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Alive Hospitals..

Even amongst hundreds of people, she recognises his scent, his natural and alluring citrus scent

It’s him!!

He turned to the matron who was boiling in rage, throwing her hands off with a glare..

Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched the drama in awe.


“Don’t you dare!!!” He glared dangerously at her, the other workers began making videos

?Isn’t that Dylan Langford

?Omg! I’ve only seen him in pictures

?Gosh! My dream husband

?an autograph please

?It’s him the langford’s elder son


?He looks more handsome in reality

? But why is he defending a random cleaner

The wokers mumbled and murmured, the matron blinked repeatedly as she continued staring like a dummy.

He sounded so possessive and over protective making her wonder

Dylan turned to Claribel, still caging her in his arms.

Coincidentally, she looked up that same moment and their eyes bored into eachother.. an awkward silence followed

They could feel their heart skipping a thousand beats at once and none of them can deny feeling the goosebumps

The expression on their faces was affectionate and their eyes turned wistful

Claribel stared breathlessly him with glassy eyes, stubborn tear slipped from the corner of her eyes as she continued staring without blinking

She had missed him!!

Her weakness!!!


She hss her feelings for him.. no doubt

He wiped her tears with his thumb, cupping her cheeks in the process.. she kept sniffing back hee tears like a newly born

“Why did you decide to work here” he whispered, his fresh breath brushing against her face, making her shiver

Her tears fell freely and she blinked, picking on her nails

“I missed you” he said and slowly started leaning in, she scrunched up her brows while he closed his eyes.. proceeding to claim her lips in his

?Woah.. other workers gasped

He kept leaning closer.. closer and closer

She shook her head sideways

She can’t do this!


Not when she made a promise!!

She slightly pvshed him away and his eyes flew open immediately

“Why..” he furrowed his brows, searching her eyes for an answer but found none

“Stay away from me!!” She shouted with tears pouring freely from her eyes and with that she ran off before he could even mutter a word

“Claribel!!” He called, watching her leave

He wanted to rush after her but her words echoed in his ears as he imagined her teary eyes

“Stay away from me!!”

He ruffled his hair, running his fingers across his head heaved a deep sigh

He turned to the crowd and just a second of glare from him made them scurry off instantly, stopping the videos.

He turned back to the matron, giving a final glance before leaving the hospital, forgetting that he came here for an important and urgent issue

He entered his car, resting his head on the steering wheels as he let out a frustrating breath


After a few minutes, he raised his head up and his eyes was now red.. he had obviously been crying

He proceeded to ignite his car engine but immediately sighted a familiar lady highlight from a blue Lamborghini

He squinted his eyes to confirm his instincts..

It was Brinkley!!

It immediately dawned on him that he came here for something urgent.. he gasped in realisation watching her close her car door

With clenched fists and gritted teeth, he immediately got down from his car, advancing towards her in a slow mo..

“Hey you!!!”


Sheehan writes

“My future husband!” Cindy shouted senselessly without realising, the man immediately stopped on his tracks and turned to her with an annoying scoff

“Like seriously..?!’ He laughed before walking in to the building

Cindy’s eyes widened, realising her crazy statement, She covered her mouth with her white palms biting her lower lip hard in embarrassment

She turned to the gate keeper who had been laughing secretly in mockery…

“How can I be this stup¡d” she mumbled, glaring daggers at the security personnel who immediately left, laughing loudly


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