WHEN I FALL: Episode 11-20




I looked on the floor and my spirit almost fled my body when I saw a huge fish on my rug.
No not a huge fish, it was Kathleen. Her hair was longer, her body was sparkly and it looked wet, and scales were on some part of her back as she was facing her stomach on the floor looking at me. But her legs were gone for it was a tail that remained there, that left me speechless.

Speechless but active, my legs didn’t fail me, cause I immediately got up with Mary in my arm and walked away from Kathleen.
What the h.ell.
So I’ve been living with a fking mermaid?
My mind wasn’t clear, as I moved back and away from Kathleen.
You could tell the frightened expression on my face.

“Sir, Joseph you said you wouldn’t be afraid!” Kathleen voice shook as she starts to crawl up to me.

“Stay right there!” I yelled.
Kathleen froze and I watched as tears crawled down from her face. From her chin, down to her neck and her shoulders, were scales.
I couldn’t believe it but yet she was right in front of my eyes.

“Sir, Joseph please!” she cried.
Please? Please what?
“What do you want with me?” I asked and my voice shook.
The tail she had was five times longer than her legs, it was frightening the daylights out of me. I didn’t forget the part that she was even more prettier, but that was not the case, the case was that, there is a half girl Kathleen and a half fish laying on my floor, in my house, staring at me.
And I let her carry Mary.

“What in the world!, why in the world did I even take you in no wonder you were so strange! And I thought How could a person’s knowledge about little things of this world could be so confided. But then again you’re not of this world” I voiced out my thoughts not knowing.

“But you wanted to the truth!” Kathleen suddenly yelled.
“Yes, and see where that got us, it’s a good thing you showed me who you truly are.!” my voice was still shaky and it made me mad.
Sometimes the truth isn’t always good, but still if she hadn’t reveal her truself I would still let her live with us, without knowing she’s not human.
“I don’t like the look on your face sir, Joseph, I shouldn’t have sh-

“It’s good you did, please… l..e..ave my ho.. use!” I stuttered.
“Sir, Joseph!” she yelled. “You promised, to take me in!” she cried.
“Before I knew what monster you had in you!” I mind was going crazy and trust me I never used to believe creatures like this exist, but now. I’m more than going cr@zy, I may be calm but I know what’s happening in my head.

“M..on..ster?” Kathleen repeated the word and it felt like she just recieved a big slap on her face with the expression she held.

I glanced at the table beside me, seeing my car key I said “You don’t, have to leave, Mary and I will leave!”
I grabbed the keys in speedlight and my wallet made it out of my house in no time.
Good thing Mary’s baby seat was still in the car. I quickly wrapped her in her seat, got in the car and started to drive.
Mary started to cry cause somehow she wanted to go back.
Go back?
Go back to what? Her?
Even humans can’t trust human, talk about humans trusting a creature like that.

Driving on the empty road, Mary cried more then loud itself… But I didn’t mind. I’m taking her away, I’m saving us, from what we do not know about.
My mind was blank and all I could see was Kathleen’s crying face. I should be seeing her tail, her scales, her hair growing back again, but no I wasn’t seeing any of that, the only thing at the back of my mind was her crying.
I shook my head Negatively and pulled up immediately in front of a hotel my eyes suddenly lingered.

Taking out Mary from the car, she stopped crying, as her tiny hands circled around my neck and she placed her head on my shoulder.
She must be tired from all those tears.
Getting a room in the hotel quickly, I dashed to the room with Mary and closing the door I felt safe.
I had this instincts that even though we were still at home with Kathleen she wouldn’t have hurt us or done anything bad. But still she’s different from us and you can’t trust anybody.
I placed sleeping Mary on the hotel bed and walked towards the window. I stared at the cars passing by and people but I wasn’t actually seeing because at that moment, my head was clouded.
My mind was blank, but yet I thought about so many things, things which I just saw with my own eyes. Things like this could make a man go cr@zy, but then again I was calming myself down and I was doing a good job.
Driven away from my own home because of a girl, a girl who turned out to be someone I didn’t expect to be.
I was drowning in my own reverie, remembering everything I saw, back then I was calm enough to stand on my own feet, but now thinking about it my body felt hot and I was shaking on the inside. It was like every fear I was supposed to have back then was finally coming up to me and before I knew it I fell on my knees.
No wonder she knew less about this world. No wonder she never got under the sun, no wonder she never told me where she lived.
My head ranted the same thing over and over again and suddenly I heard her voice behind me.

“Sir, Joseph!”

