BELIEVE SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

[I know you won’t stay?]



Xara dragged my servant back,
she prevented her from checking who was wearing the dream gold chain.

“why would you stop her from checking? I asked.
“let’s go there ourselves” she suggested.
I scoffed and followed,we got to the particular cloth store no maiden was there.

“Xara she left already” shadia said.
“cool down baby” she whispered.
I just rolled my eyeball as a young girl brought out new stocks from inside the store.
“long life my princesses,what should I bring first” she said with respect.

“Are you the one here?” Xara asked, she nodded piously.
I cleared my throat,
then look around.

“there was a maiden here,she left not quiet long.Do you have information about where she passed?” I asked.
She hit the back of her head.
“am sorry,I can’t tell.
I had lots of female buyers,I can’t specify whom you request from”
she said..

“she was putting on pure gold waist chain” shadia said.
the girl nodded.
“I don’t think i notice that” she said.
and I turned to look at xara.

“Akuna but we all saw gold waist chain on her” Adaeze said.
I got so jealous and heated up.
A buyer came,
he bowed to us then entered.

“we should leave then” I said,
they followed me.

“the person we saw,can it be a spirit?” shadia asked.
“it can’t, what we saw was real…
my first suspect is the poor tramp Tracy called maid but on a second thought it might not be her” I said.

“what if it was her? her hip was similar even the waist line is quiet the same” sharia said.
“it can’t be her,
she can never afford the gold and besides,she is a maid to my boyfriends sister” I rolled my eyeballs…

Shadia cleared her throat.
“You always call her a maid but to me Adeife doesn’t even look like a maid” she said.
“scam” Adaeze said.

“You too reason it,
Tracy is a very nice person who cares a lot for the poor…if she can buy cream to clear her cane marks do you think she can’t buy gold for Ife.
She always treat Ife like a sister”
shadia said.

“scam,that girl doesn’t look like a maid…” shadia still said.
“do not try matching my boyfriend to that tramp…it’s okay already”
I silenced them.

We entered “Omalicha” a place where dresses that are specially made for princesses are being sold,
we moved in and even sat,
the servants brought out stock for us to select..

my mind wasn’t at rest throughout,
I know that the person we are looking for is similar to you,ife.
and you came to buy clothes for the upcoming festival,
well for your safety it better not be you…

I got cr@zily heated up,
I didn’t buy anything.

I followed Ngozi around the market.
But this girl- isn’t she tired of buying?
“Enough,let’s just leave” I whispered.

“After this one we will leave to old Nana place” she said.
“Ngozi one oooo,
your one must not turn to two oo”
I replied and followed her to where they sell bracelets.

once you buy one,they will inscribe the short form of your name on it.
Ngozi got one,
the seller was inscribing her name, it was that moment I noticed the golf accessory was visibly showing on my waist.

I used my finger to push it in,
it covered.

Finally,the old man was done with ngozi’s bracelet. It was beautiful, I loved the color she choose.
soooo colour blocking.

she stretched her hand forth,the man wore it for her,next he checked her palm with a deep insight.

“You’re indeed a strong woman with a strong faith; one day your good deeds would pay” the man said.

I smiled.I never knew he foretells the future to whosoever buy bracelets from him.

“thank you sir,that’s really true about me” ngozi replied.
I chuckled.
“would you make one for my friend?” she asked the man,
he nodded.

“my pretty maiden,choose a colour” he said.
I smiled as I don’t even have a best colour.I stared at the different colours.

I remembered lotanna,he loves white so much. Let me steal his color, and i choose white.
the bracelet was made for me within 30minutes.

“Ife” was written on it.
I stretched my have,the man wore it for me and checked my palms.
He took so long in looking into it.

is my future bad?
why is he taking long?…

finally he smiled.
“what is my future? good or bad?”
I asked.
“good and bad, which one should I say first?” he asked.

“Bad” I replied.
“they buried you countless times but they never knew you were a seed’
he said.
“sir,you’re speaking in parables”
I replied.
“is it onome that is burying me?” I asked..

He smiled.”that I can’t tell”.
“the good thing about your future is that the moon and stars are yours no one can take it away from you”
he said.

I smiled. I would be very grateful if this is really my future.
“can you check if my mother will appear in my future,I will pay for another bead” I said.

“yes,can you check if her mother is alive?” ngozi asked.
the rowdy market became quiet,
A sign of respect that a royal horse is passing.

“thank you sir” I whispered to the old man and dragged ngozi with me..
“what horse is that?” I asked.
“Prince iyke,one of the rude prince history had.He is from xudu kingdom” she said as we stayed in a corner beside the bead seller place.

my eyes caught princess Akuna and her likes walking slowly..
it was obvious they were coming to our direction as her eyes was on me-
is it because of my dress?

hmm thank goodness the gold isn’t showing,she won’t have any reason to persecute me.

she actually came to my side with her friends-
those spoilt princesses.
she sent her eyes to the new bracelet I got them back to my wa!st..

