DIARY OF A POP STAR: Episode 1 – 10

?(Can you Keep a Secret)?

Chapter One

“Do I Look Like Candi… ” I asked as My mom Nods sideways in a Chuckle, I had Contacts on to Change my Eye Color and Still had fake glasses on, nvde Lip Balm on my Lips and A Blonde Wig which Was Pinned and Styled in Braided Pigtails.

“Not at All Kiara..” My mom Said with her eyes on The Road adjusting her Scarf which nearly gave her a Stroke which explains it because it’s about 70 degrees out here.

I pulled out a Mirror Looking intently at the Mirror with a Dissatisfying pout.

“Are You Sure I don’t Look Like Candi my Lips are Still Red.. ” I Lamented and my mom just Sighed.

“Mother?? ” I squirmed

“Remind Me why I agreed to Drive you to School ?? ” My mom asked already Frustrated and I Smirked because that’s actually my Job ever since I was Born.

“Because You Love me.. ” I grinned like a Maniac as She Just rolled her eyes beneath her Dark Shades she had on to Protect her identity.

Well you might already be Confused so let me Clear it out I’m Kiara Gold I’m 17 the Reason why I’m Wearing Fake glasses,a wig and contacts is because I’m Pop Star.
Well I Started Singing Ever Since I was Eight, My parents tired and Frustrated I Would Sing almost anywhere and everyday Decided to get rid of me by Entering me in one of Those Singing Competition when I was 13 and to Their Surprise I won and got Signed into one of the Biggest Record Company in Los Angeles.
Well I Had to undergo a Year of Training before I debuted at The Age of 14 Under The name as Candi A.K.A Red Daughter.
They Call me Red Daughter Because My eyes are Stunningly Gorgeous Red, My Hair is Naturally Red Set in Bouncy Waves and my Lips are Plump and Blushed Red and when I’m Embarrassed and or Flustered my Ear goes red all of a Sudden but only my Parents know That.
I Have a Very Large Fabase Ever Since I Debuted They are Called Redarmy and my Social Media Proves their Love and Support.

I Have over 10 million Followers in Instagram and 8.9 million Followers in Twitter.

And also normally When I’m Candi I’m Savage and Bold on Stage but When I’m Kiara and got nothing to Do I Check on my Social Media or Sleep All day it’s a Process.

My Dad is an Honest Business Man Besides my Fame and fortune he still has Something Doing in His Life and also my Mom is a Minor Fashion Designer there were many Opportunities for her to go big and get Famous after wearing some of her Designs to Some Awards but Strangely she Turned them all Down insisting she Likes her Normal daily life and Fame is nothing to Her but That Doesn’t stop her From Supporting me.
Though I’m Famous we Live a Simple Life and I Love it That way.

But The Thing about being Famous is a Blessing and a Curse.

“Why Didn’t Liam Drive You…” my mom Lamented probably battling with the Heat.

Liam is my Manager.

“Because They Would know I moved to a New School and he’s Busy Trying to get me Settled in my new School….. ”

Well before I was Famous I went to a Public School but After I debuted I Stopped and got Homeschooled Right away like Liam Suggested I was Homeschooled For Two Years because of The World Tours and Modelling for Magazine Covers, I got Fed up with Homeschool I begged Liam to Let me go back to School which he later granted and I got Enrolled to a Private School but I couldn’t Breathe.
Everyone wanted to be my Friend
Guys Kept asking me out
The Popular kids wanted me to Hang with them
I got Followed and Stalked by my Classmates and Papparazi and Everyday a Dating Rumor would Pop up in the Screen which Never Happened.
So I decided to Transfer to another Private School but this time in Disguise as a Nerd.
That’s why I’m wearing Contacts to Disguise my Eyes as Normal Brown and Glasses untop.
And also a Blonde Wig with fake Braces.

Honestly I’m really Excited to go to a new School and be a Normal kid and be Treated Fairly and not Having to put up with Fake Friends and Breaking every guys heart.

I wonder How my New School will be Like??

“We’re Here… ” My mom alarmed pulling to a Stop.

“Lancaster Prep….” I Voiced out Looking at Different Students who were Roaming Like Insects.

“Good Luck on your First Day on Your New School Sweetie.. ” my mom Locked me in hug as I got out and waved at her.

“Who’s Picking you up?? ” Mom asked

“Liam He said I have an interview or Something… ” I said

“Don’t get into Trouble… ” She Smirked as I Rolled my eyes awing at the Large School getting out of the car as she drove off.

I Scanned The Students and as Expected no one Paid attention to me I grinned in satisfaction that I didn’t get Recognized.

I went to the School Bursary to get my Schedule and my Locker number.

I glanced through my Schedule checking which class I got First.

It was Economics, I Bumped into someone as they dropped something.

“I’m so…. ” I tried to apologize bent to pick up what fell.

“Don’t even Touch any of my Things with Your Filthy Hands… ” She Threatened trying to get attention and from the Looks of it I bet she’s one of Those Popular Brats.

“I’m Sorry… ” I apologized anyways getting up, she simply glares at me snapping her Fingers as the girls by her side picked up her books like they were her slaves.

“You better Be Sorry my Father is The Owner of This School and I can get you Expelled you Nerd.. ” she threatened.

“Next Time Watch Where You’re going Sweetie if you excuse me you’re in my way.. ” I shouldered past her at her rudeness and her Clique leaving them Jaw Dropped.

I made my way to I think was my Class.

I pushed past The Door as Everyone Froze on Spotting me, Did they Figure out who I really am??

