By Succie

Chapter 51

“I can’t believe the nerves of that guy, really Cora, just Cora!!”. Cora yells angrily.

“And am so mad at Ryan right now, can you believe it, he said he was taking me somewhere, I was so excited about it, but you know where that je.rk took, he took me to the library, saying he wants me to read, can you believe the nerves of that guy, to say it to my face, that I know nothing”. Leah said angrily.

“That Clark is worst Leah, he had the nerves to say it to my face, that he forgot to change my name,,I wish I could just kill him right now!!”.

Audery looks at them and sighs, she was getting fed up with their uncessary nagging.

“Can you two LOOK ALIKES stop it, I don’t see any reason why you both are mad at Ryan and Clark”.

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“Really, you don’t!”. Both asked at once.

“No I don’t, really Leah, you are mad at Ryan, just because he wanted you to read to pass the exams, what wrong did he do, he just wanted to make sure you pass Leah”.

“And you Cora, you are mad that Clark, just because he saved your number with your name, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you Cora, and you both recently starting dating right, so why are you both getting cooked up over little things”.

“Really Audery!!!, You should be on our side, not with those je.rks”.

“Am not on anyone side here Cora, is just that you both are taking things too far, you know what, you both should continue with your naggings, am out of here”. Audery said and walks out of the room.

Leah’s phone rang, and when she sees the caller, she threw her phone in the bed.

“There is no way, am going to answer that je.rk’s call”.

“Me neither”. Cora added, when her phone rang too, and sees the caller was Clark.


Ryan sighs for the Tenth, he has called and sent alot of pleading messages to Leah, but she neither answered his calls or his messages.

“Please Leah answer your phone, am sorry”. Ryan muttered in sadness.

The door cracked open, and Clark enters the room, looking like a broken record.

Ryan quickly got down from the bed, and went to met him.

“Clark I need your help, I don’t know what I did wrong to Leah, but she is so mad at me right now, can you please help me talk to her”.

And Clark looks at him with eyes that looks like it has been crying.

“What wrong Clark”. Ryan asked when he noticed how sad Clark face looks.

“I also had a fight with Cora too”.


“She got mad at me, simple because I didn’t change her name in my phone”.

“Leah also got mad at me because I brought her to the library, rather than a r®mantic place, and she has not been answering my calls or my messages”.

“Same with Cora Ryan”.

“And those two LOOK ALIKES doing this on possible, how could they have gotten mad at us on the same day”. Ryan said sounding so frustrated.

“I don’t know either Ryan, I understand Cora has an angry issue, but how come Leah is mad at you too, I know her to be the calm type”.

“I don’t know either Clark, I think Cora has transferred a little bit of her anger to Leah, because I don’t understand why she got mad, I can’t go to her right now, because she said she going to destroyed my face”.

“And Cora said she is going to kill me”. Clark muttered.

Both look at each other and sighs, they continue calling and texting Cora and Leah, but they didn’t bother to answer their calls and texts.

And both Ryan and Clark couldn’t sleep through out the night, it was as if they both develop insomnia all of a sudden.


**Following morning

Arianna sits in the classroom smiling, as she looks at Rooney’s pictures, she secretly took pictures of him without him knowing.

“He is so cute”. Arianna muttered smiling.

“What are you looking at and smiling”. Rooney asked, as he approach her

Arianna quickly locked her phone and looks at him.

“No… nothing”.

“Really, you were so happy while looking at whatever was in your phone, can I have a look”. Rooney said taking Arianna’s phone from her.

But Arianna quickly took it for him, since Rooney knows her password.

“I already told you can’t, what are you trying to see huh!”. She half yells.

“Why are you getting paranoid Arianna, I just wanted to see what you were looking at and smiling”.

“Well…..you can’t see, is only meant for my eyes”.

“Why is a picture of your boyfriend”. Rooney asked smiling.

“Yes it is, is the picture of my boyfriend”. Arianna answers, and the smile on Rooney face disappeared.

“Really, fine then, I don’t want to see it anymore, I will just go to the restroom” . Rooney said and leaves the class wearing a sad face.

Arianna opens her phone, she looks at Rooney’s pictures and smiles.

“Your so cute Rooney, I can’t wait for you to be mine one-day”. She muttered smiling.


Rooney looks at the picture of Arianna in his phone wearing a sad face.

