BELIEVE: Episode 31 – The End of Season 1

[the girl he never noticed?]

settings; Nigerian-Drama?.

Episode 31???

Ngozi suddenly look me as if am insane just because i exclaimed in a forgetful manner.
I comport myself and hastily took the cloths from her,happily.

Ngozi you have proved yourself beyond reasonable doubt that you are going to stand by me but baby your concern for me is way high,

i always spend my nights wandering how i came to have someone such as you,a rare species of lady,a lady whose character today is in extinct..

whenever everyone abandon me, you ngozi,just you is always there for me.
if am sad,you always be my comedian,
if i cry,you cry with me…

and if wishes were horses,mine would be on a chariot of horses carrying out those wishes to prayers so that i can not just have you but also keep you till the end of time–

I wanted to cry as i speak,
she move close and cover my mouth, i smiled,she remove it.

“remember i also don’t have a mother,yours is even better at least you know your father,i don’t even know any” she said.
“yours is better although I have a father but he is living as the dead…
what’s the usefulness of a father that doesn’t care for his own daughter–
I smiled…

“we both have loop holes in my life”
she said,I smiled.
The crowd got much,
many people tropped in-
“is it always this rowdy????

anyways,it is sooo colorful even though it is night….it was light up with light from fires.

“Is there any place to change dress?
I asked ngozi..
“the bush where no one would see us” she replied and mistakenly bump into someone.

turn out to be Arinze(a well known wealthy drunkard in our kingdom).
such a peeve!.

He laughed out loud,
gross and so annoying.
“chimooooo?? what is miss shapeless and miss ugly doing here?”he mocked.

Ngozi got cr@zy with angers,
she stared back a Arinze furiously.
I always tell her to always try to control herself each time someone abuse her,she doesn’t have patience at all.

“miss shapeless,miss ugly…shey na your type dem dey look for here(is it your type they are looking for here)”
Arinze still said which made ngozi get more cr@zy with anger.
she looked like someone who just swallowed 22moutains,
i couldn’t help but laugh.

she point a finger at arinze.
“mr drunkard,never in your life,I repeat never in your life,do not cross my path cos I might not forgive you when next you do” she seethed.
“this is not fight,I asked just a simple question” arinze justified.

“question kill you there…
“idiot,fool…madness run in your generation,
see the way your ear is long as someone’s head tie in a funeral,
your father left yansh there…
Akwu ka azìza(legs like broom stick)”
I watched as ngozi rained insults.

“did you just insult me?”Arinze asked.
Ngozi looked back then back to me.
“my friend,did you hear the sound of the person that spoke before me?”
she asked.

“yes,i heard” i replied as a played along… no one insults ngozi and go scott free.
“really,what does it sounds it?”
she asked.
“it sounds like papa chi chi’s fowl”
I said,
we both laughed.
Ngozi laughed loudest and walk out in arinze,I held my laughter and followed her quietly.
finally,we arrived in a lonely bush.
I took off what i wore and changed into the cloths ngozi bought for me as a gifts.
it is really pretty..

“isn’t it your size?” she asked.
“it is,thanks” I said and bite into my lips, it is short…
it was as low..I feel so shy,have never worn this type of dress.

“what’s there to get shy about,didn’t you see the way Akuna and the rest of the girls dress” she said and started applying the substance,
and within 20mins,she was done.

“thank you but what will i say my name is and where will I say am from?” I asked.
“your name is Ife and you’re a princess from didi kingdom” she said.

“Didi??????? does that exist?”

“i don’t know okay, do not forget, 3hours” she reminded.
“thanks” I said.
we arrived back into the party..

I felt so special for the first time in my life, I wonder what my life would be without ngozi.
I wore my best smile and moved close to the place Akuna and her crews were.
Right now,the only best birthday present I can give to myself is to make them extremely jealous…
most especially olamma.

Akuna saw me first,
I acted as if she was nothing,i even turned around the Time I bashed my lashes to the left,
all eyes followed me…

I caught prince Iyke giving me seductive signals,not only him…
Nkem saw me and stared with so much desires…

“Hi,am princess Adaeze of Xiammen” a pretty girl approached me..
“oh am princess Ife of Didi kingdom” i replied.
Akuna sprang up the moment she held “Ife”.

a guard came to where i was.
“my princess,my humble prince ask of you” the guard said.
“me or her?? Princess shadia said.
“no oo,you’re not his taste,it is her” the guard pointed to me..

