COLD AND BLANK: Episode 21-The End



(Perfect A$$assin)

By Queen Mary

(Author Queen)

Episode 21

Crystal looked at the message on her phone and then Xander.
“You okay, you seem nervous”

“Dina” Crystal said and walked out of the car, she dials Dina’s number.

“Crystal talk to me” Xander says feeling uneasy.

“Am coming” Crystal said and snatched the car keys from Xander. With one start, she was gone already.

? Babe am at Jimmy’s house, I can’t find you or Xander ? Dina says on the phone.

? Dina your mother fking boss just sent someone to implant a b0mb in Jimmy’s house. I need you to keep a look out for any of her Co workers ?

?WHATTTT, NA I don’t believe you Crystal. He can’t do that. I mean we don’t kill the good guys just the bad guys ?

?Tell that to your stupid boss’s jealousy okay. Make sure you keep a look out for any of our co workers ?

?Seriously Crystal whoever told you that is a liar, I trust…….. Waitttt, I just saw one of our co_workers coming out of Jimmy’s house ?

? Dina nothing should happen to Jimmy okay, make sure nothing happens to him ? Crystal said and increased the speed on her car, she had to get to Jimmy real quick.

Dina jumped in front of the person who sneaked out of Jimmy’s house. The body structure of the person proved that it was a guy, he was wearing a mask and it was difficult for Dina to know who it was until she removed the mask.

“Boss” Dina said shocked but not really surprised.

“Am sure your bestfriend called you now and told you someone was bringing a bomb here” He said and dropped his bag on the floor.

“Well trust me Dina. I was only pulling her legs, I knew if I planned something like that. Stupid Kate will rush and tell everything to Crystal, but the main purpose is not to kill Jimmy but to separate Crystal from Xander so I can finish him” He said and smiled

“You b@$tard” Dina said and pointed a gun at him.

“Don’t you even dare” Asher said and some males who were working in the same agency came out and stood behind Asher smiling.

“You know Dina, I would really love you to live but you are so close to Crystal. I can’t let you live besides you broke another rule, you pointed a gun at your boss, too bad. I’ll have to finish you too in a very painful way, I would have asked a female like you to finish you up but I know it’s very easy. Well if you can kill four men then you are free to live, but I know its impossible. Goodbye Dina” He said and walked out leaving Dina alone with four men.

“So what are you guys going to hit me or what” Dina said and one of them attacked her with a punch. She touched her torn lips and realized she was bl.eeding.

“Son of a ck” Dina said and kicked his face making him fall to the ground.
She looked at her gun on the floor and reached for it but one pulls her leg.

Xander paces around calling Crystal’s phone but it keeps on getting ignored.

“That woman makes me go mad” He said and suddenly feels something hard hit his head.
Jimmy walks down with a bag of trash, he opens the trash can and puts the trash in.
His phone slips from his hand and falls in the can.

“Fk” He says and removes his headset, immediately he removes it he hears some noise outside the house, blows and punches including groans.

“The fk be happening outside” Jimmy said and removes the phone from the trash. Getting outside he sees something surprising.
A man lieing on the floor obviously passed out and three men hitting the h.ell out of a woman. His woman.

“Holy” He said and attacked pushing Dina to the back. She was badly hurt already.

“You good” He said and punched one of the guys.
Dina seeing Jimmy as a distraction takes the gun and shoots one of them down, the gun is kicked out of her hand immediately.
Xander looks back and sees a woman smiling evilly.

“What the fk is all this” He yells touching the back of the head and upset to see it bl.eeding.
She kicks him but Xander catches her leg and pushes her away.

“Are you cr@zy. You are really lucky I don’t hit women” He said

“Too bad such a handsome guy is just gonna die like that” She said and attacked Xander again this time with a gun and directly aimed at his chest.
Crystal reaches the scene and sees Dina and Jimmy fighting off two men.

“B@$tards” She said and dipped her hand in her unde.rwears removing the gun in the pocket of her p@nties.

“Hey taste my p$$y” She yelled and shot both of them down.

“Cry….. Erm hey thanks for saving us. One of them said they were going to attack somebody called Xander” Dina said and Crystal eyes widened.

