CLUMSY MAID : Episode 1 – The End


By Royal Royals




“Amanda! Amanda come back here this minute” my mum yelled my name.
I wasn’t interested.
I quickly climbed my bicycle and rode away to the market.
I arrived at the market, bought the necessary things I needed and turned back home. Today am working in the afternoon and evening so I have free time this morning.
I kept singing and shouting as I rode my bicycle.
I saw a car coming.
D@mn! this car is super, I wish I can be rich like this someday.
They drove very fast.
They drove past me and splash dirty water on me.
What the fvck!
Is it because I am admiring it?
I quickly picked up a stone and closed one of my eyes and took a good look at the car side mirror.
I launched the stone and it flew to the target.
Oops I think its broken.
I took my bicycle and ran away.
??Mrs Richard Mansion ??
“Peter and Anderson you guys can’t leave me in this house all alone” Mrs Richard their mother said.

“We are sorry Mom but we have to leave, we are grown ups now” Anderson said.

“Yeah mum. We need to start a life on our own and not in our parent house” Peter added.

“Okay fine you can go, is the house ready?” Mrs Richard asked.

“Yes all set and we will be leaving tomorrow” Anderson said.

“Alright” their mom said and they went to their rooms.
??Anderson ??

My mind drifted to the girl I met earlier today, she’s really pretty, but she must pay for what she did to my car if I ever find her.
It’s not my fault I had to spill mud on her, she kept starring at the car and I horned countless times but she was lost in thought, I then I had no option.
She looked funny the way she ran away with her bicycle, funny girl.

? Amanda ?
When I got home, I quickly prepared and headed to the restaurant where I work.

“Amanda you came late” Tyler said.
Tyler is my work mate.
I call her Ty for short.

“Sorry Ty. I had to sleep for five minutes, so I can have strength I said and she chuckled.

“Well lets get started” she replied.

We started cleaning and arranging the restaurant.
Soon they began trooping in and and we began collecting their orders and served them.

“Aissh Mrs Richard what are you doing here?” I asked.
“You could have called me to bring your food there” I said to Mrs. Richard the owner of the restaurant and a very famous company.

“No Amanda. I need to talk with you, that’s why I came” she said.

“Ohh” I said and quickly sat down opposite her.
“I’m all ears ma” I said.

“You see my sons are moving out of the house to stay on their own I need a house maid for them” she said.

“wow do you want me to do it?” I asked.

“Yes. You are a really strong lady and I need a strong lady for them, someone who can handle them because they are really difficult” she said.

“How much is the pay ma’am? ” I asked.

“I will give you triple of what they pay you in this restaurant and if you can last in that house I will increase it for you” she said.

“Oh my God! I am so ready Mrs Richard, should I start now?” I asked.

“No. You will start tomorrow, come to my house and I will brief you on everything” Mrs. Richard said and left.

I just got a good job, I was so happy I started dancing like Michael Jackson, forgetting people were in the restaurant watching and laughing.
Someone dragged me to the kitchen and it was Ty.
“C’mon Ty! leave me to celebrate” I said.

“You are disgracing yourself out there, Okay tell me what are you celebrating?” she asked.

“I just got a good job and they are ready to pay me triple of the restaurant pay” I said.

“Wow am so happy for you, you could have told me since I wouldn’t have disturb your dancing” Ty said.

She quickly dropped the tray in her hands and joined me in the dancing.

Next day


I packed my clothes in a small box, placed it on my bicycle and tied it.
I waved my mum bye and rode off.

I knew she wasn’t happy I was leaving but she was also happy she will now have the money to pay the people I broke their stuff.
Few minutes later

I went to the address Mrs. Richard gave me, this house is like paradise.
I never knew they were this rich, I parked my bicycle in the compound, carried my box of clothes and rang the door bell.
?? Peter??
We already settled in.
We were watching the television when the door bell rang.

“I guess it’s Mom” I said and stood up.
I opened the door and saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, looking all natural.

“Sorry are you lost?” I asked.

“No, Mrs. Richard gave me this address, I’m your new maid” she blurted out.
“What!” I exclaimed.
“No way, go tell her we don’t need a maid” I said and slammed the door she quickly put her leg there are winced in pain.
I opened the door back to say sorry but instead she pushed me and ran inside with her box of cloth.
Okay! this girl is cr@zy.

?Amanda ?

I think this guy’s name is Peter because he is the junior one, he is about my age and insanely handsome, I’m so glad I could trick him, I ran inside the house panting heavily, when I sited someone sitting on the couch, his gaze fell on me.

“You!?” he shouted and began chasing me around the sitting room.

“I don’t know you” I kept yelling.
I knew I was lying it was the guy I stoned yesterday, he stopped chasing me finally.

“Okay what the hell is going on here” Peter asked.

“This is the psychopath I told you about” Anderson said.

“What is she doing here?” he added.

“Your mom hired me to work as a maid here” I said boldly.

“What! no way” Anderson said.

“Same thing I said” Peter chipped in.

“You have to leave!” they said together almost yelling.

“I am not going anywhere” I said and sat down on the couch.

They tried dragging me out but we all fell on the floor, I quickly held the couch leg while Peter and Anderson held my legs and were pulling me.

“I am not leaving this house not when the pay is good” I said.

They let me go immediately.

“we will pay you double of what my mom is paying you” Anderson said.

“Okay send it to my account” I said.
They were happy, I gave them my account number and they sent me a huge amount of money using their phone.
I grinned wickedly, my phone buzzed and I knew the money has entered I pretended to carry my box out, but instead I quickly diverted and ran upstairs. I saw a door open and i quickly entered and locked it.

“Thief give us our money!” Peter yelled.

“You tricked us again!” Anderson yelled.

“And come out of my room” Peter added.

So this is his room.
It looks so amazing and beautiful”.
I quickly jumped on the king size bed and sniffing his perfume.
Oh my! I could live here forever.

“Please don’t touch anything”I heard Peter said after they were tired of banging the door.

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