DEEP HATRED (Episodes 3 & 4)

This interesting story is written by Queen

Episode 3

Rayna’s Pov
I released myself from my mom’s hug and walked inside. Dad sat on his couch reading a magazine. He saw me and cleared his throat but I ignored him and with a heavy heart and floody face, I ran upstairs then sat on my bed crossed legs. I killed him emotionally, I broke his heart and said a lot of hurtful words to him. Gosh Rayna good way to go. “You had to tell him Rayna, you had no choice” My subconscious told me. But still I shouldn’t have called him poor or hurt his pride, I thought back to my subconscious. “Rayna you had no choice, we both know Daxton very well, if you had gone easy with him, he would have fought for you and he would risk his life. You had no choice but to insult him” my subconscious said back to me. I screamed out my frustration and everyone came running inside except my Dad.
“Rayna darling what is it” Mom asked. The shocked faces on sophia, other maids and few bodyguards proved I screamed so loudly. “Get out all of you GET OUT” I yelled pointing at the door. Everyone walked out but mom stayed back. “Mom please leave” I said and she walked outside with her head facing down.

I was a goner, I wasn’t the same Rayna anymore, this Rayna was broken. I laid down on my bed and I tried closing it but I couldn’t. I needed to sleep since that was the only way to escape from reality.
“Hey baby” I heard his masculine voice say and I sprung up immediately to look at where the direction of the voice was coming from. “Daxton” I said excitedly as I walked to him and tried hugging him but I ended up hugging the air. Tears streamed down my face, my heart was heavy, I missed him so much. How he made me feel, his touch, his voice and even his smiles. “You need to rest” He said again, I turned back to see Daxton at the edge of the bed pointing at it. Even though I was just imagining or perhaps hallucinating it, it felt like Daxton was here and that alone warmed my heart. I did exactly what he asked me to do, I walked to the bed and laid on it. Daxton also laid on the bed with me, I looked at him smiling and before I knew it, sleep knocked in.
Daxton’s Pov
I slammed the cup on the table and gulped loudly. “One more bottle” I yelled at the barman. He walked to me and gave me an annoying look but I was too drunk to react. “Sir this is your 7th bottle, and you’ve paid for none, am sorry we can’t sell you more drinks until you pay for the ones you bought” He said. Now that hit the spot, I stood up sluggishly and held him by the collar. “Are you saying I am poor? Is that why you won’t sell any drinks for me? She left me because I’m poor and you’ll also not sell any drinks to me, is that it?” I yanked at him holding his collar while he tried breaking loose from my grip. “Please sir let me go” He begged but I didn’t listen until some group of men came and pulled me away from him. The man coughed and took a deep breath. “Please tell tell him to pay his debt” He said, his hands adjusting his collar. I dipped my hands in my pocket and realized it was empty. “The bastard has no money, we’ll beat it out of him” One of the guys said and they all nodded, before I knew it they all started attacking me but I didn’t fight back, the only thing that was on my head was. “YOU ARE POOR, I DON’T DATE POOR GUYS” Those words hurt me so badly and this minor beatings were nothing compared to it. You could recover from the beatings but not from the broken heart Rayna gave me. “Stop, stop it all of you” I heard my younger sister’s voice yelled. She pushed her away to reach me and she looked at me sad and disappointed. “Tell him to pay the money” One of them said. Debbie payed my debt again, apologized and pulled me out.


I sat on the couch and Debbie ran to her room to bring the first aid box…
She applied some treatment on my face and walked away but I pulled her back. “I will pay all your debts Debbie, I promise you I will” I said but she angrily shoved my hands away. “You’ve been telling me these for a very long time but you just keep on putting me in more debts, as long as Rayna is the only one you are thinking about you can never be successful. Speaking of the badluck, she asked me to return this to you” Debbie said and threw a bracelet at me. It was the same bracelet I gave Rayna, it stood as the unbreakable bond between both of us. But Rayna did not only break the bond, she broke us and mostly she broke me and I can never forget that nor will I be able to forgive.
“Of course I would be able to pay your debt sister, because the one holding me back is finally dead to me” I said and stood up and entered my room.

