By Melody


Emperor took Mitchell out of the house. He wore her a cloak around her shoulders to protect her from the cold.

” What about you?. Don’t you need a cloak in case of the cold?” She asked and Emperor trotted his hands into his pocket.

” I’ll be fine. Afterall, I’m a guy. I’m supposed to endure all that.” He said and Mitchell held the cloak, smiling brightly.

They began to walk down the street. It was dark yet it was a lively town.

The street light added to the beauty of the night and it wasn’t boring because of the noisy cars and walkway shops.

The two lover birds began to move at the same slow relaxed pace, enjoying eachother’s company.


” I can’t believe you said I fed you Poison.” Mitchell spat, folding her hands angrily.

Emperor laughed, scattering her short hair.

” Well, I was only joking. But seriously, your food need a little more skill.” Emperor shrugged.

” Good for nothing idiot!. Do you know how much time I spent in order to make that food!.” She said rolling her eyes.

” Still. You need to learn the secret behind the cooking techniques. I bet you need a teacher like me.” He said.

” Pstt..I don’t want to walk with you anymore!.” She said and began to walk faster than him.

She collided with a lady with umbrella and she rubbed her forehead in pain.

” See what you caused!” She turned to yell at Emperor’s face. He stopped and stood in front of her.

” It wasn’t my idea for you to walk that fast. You caused it yourself” He said.

” You are so annoying!. I thought you’d just say Sorry. It’s not that hard to say!” Mitchell yelled and Emperor stopped her hand before she could move away.

” Sorry” He simply said.

” Is That all?” She glared at him.

” But that all you wanted me to say.” He shrugged.

” Hmmph!” She contorted. He picked her stubborn hands and they began to move like couples.

” Let’s find a good restaurant to eat.” He said and they crossed the busy road, leading to a nearby small joint.

They got a table for two, a place close to the glass window, and a perfect spot to stare at the city.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant was soothing and quite romantic.

” What would you like to eat, Miss Mitchell?” Emperor asked,crossing his tall legs like a gentleman.

” Anything you eat.” Mitchell said, cupping her cheeks in her palm as she stared into his eyes.

Emperor chuckled and picked up the food menu, going through it thoroughly. An elderly woman in a blue apron and scarf approached them.

” What would you like to order?. You can check the food menu to make a choice” The woman said.

” Give us Mac and cheese.” He told her and the woman nodded and gave a long stare at Mitchell.

Mitchell smiled and slightly waved at her, trying to cure the awkward moment the elderly woman was creating.

The woman began to step away and Mitchell quickly turned to face Emperor.

” She is weird. Look at the way she stared at me.” Mitchell said looking worried.

” Do you by chance know her?” He asked folding his hands and Mitchell searched her head for answers.

She had seen this face but somehow she didn’t seem to know If it was all in her imagination.

” I’ve never seen that face before. But…” She stopped and slumped her shoulders. ” I don’t think we’ve met before.”

” Then don’t worry too much. She might only be staring at you cus you are pretty.” He said and Mitchell bit her lips.

” I’m pretty?” She asked, biting her lower lips in curiosity. Emperor leaned on the table, cornering his lips in a smile.

” Who would deny it?. Has no one ever told you that you how awesome you are?” He asked and Mitchell shake her head.

” You are the first person to ever tell me.” She said shyly, hiding her gaze from him.

Emperor pinched her chin and made her look at his thin eyes.

” Read my lips..” He said and Mitchell stared at his lips as it moved.

Silently, his lips moved ” You are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen”

She bit her lips, smiling brightly again. Her heart kept flattering like a loosed bird.

She even forgot to breath for a while and just staring at him was enough to keep her alive.

He had made her feel so special and now, she didn’t know but she was loving him the more.

Emperor picked her small hands and twined his fingers with her into a knot.

” I’ve seen other girls. I can admit that you might not be extremely attractive but I adore you a lot. You are smart, funny and not easy to go away with” He said and Mitchell giggled.

She wished so much for this unending moment like this.

Meanwhile, The elderly woman got to the kitchen and began to place down the orders.

She stopped in her tracks and began to reconstruct Mitchell’s face in her head.

That face…Ugh.

Somehow, seeing that young girl made her feel so different. It felt out of normal. Seeing her, everything else stopped working for her.

” Rosa!” Someone screamed and it scared her ribs. She looked up and saw her Co worker, Xora.

” Why did you scare me that way?” She asked.

” You were lost again thinking!. Costumers are waiting!” Her co worker said.

” I’m sorry.” She apologised with a bow and picked the tray of food, returning back to Mitchell’s table.

” Here’s your meal. Enjoy.” Rosa said with a bow and Mitchell crossed gazes with her.

At that moment, Mitchell felt that sort of attachment that kept drawing her closer to her.

She didn’t know why but she began to feel pity for the lady.

She wished she could help the old lady find answers to all her problems.

She had never felt this way for random people before, she just got to realise this weird feeling towards this woman.

She watched the innocent lady leave their midst and she wondered why the woman was acting strange.

She picked her spoon and began eating. Perhaps, she would visit this restaurant some other time.


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