By Naomi Cindy B.

“I love you too, Cesca” Jemima whispered tearfully, and Francesca’s eyes widened as fk!

She broke the tight hug immediately, then she held Jemima’s face with her two fragile hands, caressing her cheeks.

“You…you love me too?” She asked, still in shock but at the same time overwhelmed.


This was the first time she came this close to her mum since she grew up.

No physical contact has ever happened intentionally, and if she did it without her consent, all she got was yells, but right now… right now… She’s touching her, she’s holding Jemima’s face in her palms.

“Mummy you love me” she muttered, and Jemima nodded as she felt another round of tears fall from her eyes.

Francesca hugged her again immediately, burying her face in the crook of her neck as they both cried.

By now, almost everyone in the hall was already making videos with their phones.

“Finally” Sloane smiled, wishing this would continue forever. Francesca deserves every good thing existing, and mother’s love tops that.

“How did this happen? What changed Jemima so fast” She muttered, smiling again.

Maxwell tucked his hands into his pockets as the scene beautified his sight, nothing could be more mystifying.

Finally seeing some significant bond between mother and daughter is so cute right now, and he was almost driven to tears when they broke the hug.

“Go for your dance” Jemima said, stroking her hair affectionately.

“You won’t run away, right?” Francesca replied, and she smiled with a sniff. “No, trust me and go dance for me” she said.

Francesca hugged her once again before rushing to the stage.

The surprise from the drama is still hooked in the souls of almost everyone, and all eyes were on Jemima as she looked around for where to sit.

She suddenly sighted Maxwell beside Sloane, and the surprised look on her face was second to none as she made to walk there.

“Mrs Andrade-Kings, come with me please, there’s a seat reserved for VIPs” the principal suddenly appeared in front of her.


“Please allow me to take you to your seat” he said, and she looked at Maxwell again.

“I’ll sit anywhere I dim fit, thanks though” she replied and walked to the two.

Sloane was sitting beside him by the left, so she sat on the last chair by the right, beside him too.

“Who preached to you?” Sloane asked teasingly.

She only smiled as she tried to focus on the stage, but having Maxwell beside her is somehow bothersome, so she faced him…

“You came” she said.

“She’s my baby too” he replied, and she smiled, sniffing again.

He turned to her and finally took a glance at her face. There are still traces of tears , so he brought out an handkerchief which he handed to her.

She took it reluctantly, wondering what it’s for..

“You still have tears on your face” he said, and she blinked before quickly turning away.

She wiped them completely, and this time, Francesca’s dance started.

She tried her hardest to focus, and it worked cos of the intrigues of the dance, she’s really good.

She never even knew her daughter was a ballerina dancer, she knows nothing about her literally, so she’d have to start from the scratch .

Francesca was smiling as her toe shoes took her around stage, doing the dance with so much zest.

Happiness dropped a large hint on her face, and her dancing appetite was refined so much that she even danced more than the given time.

It’s the first time she’d be getting her mother’s attention, and she must impress her.

Jemima found herself shedding tears again when she saw how good she is

Her hatred blinded her so much that she didn’t even know a thing, but maybe Maxwell was right.

She carried her in her womb for nine months and a week, and she laboured for almost two hours before Francesca could come alive.

She breastfed her for the required period, how could she hate such adorable girl just cos of a blemish from the past?

If there’s anyone to blame at all, it’d be her, she’s the one who allowed herself to get used by Darrel, she’s at fault for hating her lovely daughter all because of an animal.

The tears fell again, she had no control over it as they fell on her dress in the front.


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