This interesting story is written by: Queen

Episode 1

Rayna’s Pov
I held my cheek and felt my father’s palm on it, mom looked shock while dad was still angry but their emotions was nothing compared to what I was feeling as hot tears fell freely from my eyes. For all the 24 years of my life my Dad had never raised up his hand to hit me but unfortunately for today my cheek was in pain because of him. I knew something like this would happen although I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. “YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS FAMILY” Daddy yelled pointing at me with his finger, mom tried calming him down but he shrugged her off and walked away. Mom looked at me and tried to say something but she couldn’t instead she sobbed and walked to her room leaving me alone. Sophia my personal maid came and gave me a napkin to dab my face with but unfortunately for the poor girl, I transferred my anger on her.
“GET OUT GET OUT” I yelled, she scurried away and I broke down on the floor crying. Is it a sin to fall in love, just because my boyfriend isn’t as rich as my billionaire father then I can’t date him?? Sometimes I wish I was very poor, so fucking poor that nobody would mind me dating the guy I really loved..
I met Daxton when I was 18 years old, he was 20 then and he started off as my driver. He was nice caring, he still is. Then I started having feelings for him, then the feelings developed into love the day he saved me from my boyfriend who was dating me for my money. He kidnapped me but Daxton saved me, he even risked his life.
Then we started dating secretly and on my 20th birthday, after some drinks and too much fun, I lost my virginity to him but I never regretted it as long as it was Daxton. Dad found out that we were dating when I was 22 and he got really furious, he fired Daxton as my driver and he even sent thugs to teach him a lesson but that didn’t stop our love from blooming. I thought may be if Dad realized that I loved Daxton so much that I couldn’t live without him then he would have a change of mind but I was fooling myself. He never wants to hear me say his name at all even though Daxton’s name had been nailed in my heart already and nothing could change that fact. Hours ago Dad came to Daxton’s house, I wondered who would have told him I was at Daxton’s place. He saw me on Daxton’s bed, my head lying on his chest and a bedsheet covering my naked body. I knew my dad was going to be very angry then especially when I lied to him I was going to the office. He allowed me to wear my clothes then dragged me to his car not before giving Daxton a serious warning to stay away from me but who was he kidding, I knew Daxton very well, rather than stay away from me he’ll die. Dad looked at me angrily and disappointed as the driver drove home. He was angry that I lied to him to meet Daxton and he was disappointed that I already starting having sex with him, I guess he thought I was still a virgin. We got home and the first thing that he gave me was his right palm attacking my cheeks so violently
Daxton’s Pov
Immediately Mr Skylar walked out with Rayna, I wore a blue shirt and green short then headed out but my younger sister Debbie stood at the door, her hands at the other edge of the door. “And where do you think you are going, big brother” She asked. I sighed, not wanting any of her morning troubles, I pushed her away gently and walked away. “The landlord is asking for his payment, he came the time you were busy dissolving yourself in that woman” She said sarcastically. Debbie wasn’t a fan of Rayna’s, she kept on telling me to stay away from her because of the troubles I find myself in but I always refuse because I can’t let her go just like that. I’ll rather die than even think of letting Rayna go.
“Tell the landlord, I’ll pay him tonight” I told her and she laughed mockingly.
“That’s what you said the last three nights, don’t be surprised if you come back from work and meet all our loads outside” She said, rolled her eyes and walked out. I sighed and sunk in the couch. I’m not surprised that Debbie talks so rudely to me, ever since we lost our parents she had always depended on me but instead of taking care of her needs, I borrow money from her and put her in debt. Ever since Mr Skylar fired me from work, life has been very difficult especially when he used his connections to make sure I didn’t see any job outside, this is one of the reasons Debbie hates Rayna.
Speaking of debts, I heard a knock on the door and walked to open it, an angry friend was standing at the door, his eyebrows were up and his fists were clenched ready to attack.
“Heyyy Jere..” I try to be fun to ease the tension but he cut me off swiftly.