I got heated as I couldn’t breath properly because of the mean glares.
finally,I breathed out.
not like she knew I had on pure gold on my wa!st,
she cleared her throat and faced shadia.

Ngozi and I couldn’t move,
we had to stay where we are as a sign of respect to prince Iyke’s horse that was approaching.

“I told you she can’t own it,
something her generations can’t possibly afford” Akuna boosted in the presence of her friends.

Ngozi frowned.”hope they are not referring to us….either princess or not,am not to be insulted” she said.

I sighed.”Just let them be,they are fond of hating on the poor masses”
I told her back in a whisper.
that was when Akuna looked in my direction,
her eyes looked so scary and mean.

“and what did I tell you about the clothes like this?” she pointed to my dress….

“did my dressing in anyway affect you,why are you always picking on me?” I imagined myself saying but instead I took my lips in.
Ngozi shook her head and she pinched me to say something stylishly.

“I said it,females with long lashes have problems with brains” she said.
“Aunty Tracy said I should be dressing like this,and as at the last time I checked am not your slave so you don’t even have the right to tell me what to wear” I replied.
Ngozi was visibly burning with range.

“omg! she spoke back” Akuna said.
“Akuna people are looking,can you stop embarrassing me for once in your life” I said.
“did you just call my name?” Akuna asked.

“Akuna…who bears such names, a name that is given to dogs”
ngozi fired..

Akuna thought i was the one that spoke she moved closer and sl@pped me…..
“but I didn’t even say that?”-
she sl@pped me again..

“why not face me instead?” ngozi gawked…
“guards,get them both” she said without concern.
The guards came and took ngozi and me,Akuna felt like a celebrity that moment..

“you should have just left her”I said.
“whether she is a princess or not,am not to be bullied…this is the worst she can do;reporting to the queen…
it’s only you she can slap,
I swear if I were you I would slap mine back…and even at the end, I will only get punished” ngozi said.

“if we had left since,do you think all these would happen? I keep telling you that we should leave but you wouldn’t listen” I said.

“if I had follow you then we wouldn’t meet the soothsayer” she replied.
the guards toook us to the palace.

Isn’t this double trouble,
meeting the queen who already knows me as trouble.

she didn’t show up as she was busy with the council of ministers,the guards locked both Ngozi and I in a separate cell.
“why would Akuna have so much authority?” she asked.
“lotanna’s mother and her mother are best friends,so they spoilt her with so much control” I replied.

She was quiet for a while.
“Ife am sorry,I caused this” she said.
21hours passed.

Everywhere got dark as the heavy rain poured,we were cold with rain water in the place the guards kept us.
Isn’t this part of her plan??
And the queen,did she forget us here too?.

“Are you hungry?” ngozi asked.
“I’m not hungry,am worried about what we bought we left them at the man’s store… I just pray it would be safe” I replied.
“Am sorry” she said.

The rain still got heavy…
“guess the queen couldn’t come out cos of the rain” she said in a sleepy voice.She slept like that.
I keep looking around searching for Nkem.

I shivered with cold as I heard the sound of the gate opening, I prayed it should be nkem, I turned ~~
It was prince lotanna.

By this time??.
He approached,I admired him from afar,watching him as he walk so slowly in the heavy rain….
have he forgotten he has cold?.

I turned my face away as he drew nearer.He mustn’t see me like this in this condition.
I turned my face out when he had passed and continued my admiration

? one more last look
? one more last song,
? one more chance, just let me in…
I sang in my heart when he had gone far till he couldn’t be seen.

guess this is my fate,
have learnt to accept this and I will keep accepting it without a doubt.

I got cr@zily cold as I watch ngozi dozzing off,I smiled.
“Ifedimma,what did you do this time around?” I heard a voice,
and I felt sweetness from the inside but I thought he didn’t see me..

it was lotanna

the sweetness increased,
I turned and there he was standing in front of where I was locked-

I nodded,he picked the iron rod that was lying on the floor.
I couldn’t stop staring at him as he interloop the lock..
the door opened,ngozi ran out.

“my prince thank you” she said and ran out..
Lotanna stared at me blankly and dropped the rod.

“Thank you” I said; was I high? staring at him like he is mine when he is not even my friend.
I walked out so slow and sluggishly, the rain really made me weak.

Lotanna held me well and helped me out properly as he brushed his sweet fingers into mine.
“You walk so slow”
he muttered so softly.

my leg cramped,he still held me and looked around…
no one was coming,
he carried me???????.

where too???

by the time I opened my eyes,we were in his suite????

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