By Melody


Liam turned his head at the door and he watched May’s perfect, adorable figure retreat out of his room.

The next thing, she slammed back the door heavily and Liam shut his eyes at the terrible noise.

He stared down at the ring on his palm and somehow, he found her actions very funny.

Truly, he knew he had married a little kid with empty brain. He realised that her brain was same with a child’s own.


How could she not think?. Did she not know she was much safer with him here.

Would she find someone else perfect than him?.

Could she even find a more breathtaking husband like him with extreme perfect masculinity?.

Of course, he knew she couldn’t find such unless she had been hypnotised outside their marriage, and whoever he is, Liam is up for the game.

The thought of her having a male friend was driving his head nuts. He was a possessive and obsessed husband and his number one Rule…

” Take my wife….and I’ll take your life.”

He didn’t joke with his beautiful wife, May, either when he hated her or when he still loved her.

And now that she wanted to leave his home on her own will, he didn’t feel like a man anymore.

He kept the ring aside and began to step into his room lazily before taking off everything he wore.

He got to his closet and picked out his sexy pajamas bottoms and wore it on himself with no shirt on.

His hard torso and V lines were bold and Practically budging beneath him making him look outstandingly sxy.

He left his room in that order and went straight to May’s room, leaving the door behind open.

He leaned his back on the wall of her room and whistled.

May instantly looked up from where she was kneeling and her round eyes feasted on her husband’s new stylish nightwear.

He wore it, in order to catch her attention for the first time, maybe he would make her change her mind and she would stay.

Her eyes were very innocent but, today, she had seen things she’d read on novels.

Liam’s body was exactly like those heartless demi-god characters she dreamed to meet in real life.

She had never seen him expose too much of his skin and she could merely almost glance at his ma.nhood.

She blinked twice and took her gaze away quickly, focusing on the cloth she was folding into her bag.

” Someone is definitely serious about leaving her home. I wonder who’s that guy that’s waiting at the side of the road for her” He smirked, folding his hands.

May didn’t say a word. She had made up her mind to leave tonight, and tonight it was going to be.

She wouldn’t let liam distract her again like last time. Even with the way he was looking dmn sxy, she would try not to let it control her mind.

She zipped up her bag and stood up, lifting her luggage with frail her while striding towards the door.

” Bye, Bye C’mon.” She said without glancing at his face and before she could reach the door, Liam stretched his arms and shut the door hard on her face.

May stared at the large door that had just closed up and she turned to look at Liam with a confused look.

” W..why did you__”

” You aren’t going anywhere!.” Liam cut her off, menancing his mean gaze at her.

” B..but i told you i already made up my mind to leave now. I’ve packed all my stuff.” she grumbled.

” Re-Pack!. All of them!. You aren’t leaving this house. I can’t believe you are serious about it”He told her, dragging her luggage aside.

May pouted her lips as she began to wet her fat cheeks with tears.

” I can’t stay here any longer!. I want to leave!. I can’t bare see you to.rture me like this!” She said, stumping her feet.

” I didn’t expect you to talk like a child, May. I don’t do divorce. But I’ll give you chances to change your mind now”

” I can’t change my mind, Okay!. Give me back my bag and let me leave your life and find mine!” She said, pulling his strong arms like a kid asking for icecream.

Liam curled his lip to a side trying to succumb to his wife childish attitude.

He dragged her wrist in a swift manner and pinned her to the wall side, leaning into her closely.

” Tell me my flaws, May. Tell me a good reason to leave!” He yelled and May stared widely at his eyes with tears till flowing out of her eyes.

She looked deep into his eyes and found a pitiless hell boiling inside it.

There was no life in his eyes at that point in time and she knew he could erupt anytime soon.

She gulped down and was finding it hard to concentrate on his eyes again.

” May Cole..” His deep voice throated and May quickly looked up at him again, with fear in her eyes.

His eyes had totally changed and now, he was staring at her with affection. He stared down at her lips and he swallowed deeply.

He didn’t want to do this but he had to. If this was going to be their last kss then he was going give it to her in full

He would make her feel loved and special for this once.

Slowly, like he would take all the hours in the world, he leaned down his head towards her and May kept staring at his eyes.

She watched him capture her lips naively and he began to kss her very soft and very gentle, almost without even trying.

Her lips got wet with his warmness as soon as they began to kss.

His hands were still high up, pinning her palm to the wall.

May closed her eyes as she started kssing him back with the same heartwarming pace.

Her heart ached and beat faster in her chest because she loved what he was doing to her.

A knock was heard at the door and it disrupted their union.

Liam came down the bed, adjusting his front hair and May sat up.

” You can leave now. I’m done with you. I don’t owe you anything anymore. ” He said, stepping back.

May stared at him, feeling very worried and confused.

What did he mean for her to leave?. Did he still want her to go after the whole thing?

Wait. Did he only wanted to taste her body and then let her go as she wished.

” I only kssed you to pay my vows as a husband.” He said and picked out her bag.

” Don’t think about it, May. It was only a goodbye kss. Go, Leave here now instantly and find the peace you need outside. I mean it!” He said and took his gaze away.

May flew down the bed and took up her luggage fearfully. She dare not say any word because if was her decision in the first place.

She felt sad that he wouldn’t be able to finish up what he started in her.

She moved out of her room and Mitchell met her coming out with her belongings.

” Where are you going?” Mitchell asked and May stopped in her tracks, lowering her head.

” I’m leaving.” She said.

” Leaving?. The marriage? Or the house?” She asked and She sighed thoroughly.

” Both.” May replied and Mitchell covered her lip to avoid bursting into laughter.

She didn’t want to imagine what had happen to the two of them while they were in the room.

She knew a time like this would come someday when she would be the only one to replace her charming prince heart, Liam.

And luckily for her, it was happening really fast and today.

Liam stepped out of the room.

” You still here?” He asked, glaring at May.

” I was about to go now.” She said and dragged her luggage as she ran down the stairs hastily.

She stopped at the door and looked around. She was seriously going to miss her home badly.


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