WHEN I FALL: Episode 1-10





For love is everything I planned to find, I had plan to grow up strong, live healthily, be successful, and most especially find true love.

I am smart, my smartness made me came out as a valedictorian in my school at an early age, and I went to college immediately after that, my parents were proud of me and I was proud of myself. Everything was working smoothly for me.
I Had made it out of college and Managed to own a small firm of my own, where we make cosmetics.
I Own a comfortable one storey in the small town where I live beside a waterside, I had always love the sea, though the one beside my house isn’t as big as the sea, it’s just a lake, but it still gives me the feeling of comfort when I look at it, I love quiet places that’s why I chose to live beside the water, it was peaceful and at the same time comforting.
I had everything but I still felt incomplete…
My life suddenly turned complete when I found Suzanne, the love of my life.
It was just like every other Sunday when I take my dog for a walk, she suddenly walked up to me, to ask for direction. I told her where she had to go and she smiled at me with the most prettiest smile, it was the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I had always thought my mother had the most prettiest smile, but I’ll be damned because Suzanne killed me right there on the spot.
I couldn’t just let her go, what if I never see her again? I thought and politely I asked for her phone number, she was a bit shocked at that, a stranger asking for her number! But she let me have it after proving to her I wasn’t a bad person.
After that day I called her the next day, she seemed surprised by my call and we talked like never before, I was already growing fond of her. I was already falling her. We met the next Sunday and I was shocked to see how beautiful she looked even more.

To cut the story short Suzanne was the woman of my dreams, and after years of being a relationship I took the courage as a man and proposed to her. She said yes happily, kissed me and surprised me by saying, she was pregnant… Believe me when I say God was on my side, because my dream was coming true, it was all true.

Suzanne and I lived happily in my one storey, we lived happily, everything was too perfect, I was even scared, cause perfect doesn’t exist in this world.
The day we went for Suzanne’s second sonogram we found out our baby was a girl, we named her Mary and couldn’t wait for her to be born.
Life was like a beautiful melody.
My parents loved Suzanne each time we visited them, she got along with my mom and joked around with my dad, everyone loved her because she was a bundle of love and she was carrying another bundle of love.
Suzanne and I were happy, too happy.

I was on my way back from a board meeting one Monday night when I heard from my mom Suzanne just gave birth, I quickly rushed to hospital, getting there I saw my parents and my wife, laying on the bed with the hospital attire and carrying our beautiful Mary.

“Joseph, she looks so much like you!” my wife had said to me as I took Mary from her.
“No she looks like you, she has your nose and your beautiful lips” I had said to my wife that night and we laughed..

Mary started to grow in happiness, wealth, and love, we were ready to give her everything, we were so happy.
But how could I be so foolish to think happiness would last forever, there’s no perfection in life…
Nothing good lasts forever.
Nothing really good lasts for forever.
Mary was only seven months when Suzanne started to act strange! She started to act so distant, we would talk less, I remembered how we could talk and laugh all night long. But she grew distant from Mary and I, she would leave the house everyday and then come back at night, whenever I had asked her to tell me where she went she would say she went to meet her best friend and it’s also none of my business.
I tried to talk to her, I wanted to know why she was acting like this but she was impossible.

And then one night Mary woke the both of us up with a loud cry.
I expected Suzanne to confront Mary as it, a connection between mother and child. But Mary’s word gave me a bit of scare.
“Go confront of her she’s your child too!” was Suzanne’s reply before lying back on the bed.
I was speechless and shocked by her words, what did I do wrong? Where did this marriage went wrong.
I said that nothing as I left our room and entered Mary’s room, I took my baby girl in my arm and after patting her back she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, I couldn’t forget how that day was the worst day of my life.
I left for work that morning and came back that same morning, I didn’t know why but I felt something was off.
As I walked to my door, I could hear Mary’s cry coming from inside.
‘isn’t Suzanne home to confront her? I thought as I opened the door and hurried to my wife and I, room to see Mary on her baby stroller crying, her tiny hands stretching to reach for her mother.
I turned to Suzanne and on our matrimonial bed was her suitcase and pile of clothes she shoved inside the suitcase.
“Suzanne!” my voice shook. “What are you doing?” I was shocked.
“What does it look like I’m doing, I’m leaving” she said angrily.
“Leaving… Leaving? Leaving where I don’t understand!” I walked towards her.
“I’m leaving this house Joseph, I’m tired of this house, I’m tired of this marriage, I’m tired of you, and I’m tired of Mary! There I said it!” she said as she zipped the suitcase.
“But… But… Why? Why? Tell me what I did wrong, tell me what we did wrong I promise I’ll fix it, Suzanne please!” I begged holding her hand.
I couldn’t contain the water that flooded my eyes.
She pulled her hand from my grip.
“You did nothing wrong, I just grew tired of you” she said dropping the suitcase on the floor.
The word striked my chest like thunder.
“Suzanne please, if I’m lacking in any ways tell me, I’ll correct my mistake please Suzanne, don’t do this to me!” I begged. The tears dropping on it’s own.
“Stop crying you’re making a fool out of yourself jospeh, I’m leaving!” she sighed dragging her suitcase with her but I pulled her hand.
“But I love you!” I said.
“I know, and now I just don’t know if I do!” she said and my legs went weak, and my hand holding her dropped on its own.
My heart started to bleed as I watched as Suzanne kissed Mary on the cheek. And just that little kiss Mary smiled showing off her four only teeth. Suzanne left leaving Mary and I in tears.
And that was the most memorable day of my life.

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