Debbie’s Pov
I am sorry brother, I’m sorry that you can’t be with her but you two can never work no matter what. It’s a good thing Mr Skylar gave me the bracelet and asked me to lie that it was Rayna that gave me the bracelet. You’ve finally come to your senses
Rayna’s Pov
I woke up the next morning feeling nauseous and I rushed to the toilet to dispose of whatever was left in my empty stomach. To think I didn’t eat anything since yesterday. I washed up and touched my stomach. Yes! That’s right, a life was growing inside me. A life that Daxton may never be part of. This thought made me break down in tears and I sat on the toilet seat feeling weak again. I heard my door open and mom’s voice followed. “Rayna, I brought breakfast” She said. “I’m not hungry” I said silently but she heard it anyways. She entered the toilet and shook her head. “Cmon up you go” She said and pulled me up, I felt so light and that made it easier for her to pull me up then to my room. “Cmon open up, dearie you need to eat something” Mom said putting the spoon in front of my mouth but I refused to open my mouth. Mom sighed then smiled. “At least for the sake of your baby” She said and that was enough to persuade me to open my mouth. I realized my bracelet wasn’t with me anymore and I got scared. “Mom my bracelet, have you seen it” I asked looking around. “Your father has returned it to him” Mom replied.
Daxton’s Pov
Debbie released herself from the long hug she gave me and wiped her tears. “I am going to miss you big brother, I’m going to miss you so much” She said. I pulled her in for another hug and assured her I would be back soon. I needed to leave, I needed to think about my life and also move on especially from Rayna, she is nothing to me now. She got married today and she seemed happy without me, I can also be happy without her.
Rayna’s Pov
I sat on the bed miserably crying, I got married today to a man I didn’t even know anything about. He crawled up to me and attempted to touch me but I pushed his hands away swiftly and moved away from him. “Hey it’s okay, I won’t force you, it’s normal if you don’t want to do it now” He said. I looked at him irritated, the bastard knew I was pregnant for another man but he still chose to go on with the wedding because of the stupid deal he had with my greedy father. The bastard even wanted to sleep with me, the thought of it irritated me. “Brian please can you leave? I need to sleep” I said not looking at him. “We are married now my dear Rayna, we are not meant to be sleeping separately” He said. “If you can’t excuse me, then I’ll leave” I said and stood up. “No it is okay, you can have the bed to yourself” He said and walked out not before looking at me lustfully. The nerves of the bastard.
Daxton I miss you badly and I’m here.
My yells and painful screams filled the hospital ward. Yes I was having a hard time giving birth and it was killing me. “Mrs Gates you can do this, just take a breath and push ” The doctor said standing in front of my open legs. Hearing her call me Gates was so annoying, he was the reason why I was here. I was having this baby prematurely, I was supposed to be due in one more month but the bastard had pushed me so violently that I was even scared I was going to lose my child. I guess the force made the child come out sooner…
I cried and screamed grabbing the sheets so tightly and bringing my head up and down. Daxton wasn’t here, I needed him more than ever. Just his face and 30% of the pain I was going through would vanish. “Aaaarh” I screamed and continued pushing.
“DAXTON!!!!!” I yelled and the cries of a baby, my baby, Daxton’s child filled the ward.
Daxton’s Pov
Why is my heart beating faster today, why do I feel like Rayna is calling out to me. No no no Daxton, she doesn’t needs you remember, so just forget about her. No I won’t forget about her, I’m coming back to make her pay.