“Don’t hey Jeremiah me, guy I need my money” He said, I swallowed and formed a sorry face for him but he wasn’t ready for it. “I came for my money guy, you promised me Monday and this is Thursday already” He said. I sighed and dipped my hands into my pocket but it was totally empty, he realized this and he chuckled. “Why can’t you just meet your billionaire girlfriend, I mean isn’t that the reason you are dating her” He said and I got angry which I knew very well wasn’t the right thing to do, I have anger issues. I grabbed his collar and he gasped in fear. “How would you feel if you use the money I owe you to pay for your hospital bills” I threatened. I brought out my fist ready to punch him but fortunately for him and also me, Debbie came in and on time and stopped me from making a mistake. “God brother what is this” She yanked at me. “Please Debbie ask your brother to give me the money he’s owing me” He said adjusting his collar. “How much is he owing you” She asked and he replied “60 dollars”. She went to her shelf, counted the notes and gave it to him. He walked away without saying anything while Debbie looked at me disappointed.
“I’m sorry, I’ll pay you back” I said but she shook her head and walked out of the door.
I need to call Rayna and know what’s going on, I hope she’s okay cause I can’t afford to see her hurt..
Rayna’s Pov
I sobbed gently inside my room using my hands to wipe away my tears but it just kept on falling. My phone rang, I picked it and looked at the caller, I smiled and took a deep breath.
“Hi baby ….” I dropped the phone immediately Dad walked into my room.
“Pack your stuff before tomorrow morning Rayna” He said and gave me a ticket.
“What’s this Dad” I asked as I looked at the Ticket confused.
“You’re leaving for England tomorrow, your flight takes off at 12pm, you’ll be staying with your Aunt Jessica from now” He said. I stood up from the bed getting scared. “No no Dad what do you mean, i’m not leaving here, I don’t want to leave New York” I said.
“You have no say about it Rayna, I have booked your ticket and you are leaving, you’ll take over my company over there when you get older, don’t worry, your mom and I would come visiting and your aunt has arranged a fine man for you. We’ll discuss your marriage plans soon” He said and turned to leave but I held his cloth and he turned back.
“What of Daxton??” I asked. “Am I going to leave him as well” I continued as tears fell from my eyes. Dad patted my shoulders and sighed
“He doesn’t deserve you my child” Dad said and walked out. I went back to my bed and realized I didn’t end the call yet, that means Daxton was still on the line.
“He…hello” I said nervously.
“I won’t let you go Rayna, you belong to me and no one else, nobody can take you away from me not even your billionaire father” He said and end the call angrily. I knew Daxton, he was somebody that doesn’t know how to control his anger. I was too weak to think about what he was going to do, so I laid on the bed with heavy eyes and went to a faraway land of no troubles i.e sleep.
“RAYNA, RAYNA WHERE ARE YOU, COME DOWN HERE” These were the yells that woke me up.
“Dax Daxton” I said happily and ran downstairs. He stood at the mansion gate and I ran to meet him but two bodyguards stood in my way obstructing me. Dad walked out angrily, he looked at me then at Daxton, he was trying to pass but Dad’s bodyguards were also preventing him.
“Mr Caine, I think it’s best you leave now while I’m still in a good mood” Dad said.
“I’ll leave sir but I won’t leave without taking what belongs to me, I won’t leave without taking Rayna” He said upsetting Dad. Dad walked to him and slapped him hardly that I screamed but it didn’t seem to affect Daxton. “I don’t want to ever hear my daughter’s name from your mouth again, if not you will pay deeply for it” Dad said and walked a distance away from him but stopped when he heard Daxton say “Rayna Skylar” Dad turned back and looked at him angrily.
“I said her name Mr Skylar, and I’m not leaving this place until I take her along” He said and infuriated Daddy.
“Deal with him” He told the bodyguards and I screamed “No!!!” I tried running to him but his men held me back..
