SPEECHLESSNESS : Episode 21 – 30




George returned from his early morning jog, he had really missed doing that, he met his mother in the kitchen preparing breakfast, he went to her and tickled her from the back, and she jerked in fear

“Oh George it’s you, you scared me” she said laughing

“Good morning mum, what’s for breakfast?” he asked her searching the kitchen

“As you can see, fried plantain and egg sauce” she replied slicing plantain

“Yummy” he said rolling his eyes

“I know you will love it, Go up and bathe while I set the table for breakfast”

“Why are you doing this alone, where’s Ruth?” he asked her noticing Ruth was not in the kitchen

“I sent her to the market to buy fresh fish for me”

“mum, I think it’s time Mirabel gets involved in kitchen work, I can’t believe she’s still sleeping”

“she helps me in the kitchen, she came down to help me this morning, but she had stomach cramp so she ran up to her toilet”

“Adviser George” Mirabel called him entering the kitchen

“Here she comes” his mother said

“So you think I’m lazy like your girlfriend” she teased him

“And who told you my girlfriend is lazy?” he smirked at her

“As if, I don’t know Thelma,”

“And talking about your girlfriend, George, you’ve not introduced her to us, when are you bringing her home?” his mum asked

“I was actually thinking of that, I’ll plan your meeting this weekend” he said excitedly

“And I heard she’s the daughter to our former neighbour, I pray she won’t be violet like her parents” his mum said

“Mum? You shouldn’t judge her yet, wait until you meet her” he said

“All I need is a well groomed bride that will take care of you, you know I want the best for you”

“Sure mum, i want to shower and come down to enjoy my breakfast” he said rushing up to his room

************ He opened his door and ran straight to the bathroom but saw someone washing his toilet,

“What are you doing in my room?” he asked her in shocked

“I’m sorry sir, I was sent to come and clean your room” she stuttered

“By who? ” he asked her rudely.

“Aunty Dorothy sent me to help her clean your room” she answered with a trembling voice

“Are you done with it?”

“Yes sir, good, I would like to shower”

She curtsied and ran out of his room.

Mr Ufomba arrived his office late, he spent time reading his Bible in his room before going down for breakfast, he walked straight to his office and settled down to work, he called his secretary and asked for a cup of coffee, she soon arrived with it and dropped it on his table.

After she left, the door opened and one of his employers walked in sweating.

“Good morning sir” he greeted his boss

“Why did you walk into my office without knocking?” his boss asked him angrily

“I’m sorry sir, it’s a matter of urgency, sir I beg you in the name of God, don’t drink that coffee”

His boss was shocked, he looked at his secretary who was fidgeting

“why shouldn’t I drink my coffee?” he asked suspiciously

“Because it’s poisoned!”he blurted out

” What!!!!!!”

He turned to his secretary,

”What is he talking about?”

“Sir, I swear, your coffee is not poisoned,” she lied

“Sir, if it’s not poisoned then she should drink it”

“Anthony, I hope you’re not playing pranks on me” his boss asked getting up from his seat

“Sir, let her drink the coffee” Anthony said

“Lucia, drink the coffee now!!” he ordered her

“Sir, i’m allergic to coffee,” she stammered

“Good, If you dont do that I’ll call in the security on you” he threatened her

She went on her knees

“I’m sorry sir, it was the devil’s handwork, it wasn’t my plan to kill you, I was blackmailed into doing that” she confessed

“What are you talking about,you were blackmailed by who?” her boss asked her

“your brother, Gabriel”

“What? i hope you know the gravity of your utterances, don’t accuse my brother wrongly”

“Sir if you think i’m lying, wait for some minutes he will call me” she said assuredly

Mr Ufomba was shocked, he called his wife to come to the office immediately, he called in the security,he paced up and down his office, he thought his brother had left them in peace.

George saw his mum leaving the house, she lied to him that she was going to the salon for a change of hair.

He was bored at home as Mirabel was not at home too, he got himself busy with his laptop, he tried chatting with Thelma but she was in a class, the entrance door opened and the gateman walked in to tell him that he had a male visitor

“small oga, one fine boy dey find you for gate,” he said in pidgin English

“Fine boy? did he tell you his name”

“Yes, he say na Elvis, he carry big car Come, ”

”Oooh Elvis, open the gate for him quickly, he is my friend”

Elvis was his next door neighbour in school and luckily for him, they were in the same department, he likes George alot because he had helped in remodeling his lifestyle, and he also helped him out in school with school work.

He was borne into a royal family, his father inherited the throne from his grandfather, his father was among the richest king in Igboland, his family was based in Lagos where his mother controlled her husband’s business, while his father lives in the village with his second wife. He is the first son of his mother and has two younger ones, a boy and girl with an elder sister who resides abroad with her husband and children. He grew up a spoilt child, he lavished his father’s money as he like, he was always addressed as Prince Elvis, but his life changed when he met George.
George followed the gateman outside to welcome his friend, Elvis packed his new Venza and came out to meet his friend, a pretty damsel alighted from the car too,

“You didn’t tell me you were coming” George asked him giving him a handshake.

“guy, I wanted to surprise you”

“Your girlfriend is so pretty, I like her” George whispered into his ears

He cleared his throat

“Errm, George meet my little sister, princess Whitney, Whitney meet George” Elvis introduced them.

“Nice to meet you George, I’ve heard alot about you”

“Oooooh, hope they’re good things? ” he rolled his eyes

“Sure, I forced him to bring me to your house because I was longing to see you “Whitney said.

They all walked into the sitting room chit chatting

”you’re welcome to my abode, “George said cheerfully

He called Dorothy to serve his guests, Gift rushed in immediately

”welcome ma, welcome sir”she curtsied

“Please get soft drinks for us,” he ordered her

Elvis kept on staring at her until she left for the kitchen

“George who’s that pretty figure? ” Elvis asked him

“Who are you talking about?”

“The girl that just left” Elvis said

“ooooh, the new house girl”

“She’s d–n hot!!!!, haven’t you noticed her”

“Mind you, your younger sister is here” George said

”So Whitney, where have you been?” George asked her

“In the States, I’m a second year medical student over there, I came home on vacation” she replied

One thing he liked about her was her accent, he loved the way she picked her words

“That’s good, I’m really impressed”

Gift served them juice and snacks, they spent the day chatting, before they all went out to have fun.

Lucia ‘s ringing tone jerked everyone out of their thoughts, she picked it and put it on speak out

“Have you carried out the assignment?” Gabriel asked from the other end of the phone

“Yes sir, they just rushed him to the hospital,” she replied

“Good work, I’m expecting their call, I’ll transfer your balance to your account now, and remember dont panic” he said cutting the call.

“It’s time for drama, we’ll Play along with him, he will be shocked at what awaits him” Mr Ufomba told his wife

They set out to carry out their plan in order to catch him red handed.

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