Episode 1


~ Eva ~
Twelve Years Later,
When you fall get up oh oh
And if you fall get up oh oh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
‘Cause this is Africa
Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa
“Arghhh!!!!”, I groaned while rolling over my bed and entangling myself more into the mattress. Swiping over the screen I shut off my alarm. With a parched throat and sleepy eyes, I started my day. I just hate mornings!!
Don’t get me wrong but I hate them, because I’m freaking wake up like zombie. I just don’t understand how can girls wake with an elegance and grace, I mean you are not sleeping beauty!! Brushing my hands through my birds nest that is right now resting on my head, I made myself like a decent human.
I was about to get off my bed when the mattress that was glued to my body got stuck between my legs and I fell front face with a thud voice. Ohh don’t worry, it’s normal for me.
Ahh, no!! I am not clumsy, no no no! The floor just hates me, tables and chairs are my bullies and walls get in my way. I am the most sophisticated person you will ever see. Note the sarcasm!!
“Sissy, get ready!! You will be late for your first day!!”, Liza yelled. Ohh my mushrooms!! It’s my first day and here I am showing off my clumsy skills. I hastily stood up and dashed inside bathroom. Completing my morning business, I wore the formal dress that me and Liza chose yesterday which consist of white shirt and navy blue trousers.
Tying up my hair in a high ponytail, I applied a minimal makeup that consisted lip balm, concealer under my dark circles and mascara. I picked up my white sneakers that were lying under my bed and wore them. What? I am sneaker girl okay!! Heels are not my cup of tea!!

