BELIEVE SEASON 3: Episode 1-10


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??Episode One??

i didn’t kss lotanna back again,
the scream already got much and everyone turned to look at us.

I really can’t say the expression on prince jedioku and prince jedinna means.
why on earth are they staring at lotanna like that?.

“I love you…that’s what I wanted to say” lotanna said and kssed me again.
everyone clapped and my eyes reduced a bit.

“I love you,say it back”he whispered.
i nodded….
“I love…”I couldn’t finish,
onome appeared in the crowd.
“Adeifeee!!! she called my name and I left lotanna and ran away as stares got unbearable,

onome must have come to claim me again.

I kept running till I got to a corner in the palace
then a band of princess stormed in.
Xara,Akunna’s friend was the lead.

she got to where I was and the others surround me like they want to eat me up.
I turned,
they moved with me.

“xara tell your friends to leave”
I said,they didn’t stop surrounding me and I tried walking out, they dragged me back and made me stay at the center.

“Xara let me go”I said.
“chineke eeehh you called my name”
xara said.
one of the girls pulled my hair in a painful manner.

“how dare you plait your hair with my brand of bead”she said and dragged it more tightly,
before I knew it,
another one was trying to pull out my earring,
before I knew it again,another was trying to pull out the bracelet lotanna wear on my wrist as his future queen.

soo many hands on me.
“xara this is not funny at all”I shouted

“and how dare you make Akuna a laughing stock”
xara said and the girls left me for once.

I tried leaving,I was drawn back.
“that doesn’t answer my question”
xara said,
someone pull out my hair and a diamond hair pin fell.

I got annoyed and faced Xara.
“I didn’t make Akuna a laughing stock,she is the one that make herself a plucking stick for plucking shame and if you’re not careful,you will ad well use the same plucking stick to pluck trouble” I said.

Xara stared at me shocked,
maybe she doesn’t know I also have my own side.I’m not too gentle.

“how dare you!! xara said.
“what happened to Akuna was good and in fact great.Akuna have felt so much power and control.

Now,her time have pass and it is my time to feel like a queen..and I won’t spare anyone that try to stop me”
I said.

one of the princesses which I recognize to be Ujunwa came to the front.
“you really got some guts”she said.
“isn’t this the poor girl of yesterday” another said.

“poor but sensible than some senseless classic princesses with broomstick legs” I said and still tried leaving until Chineyen dragged me back.

I hijacked my hand.

? tell me he did all these for you…

I rolled my eyeballs and still tried leaving.
? someone tell me,what does lotanna sees in her.
? her pink npp.les..
? or her vrg!nity….
? or her tght h0ney p0t..
? your hair is pretty tho
? isn’t this cloth worth it…

they started teasing me by pulling out every acesssory I had on.
“tell me,is this how your mother taught you…to always fix your legs into every royal home for a name”
ijeoma said.

I was starting to get pissed off.
“stop these already”I shouted.
she wanted to slap me,
someone sl@pped her from behind and I quickly rushed out.
it was shadia.

“I will hit you”shadia rants.
“its none of your business oye asiri(gossiper) remember we are no friends but foes”xara said as she held her cheek where sharia sl@pped her.

Am very sure the finger prints of shadia is on it.

“shadia its noneof your business here,it would be right if you walk away”nneka said.

“you’ve done enough already,pack yourself out of my father’s palace go and continue the rest at the party ground” amarachi said as she approached.

they stopped ranting,
I got surprised they obey the little Amarachi.

each of them scoffed and went away.
two maids approached,
they took me away.
I don’t know where but I followed them.

they took me to a particular suite,
it was beautiful beyond explanation.
is this where I will be staying now?.

“ma’am, it’s night already”
one of them said.
wait,I heard “ma’am” is my ear functioning well.

“we will be keeping you company…
first you need to take a night bath” on of them said.
I nodded and followed her like a bag of beans.

aaah,the shower was like heaven.
the maids stayed outside the door are I went in.
I got happy.

?Adeife won’t be a maid anymore?
? maid maid maid goodbye to you
? maid,Adeife said bye bye..

I formed a song in my heart as I turn on the bath,I stayed long there before tying a t0wel.
I step out,I didn’t see the maids near the door. I proceeded into the bedroom where I met a box.

I opened it and it was a white royal dress…
why is it soo s*xy?
in this cold weather…

is this my size?
will this one enter me!!.
I tied it on and as usual the shorts didn’t enter me.I keep getting wider in the hips and I wonder why people praise it so much.
I looked at myself in the mirror before finally wearing the jacket.

now,I feel safe.
but lotanna’s mother haven’t said anything about me.
does that means she have accept me whole heartedly?.

