COMPULSORY MARRIAGE: Episodes 11 – 22(The End)


Episode 11

I woke her up around after seven in the morning to go dress up for hospital for a test….i didn’t have a personal physician so I had to settle down for a private hospital in my area but not too close to my house..

We got to the hospital, met the Dr on duty and explained why we were in the hospital to him… He said they would need to carry out a blood test as that’s always more accurate than urine test… There was another small compartment like a room in the Dr’s office and I guess that was for emergency cases cos that was where he took her to…They didn’t spend up to 10mins there and came back… He called a nurse and directed us to go to the lab… The nurse collected her blood sample and asked us to wait outside at the reception…..

The Doctor later called us in after more than an hour, gave us the result and I was so surprised when he congratulated us that my fiancée is almost more than three weeks gone.. I was devastated.

I stormed out of the office and she ran to meet me inside the car. I drove home and went straight to the bedroom…..My mum came to meet me immediately.

Mum: Kaabo oko mi…how was it?

Me: Still the same thing mum…she’s truly pregnant mum

Mum: uhmmmmm (Deep Sigh)…………what do we do now confused

Me: Am completely finished mum

Mum: Olorun o ni je ka ri..why will you utter such words………God will lead us through, my major concern now is Biola cos you have offended that lady

Me: she’s not even ready to talk to me..since on Saturday

Mum: she called me this morning when you left..

Me: you don’t mean it mum..did you beg her for me? What did she say?

Mum: she said she was already asleep when I called yester night…I pleaded with her to see me at home tomorrow after close of work even though I didn’t let her know about my knowledge of whats happening

Me: so, what do we do mum? I just want an opportunity to talk to her even if it will be for the last time mum…

Mum: don’t worry..we will go to the house together tomorrow but you wont park your car in the stay inside the room while I talk to her in the sitting room then you can later have opportunity to talk to her

Me: ohk mum…you are the best mum……

Mum: The best indeed…igba to npa eku o nda je..o ti pa arogidigba bayi, o ti gbe wale fun wa (when you were doing it, you were enjoying it alone but now you have brought the trouble to us).

We were still inside when Mary walked in crying, she went on her kneels holding my mum excused us

Mary: please am very sorry Snakie……please, i dont want you to see me as an intruder or someone that came to shatter your sweet life….

“cut in… loud voice”

Me: stop this nonsense abeg, you are not an intruder then what did you do eventually? Atleast you have achieved your aim, you can now leave me with your stupid pregnancy….i accepted the fact that the pregnancy might be mine but get it to your head, i can never marry you cos i know that’s your plan…if you have been dreaming about it, you better wake up

Mary: please find a way to forgive me……am not looking for forceful marriage either…..i never think things will come out this way between us, i believe it was fate that brought us together….ever since in my life, you are the first guy i ever truly fall in love with…i have never been pregnant before in my life need to talk of going under the knife and my mum already warned me not to try it..if not i would have loved to get rid of it immediately but please pity my condition…see me as your sister Snakie…i truly love you from the depth of my heart… All I was thinking over the past one month was that we are playing games and enjoying ourselves, I never knew things will come out this way and if there’s anything I have learnt in life is that the best thing in life are worth fighting for and you know the yoruba adage that says its whatever you fight for that stays longer in your hand…..

“felt a little bit touched as i couldnt withstand her tears but i still frown my face”

Me: fight for who? You know from the beginning that you can never fight for me as i already belong to someone and thank God you admitted we were only playing games

Mary: yes i know but all that changed the moment i confirmed that i was pregnant…..i have never been in love like this before Snakie……ever since the first night i spent here, i always wish you could be mine but i knew as at then that its a very impossible task not knowing that things will come out this way…please forgive me Snakie, am very sorry for all have made you gone through.. Please put me in place of your younger sister… Please I can’t face the shame of a single mother…i don’t want to embarrass my parents, they will be ashamed of me…please dont put me to shame Snakie, I beg you with everything that is dear to you….please, am very sorry for everything, please lets accept everything as act of God as i believe he knows the beginning and the end……i know it will be very hard for you to accept me but am ready to bear any decision you make but please don’t put me to shame, I beg you in the name of God and your parents……”crying seriously”

I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say until my mum walked in again.

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