QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 11-20

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 11?

By Debbie

Aidan’s pov :

“That girl is cr@zy” I said immediately we got into the car.

“Common free the girl” Mason replied

“I’m just concerned, how can she treat a man like that?, I mean who did she think she is?”

“Common Aidan, you’re taking it too personal”

“I’m not”

“You are Aidan, you are. Wait are you in love with her?”

“I’m not, how can I be in love with that cr@zy girl?”

“You can, love knows no cr@ziness”

“Well love might not know but I do know and that’s all that matters”

“Her being cr@zy doesn’t prevent you from loving her”

“I’m not in love with her idi0t, you should get that into your fking skull!!!”

“Common Aidan it’s just love”

“I don’t love her, she’s cr@zy”

“Yea I know but she is beautiful” Mason answered beaming

“I never said she isn’t”

“You just admit she’s beautiful, that’s a positive step”

“Do I look like I care”

“She got nice curves too. But did you see her friend, oh my!!! She looks cute and hot in those clothes. That black cr@zy pants fits her skin and the blue crop top was so nice on her. I love her moves , the way she dance, the way she smiles…….” He rant

“You’re drooling ” I said frustrated

“Maybe I am”

“You are?”

“Yes I am”

“You’re drooling over a girl you barely know”

“I think I like her” he said

“Are you kidding me?”

“Of course not, ” he answered in a serious tone

“You must be joking”

“I’m not”

“Of course you are, how can you like someone you’ve met only once?”

“It’s more than like Aidan, I love that girl”

“Love? You said love?. How can you love someone you barely know”

“It called love at first sight Aidan, love at first sight”

“Love at first sight?, are you kidding me!!”

“I’m not kidding. it’s love at first sight”

“Look Mason, it’s just infatuation, you are confused”

“I’m not”

“Believe me you are”

“I’m not Aidan, what do you even know about love??. Nothing!!”

“You think I don’t know anything about love?”

“Aidan we both know you don’t!”

“I do, I know a lot about love”

“You know nothing about love, you don’t even care, all you care about is your business and you think you can tell me what love is all about? Love and business are different”

“Wow, that’ nice. Yes I care about my business what about you?”

“I care about people. I care about the people I love and that is all that matters”

“We are on a quest for crying out loud”

“I never said we weren’t. I’m trying my possible best to fulfil the quest”

“Does that involve falling in love?”

“Does that prevent me from falling in love?”

“You were suppose to help me fall in love not the other way round” i said trying to hide my frustration

“Well, that doesn’t stop me from falling in love too or does it?” He answered and I glared

“Yes it does, you can’t fall in love until I do”

“Until you do?, you expect me to wait for eternity?”

“I don’t care if you wait till eternity”

‘Why will you care when you don’t even know what love is all about”

“I don’t want to know what love is all about, all I know is you can’t fall in love, and that’s final” I yelled

“You are joking, I have every right to fall in love? He replied annoyed

“By the way I never stop you from falling in love, you decide not to……? He said

“It’s either you keep shut or I cut off your tongue” I yelled and he held his peace.

Drive home was silent, everyone with his own thought. When we got home, we went to our different rooms without a goodbye.

I guess we were both angry with each other

“How can Mason do that” I thought

“I should be the one thinking about falling in love not him” I said

I pull off my clothes and went to take my bath. When I was done I put on my night clothes and lay on my bed.

But he was right though, I don’t know anything about love and it might take eternity to fall in love. How do they expect me to fall in love?. How will I find true love?.

“He has every right to fall in love”I thought

That I find it difficult to fall in love, doesn’t stop him from falling in love.

“I think I was too harsh on him, he’s my best friend for crying out loud not some sort of stranger”

I should support him and not condemn him. I will let him know how sorry I was. I shouldn’t have acted that way.

I’m sooooo sorry Mason

Mason’s pov :

I got to my room and sat on the bed. I was pissed off by what Aidan did. I can’t believe he said that. We’ve been friends since when we were kids. How could he treat me like that. How could he possibly say such words.

How could he tell me not to fall In love until he do. Is that even possible?

“He must be joking!!” I thought

Aidan’s heart is like a stone, it will take forever to make him fall in love. Aidan has been like this for long, it will be very difficult to make him change his mind.

I am really angry but he’s my friend, not just a friend but my only best friend, my bff and I want him to be happy. If not falling in love will make him happy then I will not fall in love.

“Or I should help him fall in love” I thought

That’s it!!!. I will help him fall in love just like the council said and then I can peacefully fall in love. He won’t even have reason to tell me not to

That’s it!!!

I know what to do I will drag him out tomorrow

But wait he doesn’t have simple clothes to wear. Maybe i should just order him clothes this night and by tomorrow morning they can deliver it.

“I should ask Brain for help” I thought

I picked up my phone and dialed Brain’s number

?Good day boss

?Sorry to disturb you

?it’s nothing boss

?i need your help

?what do you want me to do

?i want you to order the latest brands of male clothings excluding suits this night. It should be delivered by tomorrow morning

?Ok boss I will do just that but what about the size?

?Get Aidan’s size. You know his size right?

?yes I do

?ok then goodnight

?goodnight boss

I cut the call and dropped my phone on the table and went to take my bath. I change into my night wears and lie down to sleep.

I will make sure he finds true love.After that I will go look for my Princess charming ?

So Princess charming stay safe for me. Prince charming got your back!!!

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