Episode 4

Rayna’s Pov
I sat on my bed and he came smiling at me, his broad smile giving me a nice aura although my face was filled with tears. “It doesn’t suit you” He said wiping my tears with his strong but smooth hands. He clasped his hands with mine and sat on the bed with me. “I like it when you smile” He said and my lips started to part showing my white set of teeth. “Much better” He said and pulled me closer. I didn’t talk, I didn’t want to since he was here, Daxton was finally here, rather than talk I’ll just watch and do whatever he asks me to do.
“You look beautiful Rayna, very beautiful i am so blessed” He said and pressed my head down and kissed my forehead.
Then he disappeared.
“Daxton Daxton” I called my smile fading away and my tears dropping.
“DAXTON DAXTON, DON’T LEAVE ME PLEASE” I screamed and woke up. Mother who was just outside my ward ran inside to see me acting strange. “Rayna” She called and sat beside me. “Are you okay honey” She asked and I nodded. I didn’t tell her I dreamt of Daxton again.
“Mommy where’s my child” I asked. “She’s in the incubator Rayna don’t worry it’s going to be okay” Mom said and stroked my hair.

It’s been a month since I came back from the hospital after staying there for more weeks after giving birth to my child. My Isa. I named her after Daxton’s late mother, nobody knows this especially father.
I see the way Dad and Brian look at my child, like she was an abomination and I didn’t like it but there was nothing I could do about it, Dad hasn’t even touched his granddaughter at all unlike mom, she loves Isa so much and spends a lot of time with her, even now she’s with my baby.
I am going to be staying with mom for some time now, I can’t stay with Brian because I’m afraid of what he would do to my child, there was wickedness in his eyes. How I wished Daxton was here to see what our love produced.
“Rayna” Mom called distracting me from my thoughts. I didn’t even know tears were falling from my face until it touched my neck. I wiped it off immediately to avoid mom from seeing it but a mother will always be a mother. “Rayna are you crying again” Mom said and dropped Isa gently on the bed. “It’s nothing mother, you called me” I replied.
“Yes, can you help me get my phone from my room? I would have sent the maids but your father despised the fact that anybody enters our room” Mom said.
I nodded positively and walked to Dad’s room, I stopped at the door when I heard voices from the room. The door was slightly opened so I was able to peep in and know who was inside. “Brian what’s he doing here, he didn’t tell me he was coming here” I said silently. I put my ear on the door to eavesdrop on their discussion which seemed confidential.
“Mr Skylar, that child will be a major setback for us one day, she may be your grandchild but she has poverty running in her veins, and one day her father might come and use her against you” Brian said.
“You are right Mr Gates, that’s why have hired someone to come take her and dump her in an orphanage, I don’t want Rayna to know I am behind it so we’ll make it look like a kidnap, that child is a threat to us” Dad said. I felt like screaming and yelling but I closed my mouth and turned back, mom was standing at my back. She pulled me to my room and sat me down. “Mom, dad wanted to separate me from my baby. Dad was bent on destroying me” I said.
“Shhhh” Mom shushed me and went to my wardrobe.
She brought out a traveling bag and started putting my luggage in it.
“Mom what’s going on” I asked carrying Isa, I wasn’t going to let her go now. “You heard your father Rayna, he has turned to a beast, the more you stay with him or your husband there would be trouble for you and your baby, I’m sorry Rayna we should have done this a long time ago but I wasn’t ready then” Mom said and held my shoulders.
“Rayna you are leaving here now, you are leaving this mansion and your husband ” Mom said.
“Carry Isa to my car now and stay there with her while I call one of our trusted maids to carry your luggage to the car” Mom said.
“But mom where am I going to?” I asked.
“I have a friend, your father doesn’t know about her, she has a restaurant, you can stay with her there at least for now, she will help you. I’m sure she would” Mom said. I pulled out my wedding ring and threw it away, finally I was leaving this prison.
Daxton’s Pov
My phone rang as I entered the car. I looked at the caller and smiled.
“Hey little sis” I said and frowned. The background of wherever she was, was noisy like a club. “Are you clubbing Debbie……..No I’m not big brother i am just having fun at home, I’m calling to wish you a happy birthday…..(I chuckled).. thanks Debbie….so big brother the money I asked you for, can you send it today? (I laughed out loud that the driver looked back at me)…. I knew there was something behind your call, you are not the type to wish somebody happy birthday so early….but brother…it is okay I’ll send it to you before evening I’m busy now…. (she squealed in excitement)…okay thanks brother, I love you. You are the best”
I dropped my phone and smiled. It’s been up to a year since I left the city and things had been working well for me. I started as a driver in a company and luckily the daughter of the owner found interest in me and she asked her father to make me his Personal Assistant. I have told Selene I have no interest in her but she kept on insisting. I’m starting my own company soon so I won’t have to be depended on anyone again and the company I’m starting is going to be my first step to destroying Rayna’s father and also Rayna. The whole Skylar family will pay for humiliating me.
Mr Skylar’s Pov
I watched angrily as Mia my wife fell to the ground after I slapped her violently.
“I WILL ASK YOU FOR THE LAST TIME WHERE’S RAYNAA” I yelled making the maids shiver. She laughed sarcastically and stood up. “She is in a place where she would be happy, a place where you would never find her” She said and I slapped her again. This time she was bleeding.
“Mr skylar if my wife is not here then I’m backing out of the deal” Brian said. I picked Mia up and looked at her, my eyes were burning real rage.
“I would bring my daughter back home and make sure she doesn’t leave again” I said and dropped her to fall on the floor. I pushed the maids out of the way and walked out.

