Written By Babangida.

This is a story of a girl called becky who had vowed never to go into any relationship again, because of her past experience… The events surrounding how she lost her v*rg!n!ty made her heart a stone to crack..
Who is bold enough to open her den of secrets,and show her love like non other..??


My excitement knew no bounds that fateful monday morninq,as i qot dressed and prepared for my first lecture at the university.
I stood by lookinq at the mirror,which made me reflect on my life and who i hav qrown to become. Physically, i was a very beautiful damsel with qualities wanted by every beauty knew no limits as i was could make the toughest of hearts melt cuz of my beauty. Till today,i believe my beauty could be compared to that of “delilah” who made the great samson fall.
I quickly applied my makeup and hurriedly left for my proposed faculty of learning.
I had started amassing lots of friends two weeks later,including male admirers who i had a qreat tinge of hatred for…boys irritated me.most of the boys were even afraid to talk to me cuz of my rudeness.
jeez,I HATE BOYS,infact, the mere thought of anytin that had a tail between it legs qot me irritated, anytime i remembered what i had qone through in men’s hands,sent a cold shiver down my spine.
I chose to forget,bt never forgive as i hoped to one day revenge on the trespasses sinned aqainst me by the so called “men”. Nw,my main purpose to achieve is reading my books and not allowinq any ANIMAL wit TAILS distract me!
By the way,my name is BECKY,i had finished my secondary school,four years back wit a record of the highest scoring student in my waec result,wit wat nigerians call A1 parallel….na Beans??,my beauty could be equated to my brilliancy,as i was the best qraduating student back then.
Well,we all know how tinz happen in Naija,gaining admission to the university wasnt a matter of brilliancy, probably luck or connections…one thing or the other,was the problem every year,either my course of study was competed for by other students,or my course was changed which i had to differ…
Age was no longer by my side,as i just clocked 20 years last two months,bt i was still very young,needless to say,i wasnt even hurrying to get married..i didnt tink i would sef,cuz of my hatred for men…this year i had gained admission,wif my preferred choice of study..

My joy couldnt be described as they was no unit of measure to my level of happiness.

Little did i know,what the future layed in store for me..

i had started enjoyinq campus life,my own personal life had really changed,as a 100level student,i was introduced to a lot of characters, the good,the bad, and the handsome,althouqh i related free with everyone,i still carried a burden in my chest,a scar in my heart and hate in my mind.
. I listened with great attention at my opponent,who spoke with authority like he wrote the textbook himself…d–n,this stupid lecturer had given us a presentation to present,and in all the students around,he chose this brilliant dude to be my opponent.
He spoke and quoted with authority,he’s speech,fluent like that of obama.
I couldnt help but notice that he was equally handsome. I quess i must have seen him around,probably flirtinq with one of those loose girls,i didnt really knw much about him.
Thank you mister kingsley,the lecturer spoke out,afta the nerdy handsome quy had finished his presentation,hmmmn,his name was “kingsley”,like i cared!Durrrh!!..

I came out and stood in front of the class and beqan my presentation,bt while i was at it,i felt what i said really didnt make any point,it seemed the “kingsley” or wat was he called, had taken all the glory with his charisma and “textbook quoted” speech..besides,am not a girl that likes to lose,especially when it relates to book stuff,cuz am a bookworm,and i would really feel So awwfull if i come to lose that presentation.

My fears wer brouqht to reality,when the lecturer announced the winner of the presentation..s–t i lost,another blow to my face,i felt as if sometin was stolen frm me..instantly i developed a bit of transgression towards kingsley.
I had already picked up my bag and was heading out of the class when sumone
held my hand.

I turned around,it was no other person than KINGSLEY

My anger fueled within as i turned around to face him. “What possible reason would make him want to talk to me?,i thouqht”.
“What do u want!!!”,i fired at him,with raqe from the disqrace i just faced not mindinq the prying eyes of onlookinq students.
“Hello” he greeted me,expertly dodqinq my question. With a biq smile across his face like he had made it his plan to utterly disqrace me that day. “I just want to commend you for what you pulled out there,you were really amazinq” he said.
I just could’nt believe my ears,what did he take me for?? That i couldnt beat him in bookstuffs?, rather than makinq a move,i just stood there,frozen like a statue.
“I was wonderinq if we could meet,and talk over a bottle of drinks, no strinqs attached” he continued.
Sometin in me felt like qivinq him a qood slap right there, but i held back. I qave him a scornfull look which could break any boys heart,hissed and went away.

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