Jane stood confused, wondering why Mr Okafor would come into her room with his son.

Ever since she came into the house; they have only said few words to each other, most of which were mere pleasantries exchanged between themselves. She even got to know his name from Dami.

“Jane my Jane, you thought you were smart right? you thought you could get rid of me so easily”

Mr Okafor walked closer to Jane with each word he spoke, she kept moving backwards till she got to the door of the bathroom, her first instinct was to run in and lock the door like she did last night; but then she remembered Mr Okafor had the door removed earlier.

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“You must be very proud of yourself, you must be thinking you outsmarted me right?”

Jane felt so vulnerable standing in front Mr Okafor with nothing but a little towel which barely covered her but.t. His son couldn’t seem to take his eyes of her chest, he kept using his eyes to follow her every move.

“Go on, run into the bathroom and close the door”

“Mr Okafor I am very sorry for what I did last night, I promise I will never do it again”

“Of course you won’t do it again because by the time I’m done with you, you will wish you never did what you did last night, James get her”

“Mr Okafor, don’t do this”

Mr Okafor’s son came closer and tried carrying her, she $lapped his hands off, on his next attempt, she pun¢hed him in the face. He groaned in pain and left her alone.

“Barely a minute ago you were begging for forgiveness, now you just added to your sins”

Mr Okafor got closer and carried her on his shoulders to the bed, Jane kept begging him but her pleas fell on deaf ears. He dropped her on the bed and pinned her down with his hands.

“You shouldn’t have done that Jane, you shouldn’t have pun¢hed my son, James get me those ropes”

His son got out the ropes from his pocket and handed them over to his father.

“Mr Okafor please don’t do this, I beg you in the name of what ever you hold sacred, don’t do this”

Mr Okafor took the ropes from his son and asked him to hold Jane while he started to tie her hands together above her head, when he was done, he tied each of her legs to the bedpost.

“If you had listened to me when I begged you to open the door last night, none of this will be happening”

When he was done tying her to the bed, he proceeded to sx her. Jane cried and screamed in pains, her cries didn’t stop Mr Okafor.

When he was done with her, he asked his son to take over. They both took turns on her that night, by the time they were done; she had fainted.


The next morning Jane woke up to see Dami sitting by her side, she noticed Dami had tears in her eyes. She tried to speak but it only came out as a whisper, she had lost her voice from her loud screams the previous night.

“Just relax you don’t have to speak”

She noticed intravenous drip was fixed to her left hand, she couldn’t remember when or how it was fixed. Dami must have noticed her confusion from the look on her face.

“Mr Okafor got his wife to examine you, after you fainted. She was the one who fixed the drip on you”

Jane didn’t know Mrs Okafor knew anything about medicine, though it’s not like she knew much about her, the woman barely speaks to any of the girls.

Jane tried speaking again; this time she was able to get the words out.

“Is Mrs Okafor a nurse or a doctor?”

“She is a medical doctor but doesn’t practice because Mr Okafor wouldn’t allow her”

“But why, why is he so cruel, why does he have to ruin the lives of everyone around him?”

“He doesn’t want her to practice because she would mingle with other people and Mr Okafor doesn’t want that to happen”

As Dami spoke; Jane’s hatred for Mr Okafor increased. She wanted nothing but to cause him pain.

“That man is very wicked and…”

“Enough talking, you need to rest, thankfully Mr Okafor’s wife told him to leave you alone for at least one week so you can recuperate”

“Really, did he agree to this?”

“Of he did, it’s not like he has much of a choice considering the state you are in”

On hearing this Jane started crying, they were tears of Joy , she felt so relieved knowing Mr Okafor was going to leave her alone for the next one week, but her Joy was short lived when she remembered Dami and Peace are going to be his main target.

“What is it Jane; why the long face all of a sudden?”


“Jane? By now you should know better than to lie to me”


For the past three months that Jane has been living with the Okafors; she has become really close to Dami who has taken over the position of an elder sister in Jane’s life. Dami was senior to her with five years.

“It’s nothing, besides you are going to say I’m getting worried about nothing”

“Say it anyway”

“I’m just thinking, Mr Okafor is going to focus his attention more on you and Peace”

“And so?”

“I’m worried for you both”

“You should be more worried about getting better, don’t worry about us we can handle Mr Okafor”

“Yes ma, where is Peace?”

“Now that you just mentioned her, I need to join her in the kitchen and help prepare dinner, I will see you when I get your food”

“Alright, thanks”

Dami left Jane to go assist Peace in the kitchen. Later that evening they both came to spend some time with her before going to their rooms. That same night, before Jane slept, Mrs Okafor came to check on her and ask how she was feeling, Jane noticed the woman couldn’t look her in the face, obviously she was ashamed of her husband’s actions.


The week passed faster than Jane wanted it to, if one could hold the hands of time she would have done it, because she knew the next week Mr Okafor will be back to rapping her. Throughout the period of her bedrest he never showed up in her room.

The evening her bedrest was to end, Jane was about to sleep when she heard a loud scream coming from Peace’s room. She stood up from her bed and ran to check what caused the scream.

When she got there, Peace was lying on the floor in a pool of blood, Dami was kneeling beside her in tears.

“Dami what happened, why is Peace bIeeding?”

“Go and call Mr Okafor quickly”

Jane ran as fast as her legs could carry her to Mr Okafor’s room. She banged on the door severally before Mr Okafor came out looking not too pleased with Jane for disturbing his sleep.

“What is it?”

“You need to come quickly, Peace is bIeeding”

“Is that why you came to disturb my sleep? Go back to sleep tomorrow I will go and get her some drugs”.

He tried to close the door but Jane stopped it from closing with her right leg.

“She has lost so much bIood, tomorrow might be too late for her please”

Mr Okafor paused for a moment thinking about what Jane said then he replied;

“Go I will be there soon”

“Thank you”

Jane ran back to the room, Dami was still crying, she wiped her face when Jane came in.

“Have you called him?”

“Yes he is coming, what happened to her?”

“She had an ab®rtion”

“I don’t understand?”

“She got preg.nant and Mr Okafor gave her ab®rtion pills, she over dosed it”

“Oh my God, will she die?”

“I don’t know Jane, I don’t know please pray to God to save her”

This was the first time of Jane seeing Dami cry, the sight of Peace in the pool of her own bIood terrified Jane, so she started to say the Lord’s prayer; that was the only prayer she knew.


Few minutes later Mr Okafor walked in with his wife behind him, she had a stethoscope around her neck.

Jane and Dami stepped aside to give her room to examine Peace. She knelt close to Peace and felt for a pulse.

The room was silent, they all held their breath, as she examined Peace.

“I’m afraid I can’t feel her pulse”

“What do you mean by that?” Mr Okafor asked.

There was a deafening silence in the room, all scared of finding out what she meant.

“She is dead!”


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