Rayna’s Pov
Staying with mom’s friend, Aunt Jessica made me lighten up a little, I was free at least but my happiness wasn’t complete without him.
I helped Aunt Jessica in her restaurant, cooking hasn’t been hard for me ever since I met Daxton. In fact cooking was one thing I know I’m very talented in. Even though I didn’t learn how to cook at home, Daxton the professional cook had taught me and I had gotten so perfect in it that I couldn’t help but boast about it.
Aunt Jessica is planning to pass down her restaurant to me since her children were not interested in “cooking for the public”, but I don’t care since I was doing what I loved to do.
It’s been 3 years since I left home, although I’m still in contact with my mom, I really don’t know how dad is doing and I don’t care.
“Mama” My baby called, Jennifer (Aunts Jessica first child) walked into the restaurant carrying Isa.
“Awwwn, my baby is back” I said and she stretched out her hands for me to carry her. I smiled and carried her from Jennifer’s.
“She’s been making a fuss since crying that she wanted to see her mama” Jennifer said”
“Well your mama is here already babe, I was just going out to make a delivery” I said and put Isa down.
“The girl who made the delivery is from overseas, I hope she enjoy it” I said. “Isa, you stay with Aunt Jennifer for now, mom is going to be back” I said and knelt down then kissed Isa. I bid a goodbye to Jennifer and walked out. I took my car and drove to the address.
I looked at the mansion and wow it was huge, just like my dad’s own or probably bigger.
I rang the door bell and a lady came out.
“Delivery for Miss Selene” I said, she smiled and collected it. She gave me a tip but I refused.
“Thanks” She whispered like she didn’t want anyone to know I was here. “Yeah thanks” I said and walked away…..
Daxton’s Pov
I woke up from bed to meet Selene standing near me with a tray in her hand. Oh God what does this lady wants, it is one thing she followed me from abroad to here but now she’s acting like a wife.
“Breakfast in bed Daxton” She said. “I am not hungry” I replied and stood up.
“Please, you haven’t eaten anything since yesterday afternoon” She said and gave me a puppy dog eyes, well I was starving so a little meal won’t harm. “Okay” I said and she dished the food. I dip the spoon in the food and ate. I swallowed the food and smiled impressively. “Hmmmm who made this” I asked.
“Who else, I made it myself” She replied . “Really??” I asked again and she nodded.
Somehow, somehow this meal feels special but why does it feel like someone special made it even if it’s just Selene. Is Selene that special to me.

To be continued