“Xander” She said and entered the car speeding off to Xander’s.
“Stella don’t you think there’s something familiar about this girl” Carlos said zooming in and out of Crystal’s picture.
Stella walks out of the bed with only her unde.rwear. She notices something in the picture

“Wait wait wait zoom in… Zoom in more, those hazel eyes remind me of someone. Wait wait only one person I know has this hazel eyes”

“Crystal??” Carlos questioned already realizing the familiarity of the face.

“But if this is Crystal why does she pose has Loretta. I mean this is Crystal. She might have changed in all her features but she’s the only hazel’d eye girl I know, I always knew this girl was familiar but it never came across that this might be Crystal. And her mom is getting married to her Lover’s Dad. I know this is a plan work. Loretta came to revenge for what happened 5 years ago”

“Well that won’t happen cause we’ll be getting rid of Crystal and her mother and Xander’s dad”

“You guys shouldn’t be faster than your shadow” A female voice said and walked in the room.

“Gold what do you want” Stella said glaring at Gold.

“To do this” She said and shot Carlos in the head then opens a bottle of acid and spills it on Stella’s face. Excruciating screams followed almost deafening Gold’s ear.

“You know killing you would be so silly, I need you to suffer. I wonder how many surgeries would help you this time. Now let’s see who you guys are calling Crystal, my sweet virgin daughter” She looks at the computer and exclaims.
“What do you want from me” Xander asked touching his bl.eeding chest, he was hurting there.

“Well since you’ll soon die I’ll better tell you now, at least you’ll die with knowing the truth . You know The Boss gave Crystal a mission, simple to distract you but the btch got herself distracted by your dk, boss wasn’t a fan of any. He wanted your dead but it seemed your dk was too strong for Crystal, she couldn’t hurt you and that pissed off boss. So that brings us here”

“Crystal is Loretta right. She’s an a$$assin right” Xander said and a rush of hatred dissolved in him. The pain he felt was nothing compared to the hatred. He felt nauseous, betrayed and it just deepened the hatred more.
The hatred gave him strength, he pushes the girl away and picks up her gun.

“What are you going to do, are you going to kill me. Am not scared of death” She said and laughed.

“SHUT UP!!” He yelled and shot at her but missing intentionally.

“I want you to go to your boss and tell him to come and face me man to man and he should stop allowing women do his innocent work” Xander spat.
The headlights of Xander’s car with Crystal on it appeared in the scene, Crystal looked at Xander and ran out of the car.

She saw someone and something, she became alert immediately.

“Xander!!” She yelled and ran to him hugging him tight. The girl on seeing Crystal runs away.
He was going to push her away but the gunshots he heard threw the hatred in the bin for the while.

“Am sorry” Crystal apologized with tears in her eyes.
He touches her back and all he felt was fresh blood, another Gun Shot again and this time Crystal spurts out blood making Xander extremely scared.
Her eyes begin to close slowly and her face becomes paler, Xander notices Asher from far trying to pull the trigger again. He shoots him and sits down on the ground holding almost unconscious Crystal in his arms.

“Baby C’mon open your eyes. Don’t close them just open your eyes”

“It doesn’t hurt Xander, I swear it doesn’t” Crystal said smiling, her clothes was soaked in blood already.
He lifts her up and carries her in his car, he enters the car and speeds off.

“Baby stay with me, you’re going to be okay. Please don’t die on me” Xander said and touches Crystal hands.
The car stops making Xander more frustrated.

“FK” He cries out and walks out of the car, he checks the engine of the car but can’t find anything wrong with the car.

“Shttt” He says and carries her out of the car.
She had lost a lot of blood already, she was dieing and Xander could feel it.
He remembered the old woman’s word.
“You have one Crystal, don’t lose it”
She was his Crystal and he was loosing her already.
He carries her and walks to find help, the severe pain he feels in his chest reminds him that there was a bullet there. He broke down, he couldn’t move anymore. His body was giving up..
He laid Crystal down on the floor, her eyes were shut and he couldn’t hear her heartbeats again.

“No no, C’mon baby don’t do this. Please don’t leave me alone now, who am I going to get upset with, who am I going to pin to the wall when am upset, who am I going to make love to, who am I going to protect.. CRYSTAL PLEASE, BABY PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME. I love you” He said and lays besides Crystal’s body. He hold Crystal’s hands and he also closes his eyes.

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