CRAZY DANCER SEASON 2- By Faith Lucky: Episode 1-10

(Her Revenge)

Episode 1

By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
Noah’s car parked in front of the house and I came out with him and Charlene.

I walked in with them feebly but insisted on going to my room alone.

“Be quick for dinner so your meal doesn’t cold, okay?” Noah said and I just gave a perfunctory nod and left slowly.

I got into my room and didn’t know what to do. I just felt weak and bittered.

I sauntered to the bed and sat on it and the memories came driving in.

Mum – dad – and all the lovely times we spent together. I was just 9 when they died – when they were killed.

They used to be the sweetest thing to me – showered me with so much love and care and treated me like a queen.

Dad used to call me “princess”

And mum – “baby”.

We made so many plans together and I can recall that moment I heard they were dead.

They had left for a meeting but never returned that night. And the following morning, they were dead.
The only precious people to me were dead.

I remember crying my eyes out and losing consciousness. I stayed in the hospital for days before being discharged and made to stay with Richard and his family.

They killed my family and turned me into a slave. How could they be so cruel??

Tears were already scrolling down my cheeks as I wept uncontrollably. It was more than a shock to me.

I had always known there was something mysterious about my parents death – I just never thought Richard could ever be behind it. His own brother?

“Maxine?” I heard my name from outside but couldn’t even lift my head.
It was probably Noah.

I bent my head and continued weeping and soon, he opened the door and walked in.

“Maxine?” He called, sounding surprised and quickly, he rushed to me.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He cooed as he crouched in front of me, but I still kept my head bent to the floor, still crying.

He cupped my cheeks and lifted my face, making me look into his face.

“Hey, it’s okay. Everything will be fine – I promise” he said but I couldn’t say a word and he pulled me in a hug.

Ruby’s Pov:
I kept turning and turning on the bed, finding it so difficult to sleep again. Gosh! I still felt dizzy. So, why the hell am I finding it difficult falling asleep?

Suddenly, the door opened abruptly with Tammy running jn.

What the h*eck!

“Ruby! Ruby!” She called and slapped my leg.


“Hey! What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you have to slap me??” I asked angrily as I sat up immediately.

“Oscar’s back!” She announced and my eyes beamed.

“Huh? He is?” I asked surprised and she laughed and ran out of the room.

I left the bed at once and also hurried out of the room and there I met him with mum, dad and Tammy in the sitting room.

Oh my gee!!! He’s here!!

“Oscar!” I shrieked in excitement as I ran down the stairs and jumped into his arms which had already been open for me.

“Heyyyy. Look who’s all grown up now” he laughed as he twirled me around in his arms and I fingered him as I climbed down from his body.

“I’ve missed you, brother!! I can’t believe you’re back! Oh my God!! You look so cute” I said and pulled off his glasses.

“Hey, move away, Ruby. You’re not the only one here” Tammy said as she pushed me away and stepped in front.

What? What the h*eck?

“Have you gone…”

“Hey, that’s enough. Give your brother some space – both of you” mum chipped in when I was about flaring up and I rolled my eyes at Ruby.

“I missed you, Oscar. So, tell me; how was Korea?” Ruby asked as she threw her hands over his shoulders like a baby.

“Do you really expect him to start talking like a parrot? He’s just coming back. Give him a break” dad said and mum took his hand.

“Come with me, son. I’ll show you to your room” she said and started leading him away while I glared at Tammy.

“You’re such a br@t” I muttered to her hearing and followed mum and Oscar behind.
Maxine’s Pov:
I sat on the dining with Noah and Charlene – having breakfast.

I just kept eating slowly as I didn’t have appetite for anything at all.

“Do you need something else, Maxine?” Noah asked and I just shook my head.

“Hope you’ll be able to participate in tonight”s competition?” He asked again and I nodded.

Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

“Um…Charlene” he called, staring at her.

“You said your ex is after you, right?”

“Yes. I’m pretty sure he’s combing the area right now for me” she replied.

“Well…if not for the fact that Maxine wants to take the whole thing slowly, I’d have suggested we report everything to the police so they can arrest the criminals and give you protection.

“So….I think it’d be better if you stay here for the meantime” he added and she smiled.

“Thank you so much” she beamed.

And after a while, she called out to me


I looked at her without saying a word.

“Your revenge is about to begin. And your key will be Oscar”.
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