Episode 41

(A play of slaps 2)

When it was time for the shooting, Director Selden came up to call Gianna. She was already done with her makeover, so they all went downstairs to the studio.

“Everything set?” The director asked the crew. They all nodded,
Gianna and Katy are already in the stage that was decorated as an hospital hallway.

“Scene two, Action!” Director Selden’s voice boomed from behind the scene.

“Emily what are you doing here?
I thought you’re suppose to be in London now?” Diane (Katy) asked Emily (Gianna) who was going in to see her brother.

“I came here to see my brother Emilio.” She replied wanting to pass but Diane pulled her back.

“Do you know you’re an abominable person. How can you be having feelings for your brother. What incest?” Diane spat. Emily said not word.

“See you should better go back to wherever you came from cause I won’t allow you to warm your way back to Emilio’s life.” Diane continued.

“Why are you forcing yourself on a man you know doesn’t have any once of feeling whatsoever for you.” Emily spat,
Diane slapped her.

Katy was suppose to say something to Gianna but she intentionally pretended she forgot her line.

“Cut!” Director Selden called,
He came up to the stage.
“Katy concentrate. Don’t loose focus.” The man reprimanded.

“I’m sorry Sir but looking at Gianna made me forget my line.” Katy said pretentiously.
The director nodded and went behind the scene again.
“Action!” He yelled.

Katy slapped Gianna again.
This time the intensity and force applied was greater than the former, Gianna lost balance and staggered back.
Katy pretended to forget her line again.

The director reprimanded her again and they went for the third round.
She did the same thing over and over again and it became obvious that she was doing it intentionally to get back at Gianna.

While she,just stood there and endured each slap Katy gave her even though it was getting more painful and her ear were beginning to ring.

Another slap,
And another.

She was going to slap her the fourteenth time when the door of the studio pushed open.
Immediately it opened Gianna slumped.

Andre stood and saw Gianna fall to the floor.

Everyone ran towards her including Dean, who hadn’t been present from the beginning of the shoot.

Dean was about to help Gianna up when a mighty hand pulled him away from her.
“Get away from here.” Andre angry voice boomed.
Everyone froze, especially people who were present on his last visit to their studio.

Why does this man always come here for her?
She must be a very special person and has special place in his heart.

Andre didn’t mind the eyes that were paralyzed from his shout. He sat beside, he hadn’t seen her swollen cheeks from far bit now he’s seeing it. His heart tightened.

This woman dare lay her filthy hands on his woman?

His long fingers caress her swollen cheeks. He felt his blood stop flowing and his heart contrast. He felt he could annihilate the world. He felt he could strangle the b@stard that kept her in this state.

He brought out his phone and made call to his medical team to come care for her. When they came five minutes later, he made sure no one except the medical teams were touching Gianna.

Then he walked towards Katy who was already crying with regret.

This woman holds a special place in his heart. If I had known he was her financial backer, I wouldn’t have lay a finger on her. I never knew she’d a relationship with President De Marco, the States demigod.

The sole heir of the De Marco’s Empire. She’s gone for, Katy, you’ve touched the wrong person this time.

“You.” Andre pointed at her while she froze,
“How dare you?” His words were so frightening Katy preferred to be struck by lightening than be scolded by him.
“I didn’t do it intentionally.” She stammered.
“How dare you touch Gianna?” He asked her with coldness emitting from him.

Katy turned to Dean who was standing by the side.
Hoping he would come to her rescue but the man turned away from her.
Now, I’m done for.

“Preside………” Before she could finish,
Andre grabbed her neck and raised her up.
Katy thought she was going to die from his grip.
She was suffocating and slowly loosing her breathe.
“How many times did you slap her?” He asked the woman.
She couldn’t speak because of suffocation but someone in the crowd spoke up.
It was Fanny Williams.

“She’d hit Gigi fourteen times before she slumped,
“Katy had been troubling Gigi since she came into the show light. No one knew she would go to the extent of pretending to forget her line so as to punish poor Gigi.”
Katy was surprised to see her friend now against her, in fact almost everyone was.

“I thought she was your friend and you don’t like the newcomer?” Someone beside Fanny asked her quietly.

“Well it is not about liking who and not liking who. What Katy did was very wrong and she deserves punishment for it.” She said. The person knew it was far from that but didn’t probe further.

Fortunately for her,Andre remembered Gianna was still lying on the floor unconscious.
“Chairman De Marco,we suspect some bleeding under the conjunctiva but I’ll suggest a thorough medical check to be sure.” The head of the medical team said to him.

He let go of Katy and turned to the guards.
“Keep her eye on her till I get back.” He said,
Scooped up his woman and left the studio.

At the De Marco’s Private Hospital, Andre was sitting beside Gianna when a nurse came inside with a tray of prescription for her.
Keeping the tray on the table,it made a sound and Gianna’s browed furrowed.

The man turned to the nurse icily,
“Be quiet.”

“President De Marco,I’m sorry,it was an….”
“And I said shut up.” He said more angrily,
She kept shut immediately.

The doctor came in a few minutes later and was checking her.
“How severe are her injuries?” He asked the doctor,
“Well for now, it’s not yet……”
Andre gave the man an unhappy face.
“I don’t want such ambiguous answer.
What harm has been caused to her ear?” He asked again.
The man’s presence was so looming.
The staffs were all scared to make any silly mistake.

“The swelling of her face will heal under a few days.
And a subconjunctival hemorrhage in the left eyes. It’s not something worrisome.
But the one that’s rather serious is the eardrum perforation.”

How serious?” Andre asked,
His heart tightened at the thought of something bad happening to Gianna.

“We’ll have to run some few more test to know how serious it is, but for the time being she’ll have to stay away from noise or anything loud.
She should get enough rest and eat heathy.” The doctor said to Andre.

“What’d cause the eardrum perforation?” Andre asked.
“Well,it was because force and intensity at which the slaps landed on her ear.
“And her tympanic membrane has a tear and its slightly hemorrhaging.
But since this part of human anatomy has strong regenerating capacity, it might take up to a month to heal.”

Andre frowned.
That Katy has hurt his woman so badly it’ll take her months to heal. She’ll pay for this dearly.

That evening, he ordered his chauffeur to go bring the boys over to the hospital.
Reid had called Gianna earlier but she was still sleeping.

He went outside to accept the call and told them their mother had been admitted to the Hospital.
“What happened to mommy?” The boys asked in unison immediately they heard the news.

“Well mommy got into a bit of an accident at the shoot and was brought to the hospital to receive treatment.” He said to them.

“What’s the name of the hospital?” Reid asked his father.

“Don’t worry,I’ll send the chauffeur to come get you guys.” He said.

“Okay thanks.” The boy hung up,

“What did you think really happened to mommy?” Justin asked his brother.
“How should I know?
Was I at the hospital or at the place it happened?” He retorted.

“You don’t have to be harsh on me.” Justin said frowning.
This younger brother of his is too uptight and tough.

“Go get ready,your daddy is coming to get us soon.” He told the boy.
“Isn’t he your daddy” Justin asked surprising.
“Well,he might be my father biological but I need time to fully accept the both of you.” The younger boy seethed.

“But I’ve accepted mommy as my mommy,so you have to accept me and daddy as family too.”Justin said to the boy.

“Why should I accept you so suddenly because you’re family.” Reid retorted.
“Because you’re my brother and I’m your older brother and I want to be part of your life.” Justin said coolly,
“I don’t think I’ve time for that now,lets get ready the driver will be here soon.”Reid said.

He has no time to argue with this silly brother of his.
He went into his room to get ready while his brother followed behind.

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