So to tell you guys our back story, I and my sister relocated here in New York a year ago as I fetched a job. That job was good but didn’t pay well.
“Sissy!! Hurry up”, God!! This girl.
“Coming!!”, I yelled back and stood up after grabbing my clutch.
“Thank God!! We are gonna be late… Hurry up!!”, Chloe said with a sigh when I came out of my room. Yess Chloe!!! The same who used to bully me and insult me. But now we are soul sisters. You heard it right. She and Liza is my life. It was her insecurities that led her to bully me. But as we entered adulthood, we both understood each other as a better person. She is nothing like I used to believe she was. She is the most beautiful and kind hearted person one could ever meet. And yes she too came with us to New York for a job, only the difference is that her office provides her a lavish apartment as she is the chief of finance department in the company she works for. She offered us or should I say forced us to stay with her but I like to earn and then spend. The things I don’t deserve, I don’t accept and that’s my rule. Liza knows me, so she too accepted my decision without any argument.
“I am so sorry”, I apologised and drank the milk that Liza brought for me. “You did breakfast?”, I asked after placing the glass back on tray and ruffling my li’l sister’s hair.
“Yeah, c’mon let’s go”, she answered and stood up. She is a graceful woman, elegance and etiquettes are her armour. While me, ohh forget it!!
“Thanks for offering me ride chubby!!”, I hugged her sideways and rushed towards door.
“Ohh anything for my pri-“, you know why she stopped cause I freaking bumped into closed door and fell straight on my butt.
“Sissy, you need to open it first!!”, Liza said with pitiful face.
“Thanks for the advice”, I rolled my eyes and Chloe helped me to get back on my feet.
“Careful!! You okay?”, She asked with pursued lips.
“Ohh please don’t mind me, laugh all you want!!”, I said while throwing my hands in air and these two literally burst out laughing.
“One minute, what are you wearing??”, Chloe asked out of nowhere and I looked at her with confused face.
“Uhh, shirt and -”
“Why the hell are you wearing sneakers?? Are you out of your mind!? Liza go bring the stilettos that we brought last month”, she said to Liza and my jaw dropped.
“No, chubby!! You know how much of walking tsunami I am. I can’t even walk properly in sneakers and you want me to wear heels?? No please”, I pleaded and she ignored.
“I want you to look best, from head to toe. And these sneakers just ruins the look. “, She said determined.
Someone help this idi0t!!
“Here”, Liza handed over the white stiletto and Chloe kneeled down.
“You elephant!! Lift up your feet!!”, Chloe gritted when I kept my feets rooted to floor.
“I said, I am not wearing those thorns!!”, I said stubbornly.
“Liza!!”, Ohh no!! I know now what is gonna happen. Suddenly the living room echoed with my witchy laughter as Liza tickled me.
“Ok- ok- oka-okay!! I am wea-wearing tho-those!”, I said through my laughter and that’s when Liza stopped. Backstabber!!
After making me wear them, I and Chloe left my 2 BHK apartment and walked towards her black Toyota Highlander. Well she walked, I just stumbled. I sighed!! I too want to buy a car, but that’s not possible. Not anytime soon. Liza’s fashion college expenses are freaking huge and I can’t risk her future for a car. Sitting inside we drove off towards “KING & CO”, the biggest brand in world. Nothing can beat KINGS. They rule every market. Electronic gadgets, Textiles, Cosmetics, Furnitures, Footwears, Jewelleries, there is nothing that doesn’t have KING as a brand, except automobiles. KINGS even have their own chains of hotels and restaurants in every tourist attracted country, may it be Asian, European or here in USA. Why was I not born in such a wealthy family. I am appointment as an assistant manager in sales department. I landed on this job due to Ethan, my college friend. Thanks Ethan!! I owe you. Ethan works in customer service department and is really paid well.
“We are here!!”, Chloe’s enthusiastic voice broke my train of thoughts. A gasp escaped her mouth as she took over the sight before us. Mine reaction was the same darling when I first came. A freaking huge glass skyscraper standing tall and proud with the metallic initials “KING & CO”, on the entrance. “This is so huge!!”, She squealed and I nodded.
“Okay, see you in the evening”, I said hurriedly as my wrist watch showed 8:30 AM.
“No no no no wait!!”, She said and I raised my eyebrows.
“Look, walk slowly okay. Don’t run even if an earthquake occurs”, she said and I glared. “What?? You can fall anytime and I don’t want people to laugh at you. Only me and Liza has the right to do that!!”, I rolled my eyes. “Okay fine sorry. Just be calm and composed. Don’t panic!! And-”
“I am not going for war, chill!!”, I tried to make her relax as she looks more nervous than me.
“Yeah, fine. All the best”, she said releasing a sigh.
I turned on my seat and was about to open the door when she hold my wrist. “Now what!!??”, My irritated voice asked her.
“No sarcasm!!”, She said sternly. “Be polite!!”.
“Yes mom!!”, I saluted and stepped out. Waving at her I bidded good bye and entered inside. I turned and saw her car going out of sight.
Ughhh!! Turnstile!! I hate them!! My brain commented as soon as I turned on my heels. Well it’s acceptable, cause my brain and my body never functions accordingly. My reflex actions are the most poorest one. And when these type of things comes, I hate them. But you know what?? I am perfectly imperfect but that’s perfect for me. Cause that’s what I am. My mom used to say that clumsiness is my unique style. For god’s sake mom!! Falling front face on your birthday cake infront of your crush is not an unique style!! Huh!!
Shoving off my never ending thoughts, I pulled out my pass from my clutch that was given to me from reception when they selected me and with little bit of hardships and help of security guard, I overcame the problem of turnstile. Thank god!!
“Thank you”, I thanked politely to the security guard and he gave me a curt nod.
“Hey!!”, I called at reception and the blond lady looked up at me.
“Yes?”, She asked with a smile. She is nice!
“Hi, I am new here-”
“Eva Collins”
She typed on keyboard and scrolled down little bit. “Assistant manager, 25th floor. Report to Rose Smith, she is the head of department”, she said with a genuine smile and I thanked her.
The elevators had a huge bunch of crowd infront of it. Sighing I stood among them. My eyes caught the elevator that was last and empty. Empty? Why is no one using that elevator? With a frown I walked towards that empty elevator when the security guard infront of it stopped me.
“Ma’am, it’s a private elevator, please take one of those public elevators”, he said politely and I nodded embarrassingly. I turned and was about to walk when those killer stilettos tripped and I lost balance. Here I come my darling floor!!
But no!! An arm securely made it’s way around my waist and stopped me from falling. There was a pindrop silence suddenly. I looked down and saw a blue sleeved arm around my waist. His bare hand was not even touching me. Glancing up I saw his side profile. AARON KING!! THE OWNER OF KING & CO. RIP Eva!! This world will never miss you.
You know what was the first thought that entered my mind, ‘ hE iS HaNDsoME!! So MuCh!! ‘. What do you expect from me? I am a girl and this piece of art deserves an appreciation.

