AWKWARD NURSE : Episode 11 – 20


By Chidinma Jerry M.

Season 1
(Episode 11)

Diana’s P. O. V

I arrived in the conference hall with the 3 matrons

I don’t what’s wrong

Uhhmm did i do anything wrong “, i asked

“Ryan Dervantes wants to talk to the person who passed his questions Diana”, she said

*** Omg what ***
*** i didn’t anwser it***
*** how can I defend it? ***

I bowed and looked at the projector until Ryan appeared

He looked so good in the video

Uhhm Diana right “, he asked me

Yes sir ” I replied

“The third question you answered you changed it, which means something was wrong with the question right?”, he asked

“Well yes, I replied.

“Ok can you please enlighten me more”, he asked “why did you change my question.

He relaxed on his chair

“Actually sir”, i said

“Tell me? “, he said

“Well truthfully I didn’t anwser those questions myself “, i replied.

“Ok so do you mind telling me who it was? “, He asked

“It was my best friend, Clara David. I am sorry for lying, She anwsered it and I copied from her. I replied him.

I said this boldly after all I’m really not good at lying.

He looked at me for a while. He wanted to talk when someone walked in behind him.

Ryan’s P. O. V

So she wasn’t the one who anwsered my question

Well the person I want is the person who anwsered the question

Clara David.

“So tell me Diana, this Clara is she a senior nurse “, i asked

“No sir “, she replied

Just then the matron spoke up

“She is a junior nurse sir, but a very intelligent one. Well she has just one little problem. “, she added

****What does she mean by one little problem *****

I wanted to speak when Mrs Delvailers walked in behind me I turned and she gave me signals that Anna wanted to see me

***Omg Anna is awake ***
I was so happy I smiled widely

I turned to the screen

“I would have loved to interview this Clara David but I don’t have time, Just tell her to get ready. She’s traveling with me., i replied.

I logged out before they even replied.

I tuned to Nurse Felvaliers

Come on let’s go

I grabbed my jacket

Clara’s P. O. V

I am lying on the floor right now. My cloth is all stained. My hair is so scattered. I’m just tired from searching all the kids I find

What is this? Why is life crazy?

Just then a kid walked to me and i turned

“Unni, she called me

Mm I think she’s Korean

“How are you? “, i asked her

“I’m fine but I came to give you your phone “, she said

I smiled happily when she brought the phone out of her little bag

I kissed her and hugged her

“You just saved unni’s life, (kumapta) I told her and she chuckled.

“It’s not “kumapta” you should say (kumapsimida or kangsanmida).

I smiled
“Kangsanmida “, Aka thank you. I said smiling.

She ran away anf I stood up
I need to check on Anna

I wonder if my treatment worked.

I slipped my phone into my pocket and ran up the stairs I was in the second floor when matron Linda called me

I wonder what’s wrong

I ran down

“Clara you have been chosen to escort Ryan on his second health mission “, she said

**What is she saying?**
I looked around

Me!!? “, I asked her.

” yes but you need to meet Daniela first for approval.

“Oh ok, i added.

“Go to her house, She is waiting for you, This is her card, The house address is in it. She added

“Ok madam. “, i replied.

I ran down
I looked at myself from hair to toe

Omg what am I going to do
I look so dirty but anyway I don’t care

I ran out and almost ran into Diana

She hugged me and carried me up

“You are going with Ryan”, She shouted happily

I smiled

“It’s unbilevable “, i added.

“You are so lucky Clara “, she said
She hugged me again

***I felt really happy meeting Ryan has been my dream right from when I was 16 ***

“I heard Daniela wants to see you? ” she asked.

“Yes she wants to “, i said

She instantly wiped off my red lipstick and smeared my pretty make up

‘What are you doing? I look ugly now “i yanked

“Go, you will thank me later “, She said.

I ran away.

Ryan’s P. O. V

I arrived at A. G. H. C

I walked so fast that my guard couldn’t even catch up to me

I ran up the stairs
I got to the third floor

I went to where Anna lay

All I saw was the tears on both her eyes

Anna are you okay
I asked her
She didn’t talk

What’s going on “, I asked the nurse. “She’s not opening her eyes “, I added.

“But she opened her eyes just now. ” the nurse said

I hugged her tightly

“Anna don’t you want to see me?”, I asked her
What did i do to you “, I added.

I kissed her lips with tears in my eyes

Anna’s P. O. V

Ryan I want to see yo. You didn’t do anything wrong but I can’t talk or open my eyes.
I don’t know what they did

I want to tell you about Daniela but I can’t

I don’t know how to talk to you Ryan

Just then Ryan removed his hands from me

“Mrs Delvaliers,. Do you perceive that smell? ” he asked her

“Smell, is it a bad smell? she asked.

