BELINA (AFTER THE WEDDING) SEASON 2 Episodes 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 & 33

******EPISODE 28******


I chewed the salty crackers Richard had given me. Richard had pampered me so much that I got tired of it, loved it though. I woke up rather late. Is it part of the signs of pregnancy to
sleep too much? If it is, I do not like it. I hate waking up late, no matter how tired I was the previous day. I felt heavy and weak and I wanted to do some exercise even if it is strolling but Richard would not have it.
I still felt weak and sick but I explained to him that it was just a minor weakness, of course, he did not listen.
The part of the pampering I really enjoyed was when he bathed me. Silly me, you would say.
I am allowed to be silly; I am married for heaven’s sake.
You enjoy so many ‘silly things’ when you are married, especially to a very handsome Richard. The bath had graduated into something else and instead of it being a single person bath, it became double.
After the love play in the bathroom and in the room afterwards, he had got me some salty crackers from the supermarket which would reduce my nausea, then tried to force me to eat
something even though I had no appetite at all.
I had to send him to the hospital forcefully when his pampering was becoming too much, saying that he needed to take care of Kelvin. He didn’t like me mentioning his name but I
had done it just to send him to the hospital. When that jealous look had crossed his face, I had smiled and kissed him, telling him that I
love him.
I chewed the cracker, very happy that he had actually bought it. It was helping me, although I already missed Richard.
I sent him a message, telling him that I would love to have another bath. I smiled to myself as I saw the delivery alert.

Prisca smiled internally as she sat opposite Richard.
She wanted to just blurt everything out but she
wanted a little fun. She wanted the downfall of
Oyin to be her way of having fun. She had arrived at BRH and had headed straight towards Richard’s office. He would have called
Belina but she did not want to stress her at all. She is an expectant mother, she thought with a smile.
She had to wait in the reception for Richard
because he was not on seat. Richard met her there and had invited her into the office.
They had discussed various issues before she
carefully slipped into her main purpose for coming.
“Richard, someone in this hospital has tried to break up my lovely family” she had said.
Richard’s eyes had twitched as he looked at her as if dumbfounded.
“What are you talking about? Is there any problem between you and Tony? Who is that
Prisca’s expression had been one of pain.
“It is Oyinade. I saw her yesterday. She is trying to destroy a family filled with love. She even has the guts to admit it to my face.
I wanted to tell you yesterday but I could not. You were already on your way home.”
Richard had remembered that she was about to say something but had kept quiet.
He did not question her again but had called
Oyinade immediately. She tried hard to keep in place her facial remorse as she waited patiently for Oyinade to arrive.
Not long after, a call came in through the intercom and Richard said into the mouth-piece, ‘tell her to come in’. She smiled
Oyinade entered and upon sighting Prisca, she
shivered. Richard noticed this, he had actually thought that there must have been a mistake but seeing Oyinade’s reactions, he knew that something was fishy. This lady is already
having the habit of causing confusion in homes. “Would you explain exactly what I
am hearing Miss Adeyanju?” Richard said sternly, having a calm look on his face; an
expression that Oyinade had come to term as
Oyinade shifted uncomfortably on her feet.
“I… don’t understand sir” she breathed very quietly that Richard almost did not hear her.
“You better understand before I lose my cool. Tell me what you did before my sister-in-law repeats herself, leading you into even bigger trouble” Richard dropped, piercing her with his eyes even though she avoided meeting his.
She trembled.
“I am sorry sir, I was misled. I was over-
ambitious and dying with love that I had to do
everything within my power to have you” she
said, tears dropping from her eyes.
Richard was now confused; very confused. “What are you talking about?” he asked, looking from a distraught Oyinade to an indifferent Prisca and back.
“I admit everything Mrs. Williams told you but sir, I did everything out of love for you sir. Ever since I saw you on TV, I hadn’t stopped fantasizing about being with you and having you to myself.” She sniffed. Richard just stared wide eyed.
“I was the one that sent you the picture of your wife and her ex”
“What?” Richard said before he could stop
himself. His anger was now coercing to the surface. She cried harder.
“I only wanted you to love me sir. That is why I wore that skimpy dress to work, so that you would notice me.” She swallowed.
“I am so sorry sir… I would never do it again” she said, kneeling down.
Richard just stared at her, not knowing what to do or say. He had expected something like this but not about him and Belina. Prisca had said it in a way that made him think it had to do with she and Tony.
Prisca took out her phone, pressed a few buttons and the conversation between she and Oyin filled the room.
When the recording ended, Richard placed his
head on his desk. His head was filled with nothing and everything. He could not believe he had such a person in his hospital. He
lifted his eyes.
“I would take pity on you because I am not ready for any legal case right now but you know that if I decide to put you behind bars, you would be there for some time. I have the power; but I would not do that. Stand up now and go to your office. You have one hour to
pack all your possessions. You are fired.”
Oyin’s head shot up instantly.
“No. Please sir, I am sorry. I did what I did
out of ignorance. Please” she pleaded.
Richard’s piercing gaze almost blocked air from entering her nostrils.
“Remove that tag and hand it over”, he ordered.
Oyinade was still for a couple of seconds. She
removed the BRH tag bearing her name and
placed it on the table.
“Now, get out now” the words were a little above a whisper but it was like a scream due to the way he said it. Oyinade stood up, wiped her eyes and left deflated.
Richard picked up his intercom and barked.
“Prepare a letter of termination of contract for
Miss Adeyanju immediately.
She is no longer a staff in BRH”

Oyin made for her office like a robot. Her brain was blank. No thought came.
She picked up the few things she had in her office – her photo frame, her Ipad, her bag and some other minute things and moved out of the hospital.
Curious stares greeted her as she left but she did not pay them any heed. The only thing that came to her head was, ‘where am I going to
get five million Naira?”

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