“me???? am sorry,I have my prince charming” I said.
“who is that prince charming???
“are you the Ife that attended my birthday party????
“Are you the Ife Lotanna is looking for???
Akuna bombarded me with so much questions,she look so miserable like she would run mad.

More princess surround me..
? hi Ife!!! Nice h!ps??
? can I be your friend???
? Ife Ife Ife ,what cream do you rub?
? is this your natural hair!
? I have a gift for you,a precious earring…
? this is the rarest ankelet,I dash you wholeheartedly!
? i admire your beauty…gosh so Akuna isn’t the prettiest after all…
? permit me to call you purity.
? Pi pi pi……purity!
? hi…pureness, Purity take my gifts please!

I smiled,this is the best birthday present have ever had.
May God bless Ngozi for me?

olamma was behind her,staring at me, just only me…
“Just answer me!!! Akuna shouted.
“what if I don’t want to answer?”
I shot her a glare..

She scoffed and walk out angrily with her fellow dev!ls…
exactly what i want.

my eyes search around for Lotanna, I really need to return his necklace but he is just no where to be found.
Jidenna’s p.o.v?.
I can’t believe mother motive of bringing Lotanna and I here is to test our intelligence…
is it because of that kingship stuff??
so now,finding the pendant she gave one of the guard to hide here is the test…
how on earth are we suppose to find that??? a tiny pendant for that matter.
This is really strange,life abroad is not even stressful at all.

speaking of him-
my twin brother,where is he??
Am sure he must be searching for it!.

i moved out of the yacht first,
still no traces of him…
I spot Akuna coming in an angry mode, I wonder why her face is like that!!!
is it couples fight with Lotanna???

“did you find my brother?” I moved closer.
“no,I didn’t” she replied and wiped her tears…
waoow,I got more confused.

I approached where the princes where in the party,Lotanna wasn’t there everyone just got carried away.
I traced their eyes…

what a pretty???
toasted with beauty?
enameled with elegance?
she looks more of a moonlight queen,my body suddenly react to hers….
She’s mine already?.
i watched her every move in ecstasy.

I felt pressed and need to ur!nate that moment but did not know how to leave, so many eyes on me.
“umm Adaeze excuse me”
I said and walked towards the bush part,eyes still followed me….no one had the courage to approach me.
even nkem,
he really likes girls.

I got deep in the bush.
“Prince Jidenna ask for you” two guards ran after me..
“am not interested” I replied.
“fine, we would carry you” one of them said.

“leave me alone ooooo!!!!
“help oooooo!!!!! I screamed out, they left the moment they heard approaching footsteps..

i compose myself and wanted to run but stopped when something sharp hurt my foot,it pierced into it.
“ouuuchhhh,it hurts!!!
I screamed…

the person turned out to be Lotanna Lotanna…
I turned back,must I always cause him trouble and why is here dark..
I felt light,where is it even coming from???

“is everything fine,thought I heard noise” he said softly.
for a start,i lost my sense.
“it’s fine” I said and moved…
“oucccch mommm!!!!! I still screamed..
“my legg!!! I shouted and crumpled on the floor.
Lotanna put on his phone flashlight.
he took my leg without me asking…

is he always kind??
helping me not knowing who I am??

“stay still” he said..
“ouuuuchhhhhh!!!! I screamed and held his hand… too late he already withdraw the metal that shook me,
it was a pendant…with sharp edges.
It speaks of wealth,have seen it with the queen before!!

“this is what am looking for,mother’s pendant” he muttered.
“omg!!! was he here searching all nights, he really love his mother for finding her pendant.

“thank you,I will just leave”,I said…
our eyes locked.
I couldn’t comprehend the sparkles I felt, his stares was deep.
does he knows me before???????
Aaaah Adeife,scam!!!!

“what’s your name? he asked.
”Ife” I didn’t even know when I answered.
“are you always singing with me, or is it not your own Ife????
he asked..

I looked like carelessly like I just saw a ghost….
“Do you sing?” he asked.

wattttttttttttttt!!!!!!!! scam!!!!!!!!!.

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