I turned swiftly immediately, had she followed me here?.
I looked around the hotel room and it was just Mary and I, but how come did her voice sound like she was just right behind me.
I got up on my feet, and as I walked to the bed, my body wobbled on its own.
I sat beside Mary and sighed.

I closed my eyes and what I could see was Kathleen, Kathleen everywhere.
I opened my eyes and breathed out angrily.
I am definitely going cr@zy.
I decided to order for food, cause sometimes eating takes your mind off things and I haven’t had lunch yet.
The food came but I couldn’t eat. What in the world have I gotten myself into.
Mary woke up and seeing the unfamiliar place, she starts to cry, consoling her wasn’t an easy thing to do, but after calming her down, I ordered what she would be able to eat.

Mary ate like always, happy and delighted, but I ate, forcing myself and few hours later I started puking inside the toilet.
What could a man do. A man with a child who’s wife left him for probably another better doing man and suddenly the man whom she’s with before suddenly encounters a mermaid. Or worse, she seemed more than a mermaid to me.
Who would have thought I’d ever meet a mystical creature in life.

It was nighttime and Mary seemed happier as she talked to herself on the bed.
While I was sitted beside her still lost in thoughts. I tried to stop thinking about it but I couldn’t.

That night I gave Mary a warm bath and took one my self.

As we made it back to the bed to sleep. My daughter decided to sleep on my body instead of the soft bed and I really enjoyed the company.

There was Kathleen drowning in her own tears begging me to let her in.
Let her in where?

“Sir, Joseph!” she cried and her voice echoed.
Somehow I was in my home again and she was normal, no tail, she was just her normal self with short shoulder length hair.

“Sir, Joseph! You promised, you said even if I told you who I really am, that I was still going to stay, sir, Joseph, do you know what a promise is?” Kathleen cried heavily while I just watched, for some reason I couldn’t move or talk, I just stood there like a statue.

“You made a promise!” she yelled.

“You have to come back. I can’t live here without you or Mary!” she cried.

“You made a promise… come back! Sir, Joseph!” she cried.
I watched as Kathleen dried her tears and got close to me, she looked me in the eyes and suddenly,
I woke up.
I looked around the room calming my husk breathing, Mary was still fast asleep, I noticed tiny rains of sunlight trying to burst into the room in between the lines of two curtains.
Mary sleeping, gave me enough time to shower, I wanted to go home, I had to go home, I can’t live here forever and I only payed for one night.

Mary was still asleep as I placed her in her baby seat and wrapped her body with seat belts.
I got into the driver’s seat and starts to drive, as I drove I prayed and hoped Kathleen would have left the house. She should just leave us alone.

“You made a promise!” I heard her voice in my head.
What the h.ell.
I shut my eyes and opened them back up immediately.

Yeah so? I did make a promise to her. But still that was before I knew what was coming.

“A promise, is a promise!” I heard her voice in my head again and gritted my teeth angrily.

My stupid mind must be playing tricks on me again.

Finally I pulled up in front of my one storey, and made it out of the car, I wasn’t scared anymore but I hoped not to meet Kathleen, but I don’t know but something, something stupid in me wanted to actually see her.
I took Mary out of the car, she was still sleeping and almost woke up when I placed her in my arms…
I walked into my house, and the quiet place made me feel a little but scared.
What If she’s hiding in a room, ready to jump is and attack Mary and I.
I shook that silly thought away from the back of my head.
The living room was empty and my mind suddenly flashed back to yesterday’s event. It still freaked me out thinking about it.

The house was surprisingly clean, and looked like someone had tidied it up.
And my instincts say, none other than Kathleen.

I walked around the house checking the rooms if she could be in any of them, still with Mary in my arms.
I breathed out a sigh of relief as she seemed to be in none of them, but at that moment my sigh of relief seized into a breath of fright as I turned to the door beside me. It was a closed the door holding the room I had given Kathleen to stay in.

Why didn’t I check this room first.

I opened the door and my breath seized when I saw Kathleen as the end and corner of the wall, she was sitting on the floor and thankfully she looked normal.

Her hands were hugging her legs and her cheek rested on her knees. Her eye seemed a little bit red and swollen from crying.
And immediately she saw me, she burst into a loud cry.

I didn’t do anything wrong!

I should be the one crying, I have a sea creature in my house.

“Sir, Joseph, you came back!” she sniffed standing up.

“Don’t come any closer!” I warned.
“I won’t!” she sniffed. “Because of you sir, Joseph, because of you, I’m ashamed of who I am for the first time!”.

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