BETROTHED : Episode 1 – 10


???She has supernatural powers???

????????Episode 4

you are truly a . . . werewolf.”?!

“Ok, let’s talk about it before it is too late.” Mr. Cohen said.

Everyone stared at me. Than there was a long uncomfortable

silence in the room.

“You know the medicine that I have gave you?” Mr. Cohen asked.

I nodded slowly.

He took in a sharp breath.

“You know what dad, let’s not talk about this.” Jason said and he

turned towards me, “Let’s drop this and pretend nothing happened.”

I stared at him. I have a feeling it has something to do with my

birth and who I am. I got a feeling they were keeping a secret from me.

As much as I want to say ‘yes’, I said, “No.”

Jason stared at me and has gone pale.

“I don’t think you will drop this until I find out. If it is something

about my birth or who I am, I am going to find out. I want to know it, that’s me!” I said.

Then there was silence.

I just want to scream at them to tell me, because this was taking

forever, until Mr. Cohen started talking, “I guess we have to tell her.”

“You know, honey, that medicine is to wake your inner you, up.”

Mrs. Cohen said and I turned towards her, who has stayed quiet for a while.

I stared at her, Inner me????

“What do you mean inner me? I am wake.” I said, feeling stupid.

“How should we say this? You have power and you -”

“What?!” I said, “Power?!”

This was ridiculous!!

I am feeling like I am back to being a child, believing that there

was magic powers and mythical creatures in the world.

“Yes, you do have a power and what I want to say next is that

you are truly a . . . werewolf.” Mrs. Cohen continued.

Ok, they are rich and everything, but they seriously having

problems telling me that I am a werewolf?! RIDICULOUS!!! I thought.

“Werewolf?” I asked.

“Remember your mother told you that you were born weak?” Mr.
Cohen said.

I turned to him and nodded.

“You were weak when you were born. You have problems and I

don’t mean mental problems, but inner – self problems.” he said.

My mouth hung.

They seriously want me to believe them? And inner – self

problem, what is that?

“What do you mean?” I asked. I was trying to flow with this ‘cool’

story that I was listening to.

“You know how we said that you have power? When you were

born, your power was too strong, causing your body to be tired. Your

power was so strong that you couldn’t control it yourself, the power

was wild. You lose a lot of energy like that and you soon became

weak.” Mr. Cohen explained.

I nodded my head.

“We are not joking. You are a werewolf and we all are.” Mrs.

Cohen said and stared at me. I stared into her eyes.

And the next thing that happen, scared me so much, I nearly lost

my breath. I stared into Mrs. Cohen’s electrical blue eyes and it

turned to silver that next second I blink. I gasped, but as fast as it

came, it went away in left them a blink of an eye. I froze; my heart

was doing no good on slowing down. My heart pounded twice as

loud in my ears as before.

This time, I knew they were not just talking, but they are saying the truth.

“The old pill that we have prescribed for you before was it slow down your inner pressure. Now your power is well – control.” Mrs. Cohen continued talking like she has never showed me,

“The new silver pill is a pill that wakes your inner self up.”

I stared at her.

I couldn’t believe how scary it is to find out the truth about you.

“This pill will make you sick for a while.” Mr. Cohen explained.

I finally turned my head, surprised to feel that I can still move. I nodded in response.

“You will start taking the pill starting now. Any questions?” Mr. Cohen explained.

I shook my head.

“You are now dismissed.” he said. I shakily got up and Jason held

my arm, but I shake it to tell him to let go.

I was confused and scared about this whole thing.

I walked back to the room, not talking to Jason or even make eye contacts.

“Vanessa, I -” Jason said, but I interrupted him.

“I don’t want to hear it, I am tired.” I said, “Just leave me alone.”

“Ok, just one thing, you don’t have to take the new medicine if

you don’t want to. I am talking to dad about this.” he said and held my arms.

I hate how he always touches me and I hate how he is being so
kind like he don’t notice my coldness.

“STOP BOTHERING ME!” I said, “And I am going to take the

He looked at me. I looked at him and walked to the sit on the window.

My life is so messed up right now I thought and frowned.

My eyes skimmed over the forest.

I wonder What is in that forest? It seems so mysterious

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