Audrey sighs for the sixth times, looking at the seat next to her.

“Why isn’t he in class today”. She muttered to herself looking so worried, and as for Cora, she wasn’t even in class too.

Ryan and Leah enters the class holding hands smiling, well not after Leah has caught up with him, and taught him a lesson.

“Leah!!!!”. The students yells smiling at her.

“You all know my name now”. She asked with a smile.

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?Of course we do,,,ma Emily already registered your name as Leah Tiva”.

?And it suits you so well, because Cora is the name given to Jezebels.

Leah chuckles with a smile.

“I also want to thank you all for voting me to remain in school, if you haven’t done that, then I won’t be here”.

“We all love Leah, and a kind-hearted girl like you deserves to be remain in Genie high, unlike the jezebel herself”. Dahlia said and looks at the empty seat beside her with hatred,as if Cora was there.

That true Leah. The students all chorus.

And Leah smiles.

“We already reserved seats for you and your boyfriend, you both should sit together, and since Ryan is so intelligent you won’t have a problem during the test, because he is definitely going to tell you all the answers”. Dahlia said again.

And the entire students laugh.

As for Audrey, she wasn’t paying attention to anything they were saying, her mind were all occupied with Clark.

Ryan and Leah laters sits in the chair that was kept for them by the class, Leah looks at Audrey, but when their eyes met, she Waves at her smiling, but Audrey looked away.

*I guess she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore since am not Cora*. Leah muttered inwardly looking a bit sad.

“Are you alright Leah”. Ryan asked when he saw her moody face.

And Leah nods with a smile, Ryan returns the smile, playing with her cheeks.

Cassie looks at them with a sad face.

*Ryan was forgetting about her existence, Thanks to Leah, she was going through alot right now, and needed someone to talk to, but was Ryan is too busy with Leah to even notice it*. She thought inwardly.

Soon a teacher enters and the students stopped T-chatting.

“Am glad you weren’t kick out of Genie high Leah”. The teacher said with a smile.

And Leah returns the smile.

The teacher looks at Cora’s seat, and when he sees she wasn’t there, his heart jumps for joy.

The class continues, Ryan was secretly staring at Leah smiling, and Cassie continues looking at him, wearing a sad Face.


Audrey stands in the boy’s dormentory, waiting for Clark to come out, since she couldn’t go in.


She smiles and turns back, but quickly frowns when she sees it was Keith.

“What are you doing here!!”. She half yells.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that, this is the boy’s dormentory Audrey, or are you by chance waiting for me”. Keith asked smiling.

“And why should I be waiting for an annoying person like you”.

“Maybe because you miss me that why”. Keith said and winkles at her.

“You are just so annoying Keith, I hate seeing you face”.

“But I love seeing your beautiful face”. Keith said and winkles at her.

“You are going crazy Keith, you should see a psychiatric doctor, so you can get treated from your madness”.

Keith smiles and bends towards her height, as if he wants to kss her.

“What if I say you are the only doctor who can cure my craziness Audrey”. Keith said smiling

Audrey pushed off and said.

“You have lost it Keith, do I look like a doctor to you, go and treat that senceless brain of yours, gosh!!!”

“You are always so cute when you are angry, it suits you so well “. Keith said and winkles at her again.

“You know what, am out of here, you just ruined my day!!!”. Audrey yells and walks away angrily.

And Keith continues looking at her.

“You are really going crazy Keith”. Keith said smiling.


Arianna, Rooney and some group of other junior students knees down near the school swimming pool, with their hands above their hands.

“Why are you doing this to us, Cora, what have we done wrong”. Arianna asked.

And Cora walks up to her and held Arianna’s jaw.

“I don’t know how you got transferred here Arianna, but one thing is for sure, that am going to punish all of you, you all where among does that voted for that Amnesia girl to remain in school right”.

“We only did the right thing Cora, you both May look so much Alike, but she is so different from you”. Rooney said.

Cora looks at him and gave out a light scoffs, and walks towards him.

“I can see you have the boldness to talk now, do you have any idea who I am”.

“Of course I do, you are Cora Tiva, the jezebel’. Rooney said.

Cora laughs and said.

“Fine, I agree that am the Jezebel herself, and am going to show you what a Jezebel like me is capable of doing”.

Cora picks up Rooney from where he was kneeling down, and dash his face inside the pool, Rooney was struggling to breath, but Cora didn’t care less.

“Cora stop, he is going to die, stop!!!!”. Arianna yells already in tears.

And Leah who was passing by the swimming pool, hears someone crying, she enters the swimming pool Lough, only to find Cora suffocating a young boy insight the water.

“Cora!!!”. She yells, she walks over to her, and pushed her away from Rooney.

She helps Rooney who was trying to breath Stand up to his feet.

“Are you okay”. Leah asked and Rooney nods, and Arianna smiles on seeing Leah.

“And what did heck are you doing here!!!”. Cora yells.

“Do you even have a conscience Cora, you almost killed him”.

“What I do got nothing to do with you, and just because my stupid mom gave you a name doesn’t mean you are someone now, you still a nobody Leah”.

Leah sighs and looks at Arianna and the other students who were still kneeling down.

“You all should go back to class now”.

And they quickly stands up and leaves.

“And who are you to tell them to leave!!!” Cora yells in anger.

“I don’t know what you are going through for you to be this way Cora, but facing it on others and bullying them is wrong”. Leah said.

She sighs and turns to leave, but Cora holds her hair and push her inside the pool.

And Leah began struggling inside the pool, trying to caught her breath.

“Cora please help, I can’t swim, help me”. Leah manage to say, as she was struggling with the water which was covering her face.

Cora gave out a wicked smile and leaves the pool.

Arianna who waited behind, sees what Cora did to Leah, and since she couldn’t swim too, she quickly went out in search of help.

She was still running when she bumped into Ryan.

“Arianna, why are you running, who is chasing after you”.

“Ryan you have to save Leah”. She said between tears.

“Why, what Happened to Leah”. He quickly asked.

“Cora pushed her inside the pool, and she can’t swim”. Arianna said sobbing in tears.

And Ryan quickly runs towards the pool, and Arianna follow from behind.

On getting to the swimming pool Lough, Ryan sees Leah floating Inside the pool.

“Love!!!”. He yells and quickly jumps inside the pool, he brought her out of the pool, but Leah was already unconscious.

“Leah”. Ryan calls looking so scared, he did a chest compression on her several times, but Leah still remain unconscious.

He did a mouth to mouth Resuscitation on her, but Leah didn’t make an attempt to wake up.

“Leah!!!!”. Ryan yells as tears falls down his eyes, he continues with the CPR, but still Leah remained unconscious.


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