BELINA (AFTER THE WEDDING) SEASON 2 Episodes 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 & 39

*****EPISODE 34*****


Richard sat in his office, feeling very excited. He had enjoyed every bit of last night.
The dinner out was awesome but the conclusive part of the day had been simply mind-blowing.
Belina had been so tired and sleepy this
morning, understandably so, that he had made
breakfast for her in bed.
They had prayed together and he had prepared for work.
Richard was expecting Doctor Felix, in order to
receive reports of how the hospital was after his departure. He was considering the prospect of making him his assistant now that Oyinade was gone.
He responded to the knock he received and
Doctor Felix waltzed in, in his usual manner.
Richard gestured a seat and listened as the doctor gave a detailed account of the welfare of the hospital.
“… the patient in ward 9 by name Mr Kelvin is now out of coma” he said after some minutes.
Richard’s interest was pricked. “Wow… when did that happen?” he asked, sitting up.
“About 5:23 yesterday sir” he responded, and then took his eyes away from the book, looking at Richard.
“Sir, do you know the man personally?” he asked, although he already knew the answer to that; Richard’s behaviour when the patient was to be treated showed it.
He did not expect their relationship to be a
pleasant one, though.
“Yeah. Yeah, I do” Richard said, letting out no emotion.
“Obviously… The patient was restless when he found out that he was being admitted in BRH and more so when he was told that you attended to him” Doctor Felix said.
“He became so violent that we had to sedate him. He tried to escape around 3am this
morning but we caught up with him and since then had someone to monitor his room.”
Richard became worried and his face portrayed this but he knew that only one thing can make someone that restless – guilt. He stood up.
“I am going to see him now, you may go”.

I arrived Prisca’s boutique and was greeted by all the smiling workers. They all looked beautiful as usual, in beautiful clothes and nice
I looked around, admiring all the beautiful
clothes surrounding me.
“Sweetheart” I was jerked from my window-shopping when I heard Prisca’s voice.
“You make me feel as though you wanna buy
everything here”. She said,
coming over with a smile. She faced one of her
workers and gasped.
“Did she drop a mouth-watering cheque?”
Everyone laughed hard, including me.
I walked up to her and gave her a cool hug.
Prisca and I proceeded into her office where I was served a very cool drink.
I looked round at the beauty of the office. The office has changed since the last time I came which was about a month ago.
“So, how is my nephew doing?” she asked
immediately we sat.
I scoffed.
“What makes you think I am bearing a boy?”
“My instincts tell me Richard is much more stronger than you are” she replied with a grin.
“You would be surprised” I replied cheekily.
“Have you gone for scan?”
I shook my head, sipping my drink. “No. Richard is too over pampering, he won’t allow me lift a finger.
If he knew I stepped out of the house, he would
explode” I sighed visibly.
Prisca laughed.
“Can you blame him? It is his first child we are talking about here”
I scoffed. “was it this terrible when you had Pat?” I asked synically.
“it can’t be this way forever dear. Tony was also this over-protectiveat first”
I smiled.
“I can’t say I don’t enjoy the pampering at
She laughed. “corrupt soul. Anyways, I think he is just trying to make up for the serious incidents of last week. That Oyinade girl is a
I hissed. “Don’t mind that harlot. I have not had her time”
Prisca shook her head.
“Thank God Richard fired her before she did any more damage”
I opened my mouth. He hadn’t told me that. Prisca took one look at my stupefied face and deduced what I was thinking.
“He did not tell you?”
I shook my head. “Not a single word”.
“I shouldn’t have then” Prisca said, obviously
saddened that I had to hear it from her.
I pestered her but she refused to say any
other thing. I resigned after I discovered she was not ready to talk about it. Richard obviously has some explaining to do.

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