“So you already have a boyfriend, and here I was thinking I might have a chance with you”. He muttered.

He sighs and deleted the numorous pictures of Arianna in his phone.

“You should forget about her Rooney, she already has a boyfriend, you are just going to be nothing but a friend to her”. Rooney said looking sad.


Cora continues looking at her phone, as she walks around the school compound, she has been expecting Clark to call her, like he did through out the night, but no calls were coming from him.

Cora sighs and flings her hair to the back.

“Did I over react, but he should have changed my name the moment we became a couple right, he’s such a je.rk!”. Cora Half yells looking angry.

Then a group of junior students runs up to her, and each of them were holding a yellow and pink colored Tulips flowers, which represent sincere apologies.

Cora looks at them with shock written all of her eyes.

“What do you all want, and why are you all holding yellow and pink Tulips flowers”.

“Someone ask us to give it to you senior Cora”. They all said as once, as they gave her the flowers.

Cora took the flowers from them, and asked.

“And who ask you to give me these”.

“Him”. One of them answers pointing at Clark who was standing a few distance away from them.

Cora looks at him, the students giggles and left the two couples to be alone.

Clark walks up to her also holding a yellow Tulips flower.

“What do you want Clark”. Cora said pretending to be mad, but deep down her, she was jumping for joy.

“Am sorry Cora, I already changed your name to QOLM”.

Cora scoffs and said.

“So you finally change it, good for you then”.

“Am sorry Cora, let stop fighting okay, I couldn’t sleep last night because of you”.

“Really, you couldn’t why, are you alright, does your eyes hurt, oh no, your cute face look so pale”. Cora said touching his cheeks looking so worried.

“If are this worried about me, then you should have answer my call, I called you more than a million times, but you weren’t answering”.

“That because I was mad at you okay”.

“So are you still mad at me, am sorry Cora, am truly sorry”.

Cora looks at him, she took the flowers from him and smiles.

“Fine I forgive you”.

Clark smiles and wraps his hands around her waist.

“Really you are no longer mad at me”.

“I forgive you dkhead”. Cora smiles, as she wraps her hands around his neck, and there was no space between them.

“I love you so much Cora”.

“I love you too Clark, even if you are so annoying”. Cora said.

And Clark smiles, he kssed her lightly on the lips, before pulling her into a hug.

And both continues hugging each other smiling.


Leah enters the class, and was surprised not to find a single soul inside the classroom, and she looks around in Surprise.

“Where did they all go”. Leah muttered and went to her seat, only to find a cute pinkish Teddy bear on her desk.

“What this”. She asked no one in particular, she took the teddy bear and the moment she did, the teddy bear began to talk

“From the depth of my heart
I want you to know that
Am really sorry Love
Please Forgive me
I’m sorry for making you mad
Please forgive me love
Saranghaeyo (I love you)”

Leah smiles so widely after hearing the short voice from the teddy bear, she had no doubt that it was all Ryan’s doing.

“So am I forgiven”. Ryan asked from behind her.

Leah turn to him, and nods with a smiles, Ryan smiles and walks closer to her.

“Am sorry Leah”.

“I forgive you Ryan, am sorry too for overreacting yesterday”

“So are we good now”.

“Why, do you want us to continue fighting”.

“Of course not Leah, you know I love you alot right”.

“I know that Ryan, and I love you too”. She replies smiling.

Ryan caress her cheeks, he pulls her closer and kss her.

But Leah disengage the kss and looks at him.

“What if the students comes in”.

“They won’t”.

“And how sure are you”.

“Because I asked them not to”. Ryan said, as he claims Leah’s lips again.


In a dark room, someone keeps looking at both Cora and Leah’s picture.

The room was dark, and only the dim of her flashlight could be seen, which she was using to look at both Cora and Leah’s picture.

She was wearing a big hoodie, which covers almost half of her face, she looks at both Cora and Leah’s picture, fumming in anger.

“You Two LOOK ALIKES have caused me nothing but pains and sufferings, and do you both possibly think am going to let you both go Scott free, Never”.

“Is time for me to finally get back at the both of you for everything you two LOOK ALIKES did to me, you both made me went through he.ll and pains, so am going to make sure you both suffer too, you two LOOK ALIKES, will never be happy”.

“Is time for PAY BACK, Cora and Leah”. She said in anger, as she hits a knlfe on both Cora and Leah’s picture, fuming in anger.


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