AWKWARD NURSE : SEASON 2 Episode 1 – 10


By Chidinma Jerry M
(star -queen)

Season 2 (Episode 1)

Ryan’s p.o.v

Clara ran off after she said this. I knew it was pointless chasing after her because right now she really needs to be alone.
I looked around the road for a while then I walked into my car. Wherever she went to I am sure she will come back.
Clara had been in love with me all this while. Why didn’t she say anything? And I had been the biggest fool. Why didn’t I notice all of this?

I drove off in a high speed and headed straight home …

Clara’s p.o.v

what did I do? Sir Ryan just found me out it is so embarrassing ……

I opened my purse and saw the card that woman gave me before …back In the drug administration department.

I traced the address and took a cab to her house after all it is useless I can’t possibly go back to Ryan. I can’t live with Ryan again.
I am just too embarrassed.

The driver took off he was really fast. Soon I arrived at the street I followed the address to her house .

I knocked and she opened up.
” hi I was wondering if you still need a nurse for your baby
” oh Clara I already got someone in fact she took the baby out .
” oh ok “, i replied and walked away.

what do I do now? It’s already getting dark . I walked out to the streets it’s pretty exactly the same place I and sir Ryan sat that day .

I sat on the floor quietly and folded my legs together … sir Ryan what do I do now? I told you how I feel about you .

I wrapped my hands round my legs abd sat there quietly ….. I don’t know what’s next.

Ryan’s p.o.v

Clara is not yet back ..what’s going on? Where did she run too? i entered my car and took off soon I arrived at the junction she left from .

I switched on my tracker thank God her phone is on.

I tracked her down with the GPS in my phone ……

finally the tracker stopped working I drove down and there she sat quietly on the road near the food seller.

Must Clara always be a character?

she helped the woman organise her plates and the woman’s kids played around with her .

I watched her queitly then I finally walked out of the car.

Clara’s p.o.v

oh it is sir Ryan. What is he doing here? I separated myself from the kids whom their mum was selling nearby ..

I stood up and he walked down to me.

” hey miss “, he said..
i gently bowed
” if you run away because you fell for me then may be I should run too because I am in love with you too
” what??
” do you know why I chased you out of surgery? That’s because you distract me. I love you so much that you distract me.

what is he saying?

” Do you know why I avoided you? I avoided you because I wanted to stop loving you. I wanted to stop this feeling.

But what are we going to do because this surgeon can’t breath without you?

” what?
” i love you Clara ….I love you too.

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