MEANT TO BE: Chapter 31-40

(being Elva)

Chapter 31

Zeemah writes?

?Elva’s POV?

We all sat round the dining table with our home made soup and Chinese rice dished out in front of us.
We started eating our dinner.
“Yummy” Fleur commented.
I looked over to Daisy who is eating in silence engrossed in her iPod, there’s something with her face expression as she kept on clicking on some thing.

Why do i feel there is something off with that iPod.
It’s always with her and she’s always so engrossed in it.

My gaze went back to Mig and i caught him staring at me,he quickly glanced away or am i mistaken?

I smiled, remembering how ladies were drooling over him back at the cafeteria. His future wife will surely be a lucky woman.

Why do i picture myself standing beside him on the crazy of me to think that.
Well…it’s just a thought even if a part of me wanted it to happen.

I’m not sure Mig has any feelings for me,yet I’m thinking about marriage.
I have feelings for him…of course which lady won’t? but the feelings i have for him is not just because of his always stirs right from the depth of my heart.
I’m not really sure he feels anything for me and if he does, he’s doing a good job in hiding it.

But, why do i feel he also has feelings for me.
Once i regain my memory,i will have to leave this wonderful people…

I really hope the memory takes a bit longer because i would live to spend more time with them.

I’m being selfish,what if my family are so worried about me and here i am wishing my memory takes longer just because of pleasure.

A chair shifted loudly and i jolted out of my thoughts. i saw Daisy stand up before she walked away to her room.
Wow,she didn’t pick on me or anyone tonight.

Her leftover is quite much,it seems she’s in a bad mood and i know it has to do with what she keeps checking on her iPod.
I’m curious,i feel like going through her iPod but i dare not.

I finished my dinner and gulped some water.
“Mig” I called.
“Have that author released another of her novel?” I asked.
“No…I will have it delivered if she does…I’m expecting it also” He said.
“Tch…novels just ain’t my thing” Fleur said.
“You are missing out a lot” I said.
“Yeah..Yeah whatever” Fleur said.

“You know what? guys prepared dinner, so I’m gonna do the dishes” Fleur said and started packing the dishes.
She finished packing it and headed to the kitchen leaving Mig and i alone.

We sat in silence stealing glances at each other.
“Goodnight Mig” I said nervously.
“Night Elva” He said and i walked away to my room.
I bounced on my bed with a sigh of relief..
“What’s wrong with you” I scolded myself.
I stood up from the bed and walked to the cupboard,picked up my pyjamas and headed to the bathroom.

I freshened up before slipping on my pyjamas.
I walked back to my bed,sat down and picked up a novel…I don’t want to think about anything else.
I opened the page i stopped reading and continued from there.

I heard screams of excitement and stopped reading. I dropped the novel back on the bed and smiled..

Power has been restored after a long time..

We will get to continue watching Titanic.
I slipped into my flip flops hurrying to the door.
I opened it and met Fleur there panting happily.

“Let’s go continue the movie” She said and i grinned happily she took my hand, dragging me all the way to the living room.

We met Mig already seated on the floor with a plate of cookies as and three glasses of pineapple juice.

I smiled and went to join him on the floor including Fleur.
Mig turned on the TV with the remote control.
We smiled when the part we stopped popped into the big screen..

We flowed along with the movie chewing the cookies and sipping juice.


(The next morning)??

I opened my eyes and yawned ,i stretched before sitting up.
How did i ended up sleeping in the living room.

My gaze went round and stopped at Mig and Fleur who were still fast asleep beside me i remember we were watching Titanic and slept off.
I checked the wall clock..


It’s 7:30..and we have to get to work before 8:00!
I tapped Fleur on the shoulder.
“Fleur” I called and she stirred before opening her eyes,

She finally woke up fully.
“Fleur we need to hurry, it’s almost time for work” I said standing up.

“OMG don’t tell me we all slept off here while watching Titanic” She said.
“Yes..and it’s almost time to work” I said and her gaze flew to the wall clock followed by a gasp.

“G©$h we need to hurry..Doc. Steph does not tolerate lateness” She said and we hurried to our rooms promising we will be ready in few minutes.


We hurried to the living room after we finished getting ready for work.
Mig is seated on the couch sipping coffee.

“Good morning Mig”
“Morning…I can see you are in a hurry so i will leave the discussion till you are both back” He said.
“Ok Mig”
“See ya”
“Bye” I said and we dashed out of the house walking fast to the hospital.
“I hope Titanic doesn’t make me lose my job” Fleur said and i suppressed a giggle.


We got to work few minutes after resumption time.
We signed in and parted, heading to our various departments.

I was walking in the corridor when i heard my name.
I turned and saw Ben walking towards me in slow stride.
G©sh…I left him unexpectedly yesterday,i need to apologise.

“Hey Ben,good morning” I greeted as he got to me.
“About yeste..” I was saying but i was surprisingly shut with a kss.

On the l1ps!
From Ben!!


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