AWKWARD NURSE : Season 2 Episode 11 – 21

AWKWARD NURSE By Chindinma Jerry M (Star queen) Season 2 (Episode 11) yes madam. Anna ran out of the office looking like she wants to eat a human being. ” guys lets get to work β€œyes sir we ran into our department. Clara’s pov Ryan rolled to his side and just looked at me. ” … Read more

AWKWARD NURSE : SEASON 2 Episode 1 – 10

AWKWARD NURSE By Chidinma Jerry M (star -queen) Season 2 (Episode 1) Ryan’s p.o.v Clara ran off after she said this. I knew it was pointless chasing after her because right now she really needs to be alone. I looked around the road for a while then I walked into my car. Wherever she went … Read more

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