AWKWARD NURSE : Episode 1 – 10


By Chidinma Jerry M.
(Star Queen)

Season 1
(Episode 1)

Anastasia’s P. O. V

My name is Anastasia Grande. I will tell you more about my profile later.
I have been in here for 2 years, “in this world where I see no one.

I don’t even know if I will ever wake up, I am locked up in absolute darkness I hear them but they can’t hear me.

I’m lonely and I’m in pain the truth is, “I’m in coma”

“It’s been two years I landed here after the accident I had but yet I’m not waking up ,

All I see is darkness but today I saw a little light,

I saw a little light because someone touched me, and right now someone is actually talking to me….
I have decided to listen to her
Clara’s P. O. V

My name is Clara I am a junior nurse.
I know the reason they wouldn’t promote me. Everyone calls me an awkward nurse.
Today I arrived at work really earlier than usual because I wanted to find out what’s hidden in the third floor.

I climbed the stairs and I snuck to the room where my mom always enter secretly before she retired. The only room on the third floor.

I instantly dialed the passcode which I stole from my mother’s jotter.

I looked left and right then I opened the door to the room.

I walked in just to find a very beautiful lady who lay quietly… she reminds me of my favourite T.V show “Sleeping Beauty”.

She looks like a goddess; she’s dressed in white,
I think she’s in coma but I must confess her coma is very beautiful,
I will love to be in this coma.
I walk closer to her and sit beside her

I heard people in coma can actually hear others, I wonder if she can hear me.

I touch her long blond hair it’s so well-kept and attractive I wonder who is she.

I will be killed if I get caught in here , but ” I don’t care ”
I look her in the face and I said

Hey, “can you hear me”, well, I know you can hear me but you can’t talk because you are in coma.
I will be the one talking while you listen carefully do you understand .

“My name is Clara ”

“I am the clumsiest nurse in this hospital but you should see me I think am very pretty.

Truthfully no doctor wants me to work with them they say trouble follows everywhere I go.
“I smile and look at her after I said this , but she doesn’t respond “so I continue….

You are very pretty so I will call you my sleeping beauty , the truth is I don’t have a lot of friends in this hospital so I have decided from now on you are my friend, “my friend who doesn’t talk.

I wink at her as I touched her hair smiling, I said, “Bestie! I wish you will come out of this coma quickly so you can respond to me.

“Today is the first day I am seeing you but I feel like I have known you forever ”

” I promise you come rain come Shine I will always check on you, I will not allow anybody to hurt you.

I took her hands and said” I promise ”

I dunno why but I feel like she is someone who should be important to me.

I dropped her hands and said,

“Sleeping beauty I will like to give you the latest gist, I heard that Ryan is coming back today from India, I have heard alot about him but I have never met him”.

“I heard that he is a world class surgeon at the age of 25 and that he’s very braniac and handsome too. ” i said shyly

“he’s so dreamy but I don’t know if I can ever meet him I have never been sent to” R. D HOSPITAL “, after all am too awkward to be sent there.

Anastasia P. O. V

Ryan is coming back, he’s coming back to meet me like this, the same way I was 2 yrs ago.

I like you Clara I wish I could tell you that, …. meeting you today has proven to me that am still Alive.

Pls keep taking to me I feel like I have known you forever,
you said you are pretty well i wish I can see you, I just wish I can tell you that am hearing you clearly……..

Ryan’s P. O. V

I just rose from my long sleep, I don’t need any alarm or bells am actually pretty good at waking up early.

I open my eye and the first sight I get are 3 maids dressed in clean uniform, one holding my morning coffee, the other my outfit for the day, while the later held the matching shoe.

I signaled the maid with the coffee to come closer I took the cup from her and sipped a little wow it was good,

The maid holding the outfit lifted it and said,
sir, “is this okay ”

“It’s fine, just get out”, I snapped.

And they walked out.

My name is “Ryan Devantes” my Father is the founder of “Devantes Health World” he has hospitals in different cities of the world.
The main branch of devantes health world is in new york city. the name is ” R. D hospital. Want a hint, it means” Ryan Devantes ” because am the only heir.

it is the biggest hospital in New York but it’s in competition with the second biggest hospital in the city which is owned By ” Grande Group.

“It was founded by sir Alexandra Grande and the name of the hospital is A. G. Health Center. ” or easily abbreviated (A. G. H. C)

I never took my studies as doctor serious untill i had to, right now am one of the best doctors / surgeons in the world,

But “, I still can’t find a cure for my heart, my heart which is filled with pains and darkness

I received my father’s text yesterday and am traveling back to New York today.

I am traveling back to face everything I ran away from .

I took a quick bath and got dressed the maids dropped my stuffs in the car.

I entered the car and the driver took off.

??? hours later…

Claras p. O. V ??

I just checked my time while I gisted with my sleeping beauty,

Omg I no longer have time on my side, ” I stood up and tried opening the door but I saw the door handle shake which means someone is coming.

I instantly hid under my sleeping beauty’s bed and siezed my Breath

I saw his legs I wonder who he is,
I see his black shoes; it’s a pair of expensive black shoes. ??

Ryan’s p. O. V

I just arrived at A. G. H. C, I don’t even know why I came here first.

I walk in and thanks to my disguise no one recognized me.

I ran up to the third floor and i walked into Anastasia’s hospital room,
i saw her on the bed, on the same bed of thorns

tears filled my eyes, my heart ached again that aching that never cease.

Anna is still here, the same way she laid two years ago.

I touch her hair with so much agony in my soul, I look in her face and tears run down my eye like a community tap.

I always knew leaving for India won’t help me move on from Anna.

I looked at her and said,
“Anastasia, ” please do come back to me, i dunno how am suppose to breath when there is no air”
I said, almost crying
I look down in my pain and to my greatest surprise i see female shoes under the bed.

I instantly wiped my tears

what the fuck, I think someone is in here.” i said to myself as I kicked those legs with my expensive black shoes ?and Shouted

“Hey, “who are you, come out right now”!!!!

Claras p. O. V

“Omg I think he saw my leg I am finished, I just lost my job

mummy pls come, your daughter is about to die.

I wonder who he is, is he doctor Tim?………

I Said all this in my head as I slowly withdrew my legs
I was already shivering in fear, omg, what do I do??????

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