And before Ryan could talk she had already spread her perfume everywhere

Ryan’s P. O. V

That smell I think it was hyemaclux. Or Maybe not

This perfume just distracted my concentration

I looked at Anna again

She still lay there with her eyes closed

I just hugged her and held her tight

Mr Grandes’ P. O. V

Oh I felt so much stronger last week

So I decided to start taking my morning coffee again day before yesterday

And I suddenly felt week again today
But my doctor said it’s not the coffee

I wonder what it is

My maid walked in

“Sir, should i brew your coffee”, She asked

“Of course, I love to start my day with a cup of coffee. “, I added

She walked out

I called Doc Tim earlier and he told me there is no difference in Anna’s health

I just pray heavens will realese my child to me

Meanwhile Daniela just walked down
She had been in her office upstairs all morning

She pecked me

“Dad I told you to reduce your coffee intake because of your health “she replied

“Oh my child, my doctor said it is totally safe.”, I added

“Ok dad I will be upstairs, I have a lot of work to attend to. She said

“Ok dear. “, i replied

Daniela’s P. O. V

I don’t know what that doctor is doing. I miss my lovely dad. Why is he not getting stronger?
What’s going on?

Anyways I am expecting Ryan’s nurse today
If she is pretty I will send her back and choose someone else

No one should get Ryan’s attention but me

I ran into my mother it turns out she was peeping at my dad

“Mom what’s wrong?”, I asked

“Oh I just want to know if he is drinking his morning coffee” she added

“The maids are still making it “, i said

“Ok darling, she smiled.

“But mom, why do you always care about dad taking his coffee? I mean I don’t even like that coffee ” i asked.

“It’s good for his health dear “, she replied

She walked past me.

I wanted to walk up when I looked into the compound from the window and saw a very ugly dirty looking girl coming up
Her hair was as though a rat lived in it
Oh I pray she is the girl I’m expecting,
Clara David.

I walked into my study.

Clara’s P. O. V

Wow the compound is not bad
I can’t believe I have come to meet that grumpy Daniela

I walked further when a maid came to me

“Ma’am Daniela is waiting for you “, she said.

“Ok I replied, as I walked upstairs from the door she led me to

I think Mr Grande was in the living room but I didn’t see him clearly because of the path I followed

Minutes later she showed me the stairs and I walked upstairs

I met Daniela sitting facing a table filled with a lot of books

Her straight long hair falling freely

She is really pretty

She looked at me in an irritating manner

“So you must be Clara David “, she said

I nodded

She stood up and touched my hair and smiled

“Exactly what I wanted “, she said

I don’t understand ” I asked her

“Clara you are the best nurse for Ryan “, she said

I bowed

“So tell me; what do you think of my Ryan Clara ? “, she asked me

“Do you find him handsome, attractive etc

**What is she saying?**
**This girl is really crazy **
**Where is she driving at? ***

“Well I have never seen Ryan madam so I don’t know anything about him “, I replied.

“So do you have a boyfriend, a serious date “, she asked

I ignored her

She smiled

“Don’t mind me Clara “, she added

She walked about me.

“You realize chances are that you are going to live with my boyfriend in the same house right? “, she said

**when did he start dating Daniela*
**Anyways, they look good together*

“Yes madam, I realize that ” i replied

‘So I will just ask you a tricky question”, She said

Ok madam “, I added

“If Ryan asks you to keep him warm at night, a long cold night, will you agree? “, She asked

I laughed
” but I’m a human being I’m not a pot of hot water.
“But If he wants to be warm, I can boil hot water for him. “, i replied

She smiled

“What I meant by keeping him warm Clara is, If Ryan wants a night with you, Although judging from your looks that’s impossible, But if it happens. What will be your response? She asked.

“I won’t agree “, I’m not stupid. I said angrily.

“Nice meeting you Clara, you can leave now. get ready for your trip with Ryan “, She said

I smiled and bowed.

she walked out and I walked behind her.

This time I walked into the living room and I saw Mr Grande
He’s taking tea.

That tea
This tea smells just like….
G. Healths green tea ,
i hope it is not it

This tea is not good. Why is Mr Grande taking it?

It turns the effect of drug medications around

If you take this tea and undergo any treatment, it will kill the effect of your treatment and worsen your case

I once visited their production center. That was where I did my research and confirmed that the tea is bad.

What do I do?

Should I tell Mr Grande to stop this tea

What if he fires me?

Hss wife is looking at me as though she wants to bite me

What am I going to do?

Maybe I should just ignore him


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