They all Hissed Uninterested if I was a Human How Rude..

Some were busy Sitting on their Desk Talking about Parties or Whatever I didn’t really pay attention.

I sat Down in Front of a a Girl, She Had a Pixie Bob Cut and rosy cheeks anytime I decided to take a glance at her.

After Debating in my Head I don’t care if She snubs me I decided to talk to her.

“Hey.. ” I turned to Face her which startled her a bit.

“Hi….. ” She Stuttered wearing a Blush.

“I’m Kiara…. ” I hissed Under my Breath Showing off my fake Braces.

“I’m Evelyn.. ” She grinned wearing a warm smile.

“I’m New… ” I blurted out almost immediately

“I know we heard we were getting a New Transfer everyone Thought we were getting a Hot New Bae…” my cheeks Flushed red no wonder they stared at me They Thought I was Some Pretty New Classmate.

“Disappointing They got a Nerd?? ” I asked as she Chuckles

“Not really They Thought You were Candi or Something… ” my heart Dropped they were expecting me thank goodness I went in Disguise.

“Oh.. Well Sorry to Disappoint.. ”

“It’s no trouble you’re Talking to me, No One actually Talks to me.. ”

“Wanna Have Lunch Together after Fifth Period ??” I asked as she gasped and shot me a Smile.

“It’s a Date.. ” She said we talked some more until the Door came slamming open revealing Five good Looking guys, my eyes Darted to one who had his Shirt Flied out, running His Fingers through His Raven Black hair.

I turned to Face Evelyn to avoid eye contact.

“Who’s That?? ” I asked In a Whisper rolling my eyes to their Direction.

“They Call Themselves The Alphas,
Isaac Carter
Julian Green
Aaron Wright
Daniel Young
And Last But not List Christan Walker They practically Run This School as Star football players and they formed a Band but I wouldn’t get in their way if I were you…. ” I glanced over them and Back at Evelyn what could she mean by That??

The Teacher Came Slamming Down the Door as The Bell Rang everyone returned back to their seats.

It was A middle aged Man with a round pack and fairly grey white hair and he wore glasses which stared intensely at me.

“We Have a New Transfer Would you Kindly come up and introduce Yourself.. ” everyone Looked to my Direction.

“Do I really Have to?? ” I asked

I didn’t get a reply and got up anyways.

“I’m Kiara Gold I’m The New Transfer student… ” I said

“Gold Digger.. ” one Of the Girls Mummered but I could still hear Them but I just Shrugged it off and went back to my seat.
It’s better Than being Worshipped.

On getting Back to my seat the Class commenced as I took down Notes.

“Christan Why aren’t you taking Down Notes…” The teacher asked I turned like everyone else to his Direction he was The Boy that ran his Fingers through his Hair earlier.

“Because I don’t want to… ” he replied back rolling his eyes as everyone giggled quietly.

“Evelyn switch Seats with Christan… ” The Teacher said I just Froze That Dickhead is going to Seat behind me.

“But Mr…. ” Evelyn queried

“Now… ” he ordered as they switched seats, all eyes glared at me as some girls whispered to themselves.

I just decided to avoid Glancing Back and continue taking down notes until a Note Dropped in front of me.

I looked back to see Christian who Winked at me.

“Take Down my Notes Nerd…” he ordered I rolled my eyes and threw the Note back at Him.

“Take Down Your own Notes, You D!ckhead…” I hissed at him getting back to taking down my note, The Nerve he had.

Soon The Class Ended I packed my books waving over to Evelyn.

“Oh my God I saw You talk with Christian… ” She blurted almost immediately and I rolled my eyes.

“That Dickhead…forget about him what’s Your next Class?? ” I asked

“Calculus how about you?? …. ” she questioned

“Same but I have to Find My Locker meet you There..” I waved her goodbye in a Journey to find my Locker.

I got to my Locker shoved my books in and got my Calculus Textbook in my grip and slammed my Locker heading back to Class.

A group of Girls from Earlier but this time they were Barricade the Halls they were seven with their Leader up Front.

“Excuse me you’re in my way…” I growled

“Stay away From Christian… ” The girl of earlier who Claimed to be the owner of the School Daughter threathened again.

“I Have nothing to do with Christian so if you Mind get out of my way.. ” I growled she strike a wide grin as she delebrately Pushed me but I got hold on my feet before I Fell.

She put her hand in the air about to Slap me but Someone gripped hold of her Arm.

“Don’t Even… ” I trailed the hand to one of The Alphas and sadly I don’t know who to identify him as.

“But Daniel… ”

“Go to Class….” Daniel ordered she shot me one last Glare and left with Her Clique.

“Are you Alright?? ” He asked

“I’m Fine” I said

“No Thank you??… ” he pestered on

“Thank you…” I blurted out trying to walk past him but he grabbed hold of my arm.

“Name?? ”

“Seriously I could be Late to Calculus… ”

“That’s not a name… ” he said

“My name is Kiara…. Happy??… ” I said as he nods and I flinched from his grip as The Bell Rings.

“Well Hope you Enjoy Calculus…” I hissed under my Breath now I’m late.

I quickly head back to my class as me and Christian came at the same Time.

“You’re Both Late.. What do you both have to say for Yourself.. ”

“Mr Wilson, I… ”

“Detention both of you… ”

“I can’t get Detention it’s my first Day..”

“Well next time don’t come late to my Class..now both of you to Your Seats.. ”

First Day Of School and I got Detention, I have an interview later in the Day Liam is going to Kill me.

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