“June!” Maria Li called my name and I smiled at her.
“June!!” she yelled my name and I wondered why she did so.

“June!!” my little brother yelled my name and I immediately got up from my deep slumber.
“I’m up” I snored and he laughed cause a sheet of paper was glued to my face due to the small sweat on my face. I removed the paper from my face and hit his head. “why the hell did you wake me up early this morning” I yelled.
“it’s not morning, it’s noon” my brother said and I looked at the time 12:56pm ..
“oh no” I cried, I overslept,
“grandma’s gonna be so angry with you” he laughed and walked away. Instead of him to cheer for his big sister, he’s making me feel sick. I remembered last night, what made me wake up late and I remember myself dancing and singing to Maria Li’s song, I bit my lip and head to the bathroom, I am so dead.

It’s Saturday and I’m supposed to be awake since six in the morning and deliver newspaper around the neighborhood, that’s the small business my grandma’s making me do, at least the money I’ll make that day will sustain Auggie and I for food and school allowance for a week.

Auggie is my little brother’s name short for August and I’m June, and I don’t know what my parents were thinking when they gave us names from our birth month.
But sadly my parents died when Auggie was born, my mom died immediately Auggie was born and my dad died in a car accident, my grandma immediately took us in and we both took care of Auggie, especially me cause my grandma had to work besides her old age she’s really strong. Leaving Auggie for me I had to bathe, feed and dress Auggie everyday till he grew up, and now he’s nine and I’m seventeen year old and sometimes he calls me mom without knowing it. And he’s never for once disrespected me. And he’s the sweetest but a little stubborn but I love him.

After my bath I dragged a shirt and a Jean trousers from my pile of clothes, walked to our small living room, pack my hair in ponytail and grabbed today’s newspaper I’m supposed to distribute, I grabbed my bicycle waved to my grandma and little brother who was outside drying clothes, and Auggie just stood beside her.

I carried my bicycle and hurried down the stairs of our building, it’s a four storey building and an extra small house at the top where we live, my grandma and the landlady of the house are good friends and she just lets us live there for free since we had no where to stay when Auggie was growing up cause my grandma used everything she got bringing up Auggie and I.

As I rode my bicycle around the neighborhood, my phone was in my pocket and it was connected to an earpiece that was in my ear and I happily deliver the newspaper to each houses singing the song from my phone “soaring High- by Maria Li”.
Maria Li, just thinking about her I could see her in front of me, I dream of her everyday including this morning, she’s my role model, my goddess and my angel.

A twenty-seven years old celebrity, should I say the most popular singer and dancer in the whole world, her voice is like that of an angel, her beauty is extraordinary and her body is what you could die for, she’s the best, she’s awesome and I love her. Her musics make my day and her videos, I know all of her music and know every dance step in her videos, she works with DH entertainment, one of the biggest selling Music Industry in the city. And other places.

Maria Li is a goddess and she has a lot of fans, and I’m her number one fan, I love her so much that I suddenly had this dream to be like her, to be a celebrity like her, for the past two years of being her fan, I had the passion of being a singer and a dancer, but I know I can’t dream too much cause we’re living from hand to mouth and it’s gonna be hard cause it’s only the rich that has dreams and their dreams do come true. I delivered the news paper to the last house and made my turn home.

I got home and made my tiring journey climbing the stairs with my bicycle, I finally got to the rooftop and parked my bicycle at a corner, opening the living room door I could already perserve a great smell of seaweed salad and when I got in my grandma and Auggie had already start to eat Lunch.
“you’re back” Auggie said happily and I sat down beside him and joined them.
G0sh my grandma is such a great cook, she smiled seeing as Auggie and I ate her food with happiness.
“June.” she called and I looked up at her.
“I’ll be going to work soon” she said and I nod, she goes to work every day except Sundays.
“and after today, I don’t think I can keep up” my grandma said and I looked up at her
“why?” I asked calmly.
“look at me June, I’m getting older, I managed to get this job beside my age but I don’t think I can keep up, I’m getting weaker everyday” she breathed out,
“then how are we going to–
“I’ve been thinking” she cut me off “of renting out Auggie’s room” she continued and Auggie looked up.
“what?!” Auggie said.
“just continue eating” I tell him and he did so
“but grandma, that’s crazy, who would want to rent it out and we would be living with a complete stranger” I said and she sighed.
“it’s better than living without eating or neither of you going to school” .
“then where would Auggie sleep?” I asked
“in your room” she replied and I sighed and glance at Auggie who was busy enjoying his meal.
“well I hope your plan works” I said and roll my eyes.
“it’s going to work, help me clear out Auggie’s room am going to tell a lot of people about it and I promise you we’re going to have a tenant here by the end of the week and I wouldn’t have to work again” she smiled. “okay” I shrugged.
“okay, I’m off to work” my grandma said and stood up.
“June remember what I told you, clear out his room and keep the house clean” she announced before walking out.

