BELIEVE: Episode 31 – The End of Season 1

BELIEVE_??? [the girl he never noticed?] ADESOLA ADEOMOWOLE.M. settings; Nigerian-Drama?. Episode 31??? Ngozi suddenly look me as if am insane just because i exclaimed in a forgetful manner. I comport myself and hastily took the cloths from her,happily. Ngozi you have proved yourself beyond reasonable doubt that you are going to stand by me but … Read more

BELIEVE : Episode 11 – 20

BELIEVE_??? [the girl he never noticed] adesola adeomowole.m. settings;Nigerian-drama? EPISODE 11?? A man tearing my cloth is the most painful experience of my life,this man is old enough to be my father…. why treating me this way?. My hand grabbed a turning stick,I took it and hit it on his head,he left me and staggered … Read more


If I had known, I would not have played the American Visa Lottery. The lottery I played has put an indelible scar in my heart, causing me pains daily as I move closer to my grave. I am now 64 years of age. My undoing was the Visa Lottery I played in 2007. Prior to … Read more

BEAUTIFUL IFEOMA: Episode 11-The End

??Beautiful?? (Ifeoma) Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C? EPISODE 11? The Messy room? ?Ifeoma? I got to the upstairs and headed to the Prince room but I couldn’t take my eyes off Princess Ola’s room. This was a great chance for me. Everyone is downstairs but I don’t have the bracelet with me. I sighed and … Read more


CLARA (The State Governor’s daughter) EPISODE 51 Clara’s side of the story continues from the previous episode Scene opens at the governor’s house which looks busy as Clara and Charles get set for the journey that would change their lives forever. Charles looks overly excited while Clara looks very withdrawn. It’s very obvious she isn’t … Read more

MY SWEET HEART: Episode 1-10

??????My Sweet Heart Written by Rejoice ?? Story setting: Nigeria.? Story written in: Episodes.? Main characters in the story: ?Valerie, ?Eva, ?Joy, ?Iyke, Prologue of the story: Valerie is so much inlove with her cheater boyfriend, Iyke and would do anything for him, even when she catches him cheating on her but being so madly … Read more


CLARA (The State Governor’s daugter) EPISODE 41 Vivian’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode. ‘’I guess I will have to leave you two alone. Let me go get something downstairs’’ I softly muttered after watching the two adults struggle for a while on the bed like kids. None … Read more


ON THE LIONESS TAIL By Amah’s Heart. Episode 1. She stir the food up again for the second time with a full smile on her face. she scoop little into her palm to taste with a wooden spoon. She nodded happily to herself as she lowered the spoon and covered the pot. Her stomach growls … Read more