow!

“Hum! Impressive.” I called in two other of my guards.

“Show her a room to stay and make her comfortable.” I said and they obliged.

What sort of woman is this?

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