Dad’s men hit him badly but he didn’t fight back, he only kept on saying my name while I screamed for them to stop. It became more unbearable when he started bleeding but he wouldn’t move, he was ready to die for me, soon I started getting dizzy and weak, my knees became jelly, I touched my forehead and looked up before falling down to the ground and losing consciousness…

Episode 2

Daxton’s Pov
I couldn’t imagine the pain I felt seeing her fall on the ground like that, I was extremely weak from all the beatings I received but seeing her fall down and lost consciousness, I didn’t know where the strength came from as I rushed to her.
“Rayna, Rayna baby, c’mon look at me are you okay?” I asked as I lifted her up. Mr Skylar looked shocked but I snapped him out by asking him to call the doctor. I carried her bridal style to her room and dropped her gently on the bed. “I have called the doctor now leave” Mr Skylar said. As much as I wanted to stay with her till she regained consciousness, I knew I had to leave to avoid problems. I needed to stop thinking about us for now and think about only her. I walked out disappointed.
Mr Skylar’s Pov
I watched irritated as the piece of trash walked out of my daughter’s room, what Rayna saw in him was simply inexplicable and I had to do something to separate the two lovers as soon as possible, I have to let Rayna realize she doesn’t deserve him. Mia my (Rayna’s mother) ran inside the room looking worried. She looked at me sadly, shook her head disaprovingly then walked to her daughter’s bed. “What have they done to you sweetheart” She said rubbing Rayna’s hair. A knock on the door made me turn back to the door. “Sir the doctor is here” One of my bodyguards told me, I nodded and dismissed him. The doctor greeted with a broad smile on his face. We exchanged greetings and shook hands. He walked to Rayna’s bed and asked my wife to excuse him. He checked her pulse, then removed his sphygmomanometer, he examined her body and smiled positively
“Your daughter is fine, she’s just stressed because of the condition she’s in, she shouldn’t be worrying too much” The doctor said. I looked at Mia and she also returned the look. “Doctor what condition are you talking about?” Mia asked still stroking her daughter’s hair. The doctor chuckled “She is three weeks pregnant already” He said and I could feel my walls crumbling. Rayna had finally succeeded in disgracing me, not only was she pregnant before marriage but for that bastard. “Doctor we don’t need the baby, remove it now” I said, Mia opened her mouth shocked while the doctor was surprised.
“Sir you can’t make such decision without your daughter’s approval” The doctor said. I glared at him and pulled his collar violently. Mia screamed for me to stop. “She is my daughter and I will make whatever decision I want to make about her life” I said in anger. Mia removed my hands from the doctor’s shirt and sent him out. She looked at me and slapped me.
“You devil, you want to ruin your daughter’s life completely just because she is pregnant for the man she loves. Never! I won’t let you kill my unborn grandchild ” She yanked at me breathing hard.
Rayna’s Pov
I crawled my legs between my laps, mom patted my back giving me a cup of coffee. Why I lost consciousness was still a mystery, mom told me I was just tired because of seeing Daxton suffer but I have a feeling she’s lying. “What of Daxton” I asked and she sighed. “He’s, he’s okay, okay, okay, he left left earlier” Mom replied nervously and wiped her tears. “Mom you are crying, why” I asked and she stood up hiding her face. “It is nothing my dear, I’ll leave you to yourself now” She said and turned to leave but I stood up from the bed and pulled her back. “Mom what is it, there’s something you are not telling me” I said. Her face was wet with tears. “Your father is really angry at the fact that you are pregnant for Daxton, he sent his thugs to get rid of him and throw his corpse away, you know what your father can do” Mom said in tears
“What” I said shocked and my eyes widened. I was pregnant for Daxton but I was also going to lose him.
“No no noooo” I screamed and ran downstairs to the living room. Dad was sitting down crossed legs, my presence made him upset and he looked away.
“Daddy please, dad please don’t do this to me, don’t kill Daxton, I beg you” I pleaded at his feet crying uncontrollably. He scoffed and stood up pushing me away from his feet. “Daddy please don’t do this, I will do whatever you want me to do, don’t hurt Daxton, he is my life and I can’t live without him” I continued pleading. He pulled me up with force and held my shoulders tightly. “You can’t live without him?? Were you two born together, Fine! You will do what I want, that’s good to hear, your husband to be would be coming next tomorrow and your wedding is going to be next week, cut off every relationship with that bastard and I’ll let him live” Dad said and I went back to the floor crying my heart out.