I continued eating before turning to Auggie.
“you heard what grandma said right?” I tell him and he nods
“good” I said and turned back to my food.

After eating Auggie and I both moved things from his room to mine and he seemed happy about staying with me. To help me clean the house I placed my phone on the living room table and played “soaring High by Maria Li, it’s my favorite song and one of her biggest hit.
Auggie and I sang it together as we clean the living room, he learned it because of me and my obsession over it.

After cleaning the living room we both arranged my room and he said he wanted his bed beside mine and I also arranged his stuff at the corner of the small room.

I got on my bed and started to watch Maria Li’s video and I sang along with it. Auggie was quiet looking at the only toy he has in his hand and I turned to him.
“what’s wrong?” I asked, he’s too quiet and it’s creepy. Well he’s quiet person but I still have to ask.
“well I’ve been thinking, grandma said we’re going to have a new tenant and I wish they’ll be people I can play with” he said and I smiled.
“Auggie, a family can’t move in that tight room and your age mate can’t rent that out” I said and he sighed. “well let’s just hope for the best and besides you have me” I smiled.
“you can’t play with me you’re way older than me and you’re always with your phone” Auggie said pouting his lips.
“come over here” I said and he crawled from his bed to mine. “don’t worry very soon we’ll be living in a place where you can play with all sort of toys and boys your age, just don’t lose hope” I said and kssed his forehead, I feel sorry for Auggie, we don’t have a TV where he can watch educative shows and learn more and he has no one to play with. my phone, I’ve been using it for two years now, my grandma saved up to get for me on my birthday two years ago, or else if she hasn’t I would have been totally phone-less .. We’re really trying to live but life is just so hard for us, I really hope things can become better,
I didn’t know I’ve been thinking so much and not know Auggie has fallen asleep, I place him well on the bed and continued with the video of Maria Li, not only do I want to be like her and be famous and recognised, I also want to be rich and help my family.

Before I knew it I was woken up by Auggie not knowing I fell asleep too, our lives are pretty boring we just work, eat and sleep.
“grandma’s home” he said
“is it six in the evening already?” I asked and he nods I got up from my bed, walked out of my room and walked into the living room to see my grandma with groceries in her hand.
“I got my last Pay of the day and I bought this” my grandma said and I took the stuff from her, I can’t believe she quit her job, but it’s for her to live long. “and I have good news” my grandma said .
“really? What is it?” I asked with a smile.
“I shared the news about putting up a rent here and I’ve seen someone who’s looking for a place to stay and will take any place” my grandma explained.
“really, is it a male or a female?” I asked.
“well,… I haven’t meet with the person but a friend of mine knows someone who’s looking for a single room” she said and I rolled my eyes.
“grandma you’re supposed to ask and see the person first before you call it good news okay!” I said and she smiled.
“don’t worry it’ll be good news soon” she said and I shrugged.

That night we ate macaroni and meatballs, before going to bed, my grandma sleeps in a small beside the room she puts up for rent and while Auggie and I now sleep in the same room.
The next day came and passed like a wind. With me delivering news paper and after that I split the money I earned into two and kept Auggie’s part in the drawer. My grandbmother tried calling her friend who said she knows someone who’s ready to rent a place but when she tried calling the woman, she couldn’t reach her, I told my grandma to forget it that’s it’s a lie but my grandma never lost hope until she managed to get the woman and the woman said the person’s coming tomorrow to check out the place. That day flew by like a bird and the next day came by quickly which was Monday.

I got up from my bed that Monday morning, took my bathe and woke Auggie up, he had his bathe and after changing into my school uniform, I helped him with his and brushed his hair, he’s a smart kid and he’s in the fourth grade so he has to look nice.

