DEEP HATRED (Episodes 35 & 36)

By: Queen
Episode 35

I looked at Brian as we pulled from the hug. I just confessed my feelings for him and he didn’t say anything. Did he also feel the same way or was I only fooling myself.
He took my hands and walked me to the car, he opened the door and I got in. He also got at the driver’s seat.

“Brian!” I called but he didn’t reply.

“Brian!” I called again but instead of a reply he did my seat belt for me.

“BRIAN!!” I called him for the third time almost yelling and this time he burst into laughter.

“Damn! It feels so good annoying you” He said smiling and rubbed my hair.

“I missed you Ayna and I really want you back” He stopped and took a deep breath.

“I don’t know what you did to me but for this first time in my 26 years I love someone just the same way I love my mother. You came into my life and since then I have not been able to cope seeing you hurt, seeing you happy with other guys and I hated it when you forgot about me”

“I’m sorry” I apologized folding my hands together.

“It’s okay! Cab woman” He says smiling.

“Just don’t leave me again” He continued and turned on the engine and like that he drove me back home.
“Hello Inspector! Yes it’s Mrs Caine speaking. I’m sorry for calling this late it’s just that a guy just kidnapped my daughter, yes my last daughter, she’s 20….”

“Mom” I said walking in, everyone faces lit up.

“My baby” Mom said and hugged me.

“Mom nobody kidnapped me and I am okay” I said. Mom looked at Brian and me holding hands.

“So now that you guys are holding hands I suppose….”

“Mrs Skylar, I see you calling the police in the nearest future because I will be kidnapping your daughter almost everyday” Brian said. My cheeks redden up.

“Honey I can’t force you to like who you want to but I just hope you don’t get hurt this time again, I won’t accept it” Dad said.

“Sir! I love your daughter more than I love my life, hurting her would be the last thing I will ever think of” Brian said. I looked up to him and saw the seriousness in his face.

“Well! I’m freezing up here” I said shivering.
The next day, I decided to go to my old friend’s home. I really felt bad especially when I think about Chad, he didn’t deserve to die.
Coming out of Axton’s car, Axton and I knocked on the house.
Dina was the one who opened the door.

“What do you guys want?” Dina replied curtly, she didn’t spare Axton a glance.

“Baby we’re…..”

“Don’t baby me, that’s your house over there even though Ayna lost her memory I’m sure you didn’t” Dina said and attempted slamming the door on us but she stopped when I called her.

“Dina it’s okay if you are angry with me but please don’t punish Axton for my mistakes”

“Ayna I am not angry with anyone, I just don’t want to be involved with people who lie straight to your face without even thinking twice”

” Dina I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to lie, I….” I wasn’t able to finish as she slammed the door on my face.

“It’s okay Ayna, she will come over. They are still mourning Chad. Let’s come back another day” Axton said and opened the car door for me. I took a look at my house, Brian’s restaurant and Dina’s house.

Axton stopped the car in front of the gate of the house.

“Axton why did you stop?” I said and looked up to see an angry Asher standing at the gate.

“Oh! Who do we have here?” I said and walked out of the car.

“Baby what’s going on? Your parents won’t let me in” He said.
Axton smiled mischievously then tapped my shoulders.

“Take it easy with him” He said and walked back to his car and drove inside the gate

“Erm Asher! The reason my parents won’t let you in is because I don’t want to see your lying face anymore ”

“Baby! What are you talking about? Our wedding is coming up” He said and I let out a sarcastic laugh.

“Yeah right! Our wedding is coming up and you are invited” I heard a voice said from behind.

“Brian” I said smiling at his words

“Your kidnapper is here to kidnap you again” He said and looked at Asher codly.

“Fuck off” He said codly. His voice made Asher quiver in fear.

“Okay sir!” He said and ran away.

“Let’s go” He said and pulled me away.

“Here drink this” Dennis said and handed me a cup of coffee. We were at a coffee shop, he met me sulking while passing and decided to check on me. I know him as Brian’s step brother but we’ve never had any discussion until now.

“Thanks” I said drinking the coffee.

“So can you tell me why you look like a bag of frustration?” He said and I let out a soft chuckle.

“Thanks” I said.

“You wanna go outta here, I know a good restaurant” Dennis said and gave me his hand. I smiled and took it.



Ayna and I stood nervously in front of my mother who was staring at us angrily, I held Ayna’s hand to reduce her fears.

“So you still insisted on this woman here…” Mom started with, Ayna held me more tightly.

“Well if that’s the case then….Welcome to the family” Mom said smiling and hugged Ayna.
Next, Ayna’s friends


“We forgive you Ayna” Dina said and hugged me. I smiled and hugged her back.

“I deserve a hug too” Max said playfully as usual and was about hugging me.

“I will help you hug her” Brian said and hugged me.

“Well that means free food for us” Miranda said. Everyone looked at her surprised.

“What… I have forgiven her too” She said and hugged me . We all laughed
We all walked to Brian’s restaurant for lunch.
Brian and I took the same table and I ordered pasta with chicken sauce and a glass of strawberry milkshake.

“You look small but sure eat a lot” Brian said.
I smiled and took sip from the milkshake, we finished eating and I took the last sip from the glass cup. I felt something hard in the milkshake and spat it out on my hand.
It was a ring, a freaking ring.

“God!” I exclaimed and the lights went off.

“What’s going on?” I asked scared and stood up. I felt a hand pulled me and the lights went back on.
I looked at everyone in the restaurant, each wore a cloth with words written on it.

I looked at Brian kneeling down, the words 30 SECONDS was written boldly on his clothes.

“Fuck!” I laughed and then screamed in excitement then I changed my face to a serious one.

” I am not Cab woman” I said folding my arms.
He stood up, held my face and hugged me

“But you are my cab woman” He said
“I love you” Brian said withdrawing from the hug

“I love you so bad that it hurts, the fear of me losing you is so scary and I don’t want to even think of it, Marry me Ayna please” He begged and went back on his knees.

I looked at him and everyone else in the restaurant.

“I I I I..” I stammered swallowing in my nervousness

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