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Chapter 81

Vikings Villa..

A gvn shot sounded..

“Arrrrrrrrgh..” Dylan groaned loudly in pains as the shot hit him.. mistakenly on the leg

All eyes widened, including Roxanne’s. Andrea screamed loudly in tears as she watched him bleed and wince in pains

The gun fell from Claribel shaky hands as she gasp looking at her white palms and then back to Dylan


She mistakenly pulled the trlgger as she screamed earlier and unfortunately, Roxanne was quite swift to dodge it, making it land on Dylan’s leg

“Noo! Dylan” Claribel rushed to him, her tears fell freely held the shot spot, making his blood stain her hands..

Cathy and Ann rushed in immediately

“Oh my!!” Lady Ann gasped as she beheld the sight

Roxanne smirked dangerously, although She couldn’t recognize Cathy because of her new face,but strangely, her gaze was fixed on her as she entered

Catherine’s heart skipped many beats at once

“It’s her! The one who burnt her three years ago in the house.. Roxanne!!’ Her mind screamed as she folded her fists tightly on the laptop



Three years ago..

“Boss..” Jacqueline rushed in. Roxanne’s back was facing her as she gulped down alcoholic wine from it’s bottle

“I got an information..” She said

Roxanne immediately turned to her

“A spy in the Langfords mansion eavesdropped on Chairman James phone call and heard him say his son finally got a fiancee after many years” Jacqueline said

Roxanne scrunched up her eye brows in curiosity

“His son?” Her voice sounded so cold. Jacqueline nodded in response

“Which of his sons?, Tristan or Dylan” she asked again

“I’m not sure of who it is, just decided to inform you first”Jacqueline said

Roxanne folded her fists tightly

“Dylan got a fiancee!” She breathed in fury

“We can’t be so sure, it could be Tristan, Tristan hasn’t brought a fiancee home also for years now” Jacq tried convincing

“No.. my instincts are always right and you know it. No woman dares come around my man!! I’ll kll such bstard!” She seethed, clenching her teeth

Jacq swallowed nothing

“Have any information about the b¡tch?” Roxanne asked frankly

Jacqueline nodded

“Yeah..” she replied, bringing out a small piece of paper from her pocket

“Here..” she handed it over to Roxanne who scoured her eyes around it

“Catherine Bills

26 years old American



A23, House 4.. Crystal street” Roxanne muttered as she read

She suddenly looked up, her eyes turned dark and cold

“Bring her to the warehouse, 9pm tonight” she said simply..


Flashback continues..

9pm, that night

“Please spare me..” Cathy pleaded amidst tears, everywhere was dark and and she couldn’t see a thing because she was blindfolded

“Shut the crap..” Jacqueline growled, hitting her with the leather belt

“Someone’s is after her too” Nathan said to Ashley as they watched from the car

“Have any idea?” He asked again and Ashley shook her head negatively in reply

“No” she mumbled

Nathan desperately wants a revenge on James Langford and his descendants for a great pain he had caused him years back..

His girlfriend is Ashley and they both have plans in accomplishing their mission.

Getting the information that Tristan just loves someone – Catherine and is planning to marry her gives them the intention to eliminate her so as to arrange a relationship between Ashley and Tristan and to give them access to having the Langford’s properties in their possession

“Stay here, I’ll be quick” Nathan suddenly broke the silence as he picked up his gun from under the foot mat, slowly opening the car door

“Stay safe” Ashley said with a nod and he pecked her on the lips before highlighting from the car.. proceeding into the ware house

He sneaked to the back of the building silently, trying his best to evade suspicious sounds.

He looked around and proceeded to jump in through the Windows but almost immediately, he heard a loud cry and perceived smoke, emanating from a particular room

“Is she being set on fire..?” He furrowed his brows and quickly left the spot where he was standing before the fire spreads

He noticed some movements around and quickly hid behind a large tree.. watching as two women left in a black car with the building on Fire and the loud cries sounding.


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