C.E.O’S LOVE : CHAPTER 11 – 20

C.E.O’S LOVE : CHAPTER 11 – 20

Story by RANDY



“Boss, take a look”, my secretary said as she brought her phone near for my reach.

“Vera am working”, I said with my eyes stilled glued at the documents.

I have to go through it today or never. I just can’t lose this deal. Not to him not to anyone else.

“Ma”ma is Sir Randy”,

I couldn’t wait for her to finish as I took the phone from her in a flash.

C.E.O'S LOVE : CHAPTER 11 - 20. Thingscouplesdo

I saw Randy in a local food store. What is he doing there?,

He was now talking to a beautiful girl in the store. Is he wooing her, I thought.

The thought of that alone made me angry. How can he step on the love I dropped at his feet and made for a lowlife bch who would never grow him.

He needs but he’s too proud to accept that.

I saw the girl ki¢k him below as he fell down.

“What?!!!! “, I yelled as I smashed the phone on the floor.

Doesn’t she know who he is? She should be proud that he even spoke with her. How dare her h!t my property.

“Get me that bch alive”

C.E.O’S LOVE : CHAPTER 11 – 20


“I can’t, I can’t be your indirect sIvt”, I said as I faced him

“I never said so. I just want you to take up the job you applied for only 5 days “, he stated.

His face was clouded with sadness and fear. Maybe he was afraid that I would reject.

Is not a bad idea Maya. Let down your guards this once. You asked for it and here it is, my inner self said.

True, I asked for it and now am trying to avoid it.

I stared at him as he starred back. I will hurt him more if I reject.

“Only for 5 days? “, I questioned.

“Yes “, he answered.

“That means I have to start calling boss, right? “, I asked with a smile.

He only nodded and returned to his phone.

Was he shy or what? Can’t believe that the mighty Randy could ever be shy.

My eyes now examined him from hair to toe. He was on a simple singlet and short which revealed his thigns.

God, why must he be dmn hot.

He raised his face as our face met. Too late for me to look away.

Only the sound of our beating hearts could be heard as every where became silent as we starred deep into another’s eyes.

My eyes searched his to find out if the impotence of a thing was a prank but I saw none.

It was awkward moment as I couldn’t remove my gaze from him.

“I will take my leave now”, I managed to say.

I sat up from the bed and wanted to make for the door when I tripped.

God, am gonna land on the floor flat, I thought.

My body fell on the floor and my lips kssed the floor.

No, it can’t be the floor. It was soft and, Wait

I slowly opened my eyes to see Randy eyes starring at me.

Crab!, we kssed.

C.E.O’S LOVE : CHAPTER 11 – 20

“Is it my fault, that am good looking that every girl wants to sleep with me? And speaking of faithfulness, I have been the one and you selfish; you will take me as I am or that would be the end”,

Each of his words pierced me like da.gger, wielded by a ¢ruel hand.

I have not foreseen this and suddenly I felt I hated this man I adored lately. I hated him now.

I was in a turmoil. My heart beat faster. And yet I must not let this torment show.

“I loved you;am sorry now. I believed in you; that’s my misfortune. You are a playboy and a cheat; your love was noting but a facade. But i must tell you; Your good look is not your strength but a snare. You can continue sleeping around but you don’t exist for me anymore”I said before walking out.

C.E.O’S LOVE : CHAPTER 11 – 20

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