Olamma’s p.o.v??
what happened at the party didn’t only shock me, it penetrated deep into my bones

Akuna passed out as the shame got much…I mean all those maidens that always hold her in high self esteem ridiculed her

she now becomes play thing in the eyes of those that feared her.
the queen didn’t say anything,
I guess she is still shocked Akuna isn’t what she think she is.

the maids rushed Akuna to golden palace of course
and that Adeife…
I wish I had her type of luck,
she always get good lucks right from when we were younger.

merriment was still going on in the party ground.
there were still lot of people despite the fact that the queen and the crowned princes left.

someone tapped my back,
I turned and it was Arinze,conniption gripped me.
did he realize I used him?
no he wouldn’t, he is a fool.

“we need to talk”he said.
“okay” I smiled in pretence and followed him.
soon we arrived at a bushy path.

“arinze my love” I smiled and wanted to touch his well built muscles but he pulled my hand back.

“what’s that response? care for a night?”I asked.
he didn’t talk.

“is my dress captivating”I said.
“to be frank,I didn’t even see a dress and as for your b0dy,it doesn’t turn me on one bit.
You see your bre@$ts have now turned into a fallen nation.

I covered my mouth.
“don’t be surprised!
*now to the reason I called you—

why have you decided to use me against nkem when you know we are best of friends”he said.

“I don’t get you” I pretend.
He shook his head in anger.”you girls are like leopard and can never change your spots.
why have you—

he gripped me by my neck painfully.
“it wasn’t me,it was Adann–

*trust me I don’t lay my hands on women but I would be forced to do so if you provoke me”he said.
“I didn’t—

nkem passed that moment,
Arinze left me.I know he felt pained but it was all Akuna’s plan.
Arinze left as he couldn’t look at nkem,
nkem also left.

ngozi showed up.
“bre@$ts that was pointing upwards before have now turned into a fallen nation.
omo that quote sweeet me die”
she mocked me.
I fumed in anger has she been listening.

“olamma biko,how am I sure your destiny have not been shifted” she mocked.
I walked out.

Lotanna’s p.o.v???
I followed mother in quietly,
she still haven’t said anything about Adeife..

“you should learn to be free with the subjects”she said.

“you still haven’t said anything about Adeife.What exactly did the girl do for you? is her heart not clean enough?
or is she not beautiful enough?”
I asked.

If it’s because my wealth is too pronounced,then I don’t mind…
my wealth is too pronounced doesn’t mean anything.

that girl had sacrificed enoght for me and yet you’re silent..
is it because of her–

“Mother,the ministers are around”
Jedinna interrupts.
mother sighed and left.

I also turned to leave.
“you said that all for a slave…lotanna have you forgotten who you are?”
Jedinna asked.

“a slave right? love is too serious” I said and strolled quietly into my suite..

I switched on all my phones,
so many messages..
so many calls.

I picked lots of call,didn’t believe I did that till midnight.
I started putting my phones on flight modes again…I don’t want disturbance.

Adeife,where’s she??
I miss her already, have always wanted this opportunity when we would just be alone.

I walked upper into my suite,there was a door that combined two rooms together,I opened it and met her sleeping already on the bed.

she didn’t put off the lights,
I dimmed it and entered….she opened her eyes and quickly closed it…

next she used the bed spread to cover her face then a pillow..

“go to your room already” she said.
“I will,until you follow me”I said.
she removed the pillow first then unc0vered her b0dy.

she then stood and wore the black room slippers.
why is she holding her night wear like that? is she cold.
she still tied a wrapper on the nightwear.
I watched her like a movie.

then i switched off her room light when she came close enough.
I touched her and sent my hand to her back her b0dy is warm enough then why so many cloths.

“are you looking for something”
she asked..
“not really”I replied and she waited as I locked her room door.
we proceed downwards to my room.

she quickly walk to the bed,
I dimmed the lights,she had put demarcation on the bed.
I put on my bed foam slippers and slept.She turned and helped me unfix the royal bead that was deeped in my hair then she wedged it with a white band aid.

“can you just remove that wrapper?
do you need to tie it when you’ve already worn a nightie”I said.

“hunn! she said.
“never mind”I replied and watched her…dropped it quietly in my jewelry box,she came back to b.ed.

I stood up.
“lotanna, do you need something” she added.
“headache”I said.
she sprang up and came to me like a flash–

is this how much you care for me?
“I will feel your headache” she said and stood on her toes to touch my toes,I hugged her…

this is what I want,not headache.
“I will get drugs”she said.
“in this cold weather…I cancel every spirit of weather” I said.

“i will—

I shut her up by kssing her eyes.
my hands brushed into her butt0cks where I felt something.

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