Daxton’s Pov
I paced around the room, Debbie was looking at me mockingly, I couldn’t help but worried, why did she lose consciousness, is she ill. God please let her be okay. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I quickly remove it from my pocket and picked the call.
“Hello Rayna are you okay? Why did you … Daxton we need to talk..Erm okay do you want to come over…No, the café near your work is okay……sure I’ll be…” I couldn’t finish my sentence before she ended the call, she sounded strange. It was like I wasn’t talking to my own Rayna. I put on my flipflop and walked out, I took a cab to the cafe and saw Rayna sitting down there through the transparent glass. I paid the cabman and entered the cafe, I walked to Rayna’s seat but a set of bodyguard blocked me from reaching her. “It’s okay, let him pass” She said and they made way for me to pass.
“Baby are you okay, I was fucking worried and restless” I said without sitting down. “Have your seat” She gestured using her eyes to point at the seat. Fvck Rayna, what’s all this? You making this guy scared.
She brought out an envelope from her bag and passed it to me. I took it and opened it, it contained money.
“Rayna what’s this for? And why are you acting strange??” I asked
“That envelope contains 100,000 dollars, use it to pay all your debts including your sister’s and leave this city as well, this should be our last day of meeting” She said and stood up. What is she talking about? I pulled her back and stood in front of her, her bodyguards took a step but she raised her hands for them to stop “What is all this drama for? Did your billionaire father ask you to do this?” I asked and she scoffed . “No, it turned out to be, I don’t actually love you, I only enjoy the multiple fun we’ve had, everything was lust not love” She said and took a step to leave but I pulled her back again and chuckled. “Hours ago, you were screaming for your dad’s men to stop hitting me and now you say you don’t love me, tell me Rayna how do you want me to believe that?” I said. “Those hours made me realize I was only with you because of the fun we had nothing more” She said and moved but I pulled her back again getting annoyed.
“You know you suck at lying Rayna, so tell me what is the meaning of all this drama? You love me and I love you too, you are mine Rayna” I said still holding her hands. “You better wake up from your dream Daxton, I don’t belong to you and I am getting married next week so please let’s cut off this rubbish right now” She said and moved, now I was really angry.
“Marriage?? The only marriage that’ll happen would be between you and I. So I want you to look at me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me” I said. She stood in my front and said it without affection. “I don’t love you” She said. I dropped her hands and watched her walk away but no, I don’t believe that. I ran to her but the bodyguards stopped me, I pushed them away and it turned to a fight. Rayna trying to pull me away but I was so angry that I couldn’t help but transfer it on the bodyguards who exchanged fists with me.
“Daxton stop it” Rayna cried pulling me, I pushed her away I shouldn’t have. She stood up and slapped me for the first time. “Rayna?”I said hurt, not by the slap but by the way she looked at me.
“I CAN’T CONTINUE THIS RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE POOR, YES DAXTON YOU ARE POOR AND I CAN’T DATE A POOR GUY, YOU CAN’T EVEN CATER FOR YOUR NEEDS AND YOU WANT ME TO LOVE YOU, I ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE I LOVE SO PLEASE LET ME BE” She yelled and walked away. Her words stung and it made a huge impact. Did she just slap me? Did she just call me poor? Did she just say she didn’t love me?
But why?
Rayna’s Pov
Immediately we got home, I ran out of the car and cried to my mother. “Mom” I said crying and hugged her. “It is okay honey, it’s okay” She said stroking my hair.
“I hurt him mom, I hurt him so badly I even felt the pain, I insulted him and said I didn’t love him, the look on his face made me feel guilty and I couldn’t take it anymore, I said what I shouldn’t have mom” I said weeping profusely. “It’s going to be okay” Mom said trying to console me. But I knew Daxton very well, I said a lot of awful things to him and even, it’s not going to be okay

Men I feel so bad for the two lovers especially Rayna,??

To be continued