BELIEVE : Episode 11 – 20

[the girl he never noticed]

adesola adeomowole.m.


A man tearing my cloth is the most painful experience of my life,this man is old enough to be my father….
why treating me this way?.

My hand grabbed a turning stick,I took it and hit it on his head,he left me and staggered backwards.He fell.
I think he lost consciousness. I tied my halfly torn wrapper and hastily got to the door,I opened the door and ran out when I noticed the man opened his eyes.

I ran out without knowing where am heading to,
I cramped up on my way,something pierce into my feet and it started bleeding…. another hurtful experience.

I didn’t even know when I shouted mother??.
I managed to get to the waterfall where I fell, the nail had really entered my foot skin.
I had better remain like this…..

God if I should get wealthy in the future,I will suffer onome the way she did to me..
I fell asleep there on the floor at the back of the waterfall.
I had a dream?.

A woman appeared to me,she looks exactly like me same fair skin like me the only difference is that she is very very beautiful,she was standing on another land,a ditch was separating us…..

“my daughter,come to mummy this last moment” she said and stretch her hand to me,I also stretch my hands forward.Our hands were almost touching,just inches apart.

Onome appeared and pushed me into the ditch.
“mother help?????
I shouted and stretched my hands out so that she can draw me out, she didn’t even move from where she was…

“My daughter believe…!
“Ife believe…believe Ife!
“even if it is dark,light your way!

it seems you still haven’t learnt your lessons,am not also happy with what you’re going through….

“please and please do not end up like I did…Just believe! she said.
Someone held me up,I looked up as I was almost getting out.
it was olamma who was helping me.

“Thanks for helping me! I said.
“do you believe I will help you out? in your dreams” she laughed out wickedly and left my hand,I fell back into the ditch helplessly….

I sprang up breathing heavily.
What sort of dream is this and why is my leg hurting me badly?…

I opened my eyes well,it was morning already.
so,I actually slept here last night.
I wanted to stand up but could not.
The nail was still buried in my foot…

“Prince Lotanna,you really want to see the waterfall alone” I heard voices.
I hastily open my eyes widely.
my goodness, did I just hear well…
“Lotanna” coming to see the waterfall right now…..
hmmmmm,I shouldn’t be here!

“Okay my prince,we would wait here!
I heard again.I hastily covered my face.The prince approached.
I could get a clear sight of him from the back of the waterfall,the water made it look as if I was staring from mirror. It made Lotanna really look ethereal…..

Just perfectly handsome.
The royal stuff on his forehead suited him perfectly.I remembered how very ugly I am,I stood up and wanted to run..
“mother it hurts?!
I screamed when the nail penetrated more deep.
Lotanna looked around,trying to figure out who was shouting.

I covered my mouth and endured my pain alone.I walked,it pained the more….”help,am at the back of the waterfall???”
I screamed,he appeared.
I looked at the other side so he won’t get a clear sight…
The pain wanted to make me fall,he held me back with just a hand on my waist….
he must be very fit for holding me like am a sac.

I still looked away,
“would you stay well or I should just leave” he said.His words pierced my heart so deeply.
I covered my face as I stand well.
He pointed to a big stone more like a place to sit.i sat.
Next he squated.
wait….does he not understand that he is a prince!!!!
Princes don’t help the poor masses, they always get irritated my commoners. ..
Merciful and well mannered princes only appear in fairy tales.

“stay well! I heard him say as he lift my feet on his left palm,he touched my blood….
I chocked on my tears the moment he pulled out the nail… I felt pain,the pain made me held his hand near his royal bracelets..
like in stories,it looks like heaven is opened to rain.
He dropped my leg and turn to leave.

***should I talk to him*****
will he even answer???
it frightens me to start what my heart can not harbor.

“My prince,thank you”
I said and bowed even when he was not looking at me.
“seems your soul is addicted to trouble, this is the fourth time now ..

first you gave me a cut,secondly the mat stuff, thirdly the stream, and now the waterfall…. I hope after this,we won’t see and meet each other again” he said and left.
so he recognize me from the start.

all I caused him was trouble, yes he is right.We should not see each other again,this should be the last time..
why wasn’t I named trouble?.
I stood up and tried walking,it feels so better than yesterday night.

I branched Ngozi’s house,I got lucky her step mother wasn’t around.I bath in her house and changed into the attire old Nana gave me.

Finally,I feel better.
Ngozi plait my hair as I explained everything to Ngozi, even the nightmare..

“sorry! was all she said.
“sorry for all what you’re going through” she said.
“but why are you still going to onome’s place?” she asked.
“I wish I won’t too….but my father is a respectable man in this kingdom. People will talk that am sleeping around.I dare not go against Onome, my father will kill me” I explained.
She was done with my hair,I helped her with her house chores. We cooked and ate,I left before I step mother will return.

I got home,Onome was surprised to see me but she didn’t show it.
“it’s unusual you came back early”
she said…politely.
I stared at her…even my creator is cursing her.
“go and inside” she said,humbly.
I think it is because of the money she gained because of me..
“okay mama” I entered.
I met olamma and papa in the sitting room…
“good morning papa” I greeted.
he nodded.I sat on the low stool beside him…
hmmmm is today also my lucky day.

“I bought you beads from the next three kingdoms” he said.
Olamma sprang up.
“it’s for you and Adeife” he said.
hmmmm am I hearing well..

Olamma hissed and shared the beads and dress wrapper equally but the most beautiful ones goes for her.
Onome came in with foods,
my fear started cooking up…..
chai??? the last time was my voice,is it going to be my leg now.

She served papa,
Olamma’s one was in a separate plate,she brought mine in last…….
“start eating” she said..
“Kelechi did you see this stupid girl now,if I don’t give her food,she will look like someone who is suffering..
now am giving her food,she won’t eat” Onome reported.
My father looked at me,he is a good person but onome turned our back against each other….
And besides,my father honours her so much.
My father looked at me,I looked down.I always get scared by my own father he is more deadly than onome but deep down,he is nice.

“Ife,start eating! he said.
Chai????,am in for it.

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