(Cr@zily in love ?)

Written by: Authoress Ti Fe ??
SEASON 2 Episode 11

I sat in my office doing some stuffs on my laptop when I heard a knock on my door.

“Mr Harry, Mr Bruce is here to see you.” I heard my secretary say from outside.
“OH, let him in.” I said grinning happily.

“Mr Harry.” He called walking in.
“Mr Bruce, how do you do?” I asked giving him an handshake.

“I am great. You look so happy today.” He said as I gestured him to sit.
“I am always happy.” I said defending myself.

“Really? That is good. How is your wife?” He asked smiling.
“She is great. Beautiful as ever.” I said making him grin.

“I really covet your relationship.” He said making me laugh.
“You sure will.” I replied.

“So here are some questions.” He said bringing out his jotter.
“Oh God, please let me not answer wrongly now my other half isn’t here.” I prayed silently staring at him.

“So here is question 1.” He said looking at me while I felt my heart skip.
“Who is the more jealous one among you two?” He asked making me smile.

“We both are jealous.” I replied laughing.
“Hm, tell me more.” He said jotting down what only God’s knows.

“When I see her with another man, I tend to grow so angry and if care is not taken, I can kill that man.” I said clenching my fists.
“Wow.” He said smiling.

“And for Sarah, she is ready to kill any girl she sees with me.” I added laughing.

“This is awesome. Can you believe this?” He asked looking into his jotter.
“If it is believable, why not?” I replied eagerly.

“Your wife said the exact point you made.” He said and my mouth opened.

“Really? You have interviewed her today?” I asked fearfully.
“Yes, and actually you really impressed me with your reply.” He said.

“Yes, we are one now.” I replied boldly.

“Okay the second question. Do your wife have any male or female friend?” He asked.
“No, I haven’t seen her with one.” I replied boldly.

“So she doesn’t talk to anyone at all?” He asked again.

“The only ones she talks to is Piper and Bryan. And they are our siblings not friends.” I stated boldly.

“Hmmm.” He expressed looking into his jotter again.
“Did I fail the question?” I asked fearfully.

“You got it right. Absolutely correct.” He said and I nodded happily.
“And any friend from your side?” He asked.

“Yes his name is Max.” I replied and he nodded.
“She said that too.” He said and I felt so proud of her. My intelligent wife.

“The last question for today.” He said making me breath out in anxiety.
“Go on.” I said. I can’t fail this question.

“What is that thing you will do that would make your wife hate you so much.” He dropped the bomb.

“Well, that would be seeing me with another lady.” I replied unsure.
“Just seeing?” He asked.

“Not just seeing, when she sees we are in a location we aren’t suppose to be, we are too close to each other.” I replied and he nodded checking his jotter.

“HM, so what will your wife do that will make you so vexed with her?” He asked.
“The same as mine. Seeing her with another man. It drives me cr@zy.” I replied and he nodded.

“You guys are the best couples I have ever interviewed. You have the same thinking, this is great!” He exclaimed happily.

“Thank you so much.” I said smiling.
“So you will be moving to the next and final stage.” He said grinning.

“Mr Bruce, when these interview stop?” I asked.

“One week to come will make it exactly two months.” He said and my mind wandered off

“What if Sarah decides to leave me for another man after next week. Or we have a misunderstanding?”

“Mr Harry!” He called jolting me out of my thought.

“I am so sorry. I was lost in thoughts.” I said and he nodded grinning.

“I will be on my way now.” He said standing up.
“Okay sir. Thank you for coming.” I said giving him an handshake before he left the office.

I rushed to pick up my phone to call Sarah, but to my surprise her call entered first.

? Baby *we chorused*

? Okay say yours first *we chorused*

? You go *she said laughing*

? Okay, Mr Bruce just left the company now. He came to ask some questions.

? So how was it? *eagerly*

? I love you.

? What? Was that how it was? *laughing*

? I will tell you when I get home.

? I can’t wait! *happily*

? Sarah, can I draw you today?

? That is the request I have been wanting to hear *jumping*

? See you at 6pm. Love you.

I hung up jumping all around my office. This is so so great!

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