I gave him money for lunch and we both head to school, I go to kindred high school, it’s a public school and Auggie goes to the elementary school.
I got into the full and noisy class and dropped my bag down on my desk before sitting down.
“June!” some huge voice called my name and I smiled rolling my eyes, I know who it is.
“Annie, I know it’s you” I said and her squeaky voice said .
“looks like I’ve done that joke so many times you’ve gotten used to it” she said and I looked at her. “is it supposed to be a joke?” I asked and she playfully glared at me while I laughed.
I brought out my book where I wrote Maria Li’s lyrics and I start to read them and Annie collected the book immediately from me.
“ugh you and that old lady I don’t get why you like her, her songs her good but she’s boring” Annie said and I rolled my eyes
“you don’t know any thing about her so stop saying she’s boring” I defended and she shook her head negatively.
“she has really messed you up and now you’re defending her instead of your best friend.” she said and I smiled a bit but in an apologetic way.
“and besides no one’s talking about Maria Li ever since Daniel came out” Annie said.
“you mean that rookie who made a guest appearance in Maria Li’s video, “dance”?” I asked and she nods.
“he’s no more a rookie June, but A Star brightening every one’s day” Annie smiled. Before I could utter another word, the class’s Gossip girl Amy, quickly rushed inside the class and everyone know she’s always bringing the class news and everyone turned to her.
“guys” she said breathlessly
“I just heard big news” she continued
“Daniel Anderson is coming back here to Mahnline city and he’ll be holding up a fan signing event in the City Hall after his concert here on Friday” Amy said finally and from every corner of the class you could hear screamings including Annie’s. And everyone start to look it up on the internet.
“did you hear that, our Daniel is coming back” Annie said holding my hand.
“I’m sorry our Daniel?” I scoffed and she nods.
“you don’t have to be pretend you don’t like him June, Daniel is the most sexiest, prettiest and talented, artist I’ve ever known, even though he made his debut as a singer and dancer two month ago, he became popular within a week and within a month other countries started to notice him and now he’s a world wide super star which makes him the world most youngest, singer, dancer and model he’s only twenty years old.. . And he grew up here in Mahnline city which makes all of us a family and now he’s coming back this week and thinking about that is making me feel happy at the same time nervous, I’m gonna see my Daniel again, keep drowning your world in that Maria Li’s song and you’ll soon dig Your Own grave, follow up with Daniel and you’ll see him every night in your dreams” she said with her thinking eyes day dreaming about something, something that Includes Daniel.
“sorry but I don’t need any Daniel in my life right now, I’m good with Maria Li” I said aggressively
“maybe you’ll change your mind after seeing this!” Annie said and brought out her phone.
“these are his latest and trendiest pictures of 2019” she continued tapping her gallery, she showed me a bunch of Daniel pictures the one he had a shirt on and the one he doesn’t, he’s got this killer look and he’s very handsome I must admit but I won’t ever betray my Maria Li.
“oh and also Daniel and Maria Li works in the same industry” Annie said and I sighed “look Annie just take your Daniel away from me.” I tell her shoving her phone and she smiled.
“he was so handsome right? You couldn’t bare it” she laughed and I rolled my eyes. “get lost” I said.
“look here June, Maria Li is yesterday’s news and Daniel is today, tomorrow and forever’s news, even if he dies, he’ll be like our very own Michael Jackson,” Annie said and I almost smacked her face, how could she say my Maria Li is old news because of that crazy Daniel hangerson or whatever his name was.

School was okay that day, it was my usual boring school but still it was okay, well okay to everyone not to me, everyone kept talking about this so called Daniel and his amazing songs and face, well I know Daniel as a celebrity but I didn’t know he was that popular, I guess I must have been so caught up in Maria Li’s life I notice nobody.
But I don’t care Maria Li gave me a dream, a dream that’s always setting me on fire and I’m going to chase that dream till I get a hold of it, when life is giving up on you, try your best and don’t lose, like my grandma always said “good things come to those who wait, also with faith and hope we get them”.
Well I’ve waited patiently for the past eight years for good things to come our way but it seems like life is pretending we’re not existing anymore. But there’s still hope in me I can’t give that up cause it’s still the only thing that keeps me going.

That day school was over and I went to pick Auggie and we both head home, climbing the stairs to our rooftop house was the hardest, Auggie always complain about his legs getting weaker the more we climbed and so I have to give him a piggy back ride, which makes me even more tired.
We got to the front of our small house at the top of the building and I dropped Auggie down. I breathed breathlessly sweats dropping from my hair, to my forehead then my face.
“are you okay?” Auggie asked innocently.
“I am, you just drained the life out of me, you always do” I said
“I’m sorry” he said guiltily.
“It’s okay, let’s head inside” I said and he smiled showing his complete white teeth.
I opened the door and Auggie walked in before me and we both Walked into the living room and I quickly covered Auggie’s eyes, cause there was a boy about my age or older, he was half naked only a towel around his waist and water was dripping from his hair to his body and he was drying his face with another towel so he didn’t notice us until I screamed, the guy flinched his eyes widen seeing me and my grandma rushed out of her room.
“grandma.” I said breathlessly.
“June are you okay?” she asked.
“there’s a guy half naked in our living room and you’re asking me if I’m okay?!?” I breathed out.
“hey there’s a towel around my waist don’t be so dramatic” the boy said and my brows raised on its own.
“excuse me?” I glared at him.
“June.. He’s.. He’s the new tenant” my grandma said and my jaw dropped.
“excuse me?” I turned to her, dropping my hand from Auggie’s eyes.

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