By Naomi Cindy B.


Maxwell stood immediately. “Where are you going?” She asked.

“Can’t possibly watch it with you” he replied and went behind the laptop.

She started watching the footages one by one, but of all the footages, she only took off her clothes in one of them, and she didn’t take it all.


She was left in her singlet and long pa.nts before she entered the bathroom.

She dresses in her dressing room, so maybe that’s why there’s no nvdes.

“No nudes” she said to the cops, and Maxwell breathed in relief.

“I’m filing a case against him though, how many years does he get for this?” She asked.

“At most, a year in jail” a cop replied.

“Not bad, we’ll meet later” Jemima replied and carried her bag.

She walked to the guy, and before she could be stopped, she sI.apped him thrice on a cheek without blinking, and he fell from his chair.

“Even if you come out of jail after one year, I’ll make sure you can never live a normal life anymore” she muttered and walked out of the place.

Maxwell followed her out, and they started the drive back to her place immediately.

Just like the first drive, Maxwell said nothing, and she became even more worried as they approached her place.

“Are you ok? You had bI.ood on your first earlier after pvnching him” she asked.

“It was his bI.ood” he replied curtly, and she felt her lips moving, she tried talking but nothing came till he drove into her house and came out of the car even before her.

He handed her the car keys, and she took it since he’d never accept to drive the car home.

“Thanks” she smiled, and he turned to leave without replying again, but she held his arm, pulling him back.

“Should I… expect you at work tommorow?” She asked when their eyes met.

“I’ll make my decision tommorow morning” he replied, and she nodded awkwardly before letting him go.

He left immediately, and she didn’t go in till he went out of sight.

“Mummy!” Francesca rushed into her arms.

“Is everything fine? I called Mell” she said.

“It has been settled, and mummy is safe” Jemima smiled, stroking her hair.

“What of Mell?” Francesca asked.

“Oh…he left”

“Already? He should have said hi at least” Francesca pouted.

Dolores came downstairs, and Jemima dropped Francesca gently.

“Madam, is everything fine?” She asked slowly.

Jemima walked briskly to her and hugged her tightly, shocking her to the bones.

“Thanks so much Dolores”

“Is this really you? Ma’am, you hugged me” she muttered.

“Thanks for just everything” Jemima replied, and she quickly hugged her back.

“You’re like a sister to me, I can’t betray you ever, and Francesca is like my child too, you can count on me always, boss”

Francesca smiled widely.


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