5’0 clock shadow adoring his sharp jawline, a stern and cold expression plastered on his face, his demeanor seems rigid and uncomfortable. He looks pissed.
“I just hate clumsy people”, I heard him murmured and he jerked off his arm from my waist as like I am some contagious disease. I balanced myself and stood straight. Without any glance he strode towards private elevator with a man and guards trailing behind him as like loyal dogs.
“Arrogant j*rk!!”, I whispered as he glared at me all the while when the doors of elevator were sliding close. But he is insanely hot!! The magazines and newspapers does no justice to his godly looks. But he is gay!! Yeah!! He is gay. I mean he never accepted it but the media says so. Now why will media lie? He is never seen with any girl, I wonder who that lucky man be who will get a chance with this Greek god. Ohh I remember my Matt Bomer. You my darling drowned our sailing ship.
Turning I saw many curious stares and some horrible glares from females. Chill women!! He is off catch for us!! With an embarassed and flushed face I stood amongst crowd and entered when the elevator became available.
“May I come in ma’am?”, I knocked.
“Ohh yes Eva darling, come in!”, The head of department, Mrs. Rose invited me in.
“Thank you ma’am”, I said as she offered me a seat infront of her.
“So, first day. I hope you don’t disappoint me?”, She asked with a smile.
“No ma’am. I will try my best to be in your good books”, I said and she chuckled.
“Sure sweetheart, come on, I will show you your desk”, she said and stood up. I followed her and she stood infront of a cubicle. “This is your workspace, I hope you enjoy working with Kings”, she said and I smiled nodding vigorously.
“Of course ma’am”, I said.
“Make yourself comfortable, and get a brief description about your work from the ex-assistant manager.”, She said. “Bella?!”, She called and a woman in her mid thirties came running. “She will help you”, with that Mrs. Rose was gone.

One week later,
It’s been one week that I started working for King & Co. It was quite good and nothing horrible happened till now. I just hope this goes on.
“See you in the evening”, Chloe said while pressing brakes infront of my office building.
“Yeah”, I said and stepped out. She drops and fetches me everyday. It’s like a routine.
I didn’t had any encounter with Mr. King since that day, and that’s a big relief for me.
After my little quarrel with the turnstile, I entered and walked towards elevator.
“Hey Lily!!”, I greeted as pass beside reception.
“Hey Eva!”, She greeted me back with a smile. We became good friends, she is a nice lady. We really have great time whenever together, mostly during lunch hours, I don’t feel lonely as she is always there. She is engaged, and her fiance Alex, is super adorable. In fact they are really an adorable couple. Their cute moments sometimes rouses those memories that needs to be kept buried.
I placed my bag on my desk and made myself comfortable on chair. After few seconds of rest, I stood up and went towards pantry to make coffee for Mrs. Smith.
Getting her coffee I walked back towards her office and knocked.
“Come in”, her gentle ladylike voice called me in.
“Your coffee ma’am”, I said and placed her coffee mug on her desk.
“Thanks dear”, she said giving me a glance.
“Your welcome”, I said and turned to leave to complete my leftover work when she called my name.
“Yes ma’am?”, I queried.
“Will you please take this weekly report file to Mr. King’s assistant?”, She asked while forwarding me a file.
“Me?”, I asked hesitantly. Ohh god!! I don’t want to see that arrogant.
“Yess dear, now hurry up”, she said hastily and I grabbed the file from her.
With a sigh I turned and walked towards elevator. After entering, I punched for fiftieth floor where C.E.O’s office reside.
Just don’t make me see him, that’s all I pray for.

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