HEAD BOY – Feathers: Chapter 41-50

Head Boy.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 41


Everyon’s attention was on Raymond who was seated before the principal.

The man who head the investigation began to speak; “Well, Alice Anderson and Pearl James were found guilty of changing the results of you and your brothers. firstly, we made enquiry from the printer and she made us know that truly, Pearl came to change a document that day. They couldn’t confirm what it was exactly but then, it’s obvious that she changed your result. That same day, the principal left the library open leaving Pearl James and Alice Anderson behind. Now tell me, who else could have changed the result?”

“The printing men couldn’t confirm what Pearl came to change but you actually thought she came to change my result, is that so?” Raymond asked the head of the investigation team.

“It’s obvious.” The man replied.

“What is obvious? I looked into the matter and I found this;” Raymond said and I raised a tape.

Everyone’s face even holds more shock.

The principal exchanged a stunning glance with the head of the investigation team.

“What does a tape have to do with the debate?” The principal questioned Raymond.

Raymond stood and went to where the play recorder was, the play recorder was connected to the speaker just like other gadgets was.

He entered the tape and the voices we heard first was that of the principal addressing the investigation team.

It was going well until we started hearing the head of the investigation team say in the video; “Principal, since there was no camera implanted in the office, we would only labour for years and not be able able nail this students, my assistant found out that the students are children of nobody in the society. We can easily expel them based on the assumptions we have. That would teach other students lesson to desist from such acts in the future. ”

I furrowed my brow in surprise.

“Did you hear that?” I asked Donald.

“I’m not deaf.” He replied indifferently. He didn’t turn to me at all, he just kept watching Raymond.

I turned my gaze back at Raymond.

The principal agreed in the tape that Alice and Pealr should be expelled.

Raymond paused the tape and removed it.

He walked back to the stage.

“You expelled the students because they were children of nobody not because it was confirmed that they changed our result. This is utterly bad. I advise that you reverse thier ‘letter of dismissal’ and accept them back into the school.’

Before the principal could speak, the students already started clapping for Raymond for how clever he was.

” Restore Alice and Pearl!
“Restore Alice and Pearl
” Restore Alice and Pearl

The students started chanting heavily.

The principal stood and said; “Alice Anderson and Pearl James, please step forward if you are here.”

We watched as Alice and Pearl started walking towards the pulpit that the principal was.

“I am deeply sorry for how you were expelled based on the fact that your parents are nobody, we would be extra careful in the future. forgive us.” The principal said.

Alice said something but because a microphone was not in her mouth, no one could hear what she said excluding the principal that was standing before her.

“Thank you, Alice Anderson and Pearl James, you are now admitted back into Kochi college.” The principal declared and everyone clapped.

The principal turned to Raymond who was standing beside the chair he had sat
before and said; “You won. You are really clever and smart.”

Raymond nodded only.

“You can address the student and tell them to match inside afterwards?” The principal said and walked away gently with the head of the investigation team.

Alice and Pearl stood before Raymond right on the pulpit.

I knew what is likely to happen.

“Donald, either of them might initiate an hug.” I said to Donald impatiently.

“So?”He asked.

” Erm…go and meet Alice and hug her please, please do that.” I said and Donald didn’t even answer me.

I went behind him and pushed him to the stage.

Donald staggered to the front and turned to me, his look held neither anger nor calmness.

It only remained still.

He then faced Alice.

He walked to Alice and hugged Alice before everyone.

I watched Raymond’s eye sparkle.

Exactly what I want, he would now believe that the relationship between Alice and Donald is growing stronger.

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