Compulsory Marriage!

Season 2 Episode 9

I woke up around past one, tried her number again and it was saying switched off. I caught some sleep late, woke up by 4am, took my
bath and stepped out of the house. I decided to head straight to Ajao Estate and if I didn’t see her there I will know she slept in their
house and see her later in the day in the office. I was surprised when I got to their
compound and saw light on, definitely someone was inside, I knocked at the door and was even amazed when she answered and open the door for me
Me: what happened baby? Why didn’t you come home?
Biola: Am very sorry baby, it wasn’t my fault
Me: what happened? i called your number so many times, you didn’t pick and suddenly it was
switched off
Biola: Am so sorry baby, I had a flat battery and it wasn’t intentional
Me: So, what happened why did you sleep here because I know even if you came here late, you
would have callef me to come and pick you
Biola: Am sorry, ehmmmm…..Baby, just help me thank God for my life, it was God that
saved me yester night
Me: what happened?
Biola: I was at the bus stop when I started hearing gunshot, I started running home and I
guess that would have been the time you were calling me. I started running home and by the
time I got to our gate, they have locked it and I
started knocking the door but nobody to open for me. I had to call Emma who came down to
open for me because our security was nowhere to be found.
Me: That is serious
Biola: By the time I checked my phone, it was off already and there was no light to charge, I
was so scared to go out of the room.
Me: But what exactly happened yesterday
Biola: We left the pastor’s place late, he was having some visitors when we got to the
church, he called dad maybe he can come and meet us at the church but he said he was far
but will see him later. I got here around quarter to nine and my intention was just to
pick what I wanted within two minutes and start coming but the armed robbers operated
for more than an hour
Me: How were you able to sleep at home alone then?
Biola: Its by God’s grace and one mind, I wish you could see me yester night
Me: We thank God nothing happened to you, I was seriously worried and had it in mind that if I didn’t see you here, the next thing was to
check you up in the office.
Biola: Thanks so much dear
Me: So, what was the outcome with the pastor?
Biola: He said we shouldn’t worry that he will talk to my dad. Grandma still maintain that its that 6 weeks time but they want to engage my
dad first before asking you to tell your people
Me: That is good, that means its your dad that is the major challenge now
Biola: I don’t even know for him ooooo…..lemme quickly take my bath baby, this is 5:30am already.

I first dropped her at her office before going to my office. I went to pick Biola later in the evening. We came back from work on Wednesday
evening when Biola’s mum called her and said that Biola’s father will like to see both of us on Saturday. Biola asked if there was a breakthrough and she told her that she was
not aware of anything that he came back from work that evening and told her to talk to
Biola. I asked if the pastor have been able to talk to him but nobody was aware of the
reason for the meeting as she was not sure if the pastor had seen him.

Around 12pm on Saturday, we left my place and headed straight to Biola’s house, we were talking about so many things and our prayer was that her father’s mind should have soften as nobody knows the
reason why he asked us to come.

We got to the house but met his absence, Biola’s mum
welcome me very well as a son inlaw and said she does not know the reason why he called
us. Just like 30 minutes we got there, he entered and I greeted him, he didn’t even answer me only Biola’s mum responded.

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