DEEP SECRETS : Episode 11 – 20



01:13 am, A Mansion outside the City.
“Whoever made the videos knew what she or he was doing. I can tell you that I and my wife have been framed up. Someone wants us to take the fall for their sins…” Stanley said.

Eve, Stanley and the three doctors were startled with the sudden entrance of Maxwell’s
armed men into the room. From the look of their faces, they were angry, afraid and
surprised. Stanley did not know what might come next and so he shielded Eve with his body, just in case the men were to pounce on them.

“Stanley, you are right. Mayo knows something about the videos,”

one of the armed men stated with the gesture of a man who had just uncovered a great secret.

“Where is he now?”

Stanley asked, expecting the men to lead Mayo into the room.

“We did not find him in his house, but we found enough to know he knows much,” the armed man said with a sadistic smile on his face. Breathlessly.
Eve and Stanley waited for the man to let the cat out of the bag.

“Someone made it to Mayo’s house before us. We found two dead masked men in his house and two n@ked girls in his bedroom. There were bullet holes in some parts of his house. Clearly there was a shootout in his house. We didn’t find Mayo. He may be on the run. Someone wants him dead.”

Eve, Stanley and the three doctors took sigh of relief. Stanley had given them Mayo’s name because he was the one who told him about the videos and was the person Maxwell wanted to have a chat with.
Stanley did not know how it was going to go down if they had found Mayo, but he had to
give them his name to save himself and his new wife.

“What we saw in Mayo’s house confirms what we have always feared; there is someone or
some people out there who do not want the videos found. They want you, all your friends and whoever knows about the videos and how to find them dead,” the armed man said and stepped closer to Stanley.

Like a bolt from the blue, he stretched his hand toward Stanley for a handshake and said,

“You have just saved yourself and your pretty wife by narrowing down our search.” Stanley shook his hands in spite of himself, wondering what would come next. The man brought out his phone, fiddled with it a bit and showed Stanley some pictures.

“Do you know any of these men?”

The pictures were those of two dead men on the floor. There was way too much blood on their faces. Stanley and Eve studied the images for a while and said,

“No, we don’t recognize any of them.”

“Then they are just who we think they are, assassins sent to kill Mayo. They are the men we found dead in his house.”

Stanley already knew that. He recognized some of the furniture in the pictures. The man swiped the images, revealing new ones.

“How about these ladies, does any of you know them?”

One look at them Stanley said, “They are students and must be around eighteen and twenty years. Mayo has a bent for tender girls. He must have given them Pendulum. Did you get the girls to a hospital?” Stanley asked with alarm in his voice.

The armed man nodded and said, “Yes, we did. My daughter is about their age. I could not leave them to die there.”

“Thank you sir.”

“You are welcome Stanley.”

The armed man’s phone rang and he moved a bit to take it. He didn’t talk long before he came back and handed the phone to Stanley and said, “My boss wants to speak with you.”

Stanley took the phone from him and said, “Hello.”

“Mr. Stanley, I am grateful for how helpful you have been to us so far. How is your wife?”

“She is fine.”

“You must be wondering who I am. I am Maxwell. I understand my men have mentioned to you who I am. I have an offer for you,” Maxwell said and paused as if to read Stanley’s mind.

Stanley on his part waited with bated breath to hear the offer.

“I want you to help me find the videos by finding Mayo. He was your friend, if he is still in the city, he might be willing to meet with you if you can convince him to meet up with you.”

“You said it is an offer, what am I going to get if I do it for you?”

“Stanley, you will get to walk free with your pretty wife. Also you will have your account
credited with twenty million Naira; and here is the best part, we will make sure no one harms you. I hope you know that there are people out there who cannot wait to blow your brains out. They have been fooled to believe that you made the videos and that the videos are in your possession.”

Stanley felt boxed in. He loathed being drawn into a battle he knew nothing about and also being put in a position to work against his friends. Already he and Eve had taken bullets for what was none of their business.

“I don’t expect this decision to be hard for you Mr. Stanley, you don’t have much options here. Your friends have sold you out and there are many who can’t wait to put their hands on you. Don’t forget you have a pretty wife.”

“Are you threatening me Mr. Maxwell?”

“No, I am not. I am only helping you see things as they are. Help me by helping yourself. Don’t
you want to find out who framed you up and almost had you and your wife killed. Are you aware that the man who shot you and your wife has escaped from the hospital? Ehmm… what’s his name? Leroy! Yea, that’s his name.”

“Give me time to think about your offer Mr. Maxwell.”

“Okay, Stanley.”


A yellow cab pulled into the hotel premises. Inside was Lizzy. Since the previous day when she drove away from Apple Bar and headed toward a market, she had not slept a wink. She
had been dodging and hiding from the man she spotted at Apple Bar. She wanted to make sure she had not been followed to Oak City Hotel.
Steve had been there for about thirty minutes
waiting for her. Certain there was no one watching her, Lizzy stepped out of the cab and
walked into the hotel lobby. Steve had told her to introduce herself to the receptionist as Mrs. Bernard.

“Hello, I am Mrs. Bernard. I am here to see my husband.”

A porter walked up to her and said, “You are
welcome Mrs. Bernard, we have been waiting for you. Come with me.”

Lizzy followed him into the elevator. At the fourth floor, they stepped out of the elevator and began to walk to Steve’s room. Intermittently Lizzy looked behind her shoulders to make sure she was not being followed. When the porter reached a certain door, he stopped and knocked once.
After a seeming long wait, the door slowly creaked open and Steve peeped at the porter and Lizzy from the opening on the door.
Seeing the porter and his wife, he swung the door wide open and grabbed his wife. As he
hurried to close the door, he said to the porter,

“You have done well, I will see you in the morning.” The porter nodded and walked away.

There was so much to talk about, but first Steve had to fulfil his conjugal responsibility to his wife. He knew Lizzy, when she was going through so much stress, the best way to connect with her was to give her a good fun. Like a hungry lion, Steve ripped off her clothes, being a maniac as well and having gone for days without his regular steamy sessions was a tough task for him. In a matter of moments, the two of them were pouncing on each other like lions fighting to protect their territories.

Two hours later they lay on the bed spent. “Where are our children, Steve?” Lizzy asked sounding exhausted.
Steve rolled over to her spot, took her in his hands and said,

“They are in Ghana.”

“Thank God… what is going on, baby? Who are the people who took me? Why did they strip me down? Why…”

“Slow down baby. Let us take them one after
another. Tell me what happened in Sun City. I want to know how the stranger got your nvde

Lizzy stood up from the bed and went bring her Sony camera over.

“Here is the camera you asked me to bring. Let us start from it. See if you can find the picture the stranger sent you amongst the ones in it.”

The two of them snuggling in each other’s arm began to go through the pictures together.
Lizzy had not had time to look at the camera since she was released by her captors. As she
and Steve went through the pictures, they stumbled on shocking images which she could not explain how they got into her camera. Steve felt his heart almost jumping out of his mouth when he saw the pictures.

“Jesus!! What is this, Steve?” Lizzy asked in disbelieve. Steve’s hands shook and the
camera fell on the bed. Steve did not know how to explain what he and his wife had seen. He
never had for a moment planned to explain his
adulterous life to his wife. He had been very careful and was certain she would never find out.

“Steve! Answer me!! What is this?”

“I… was… I… don’t know. I am sorry. I was drunk,”
Steve stuttered, sounding stupid. The picture they saw was Steve and Bimpe in a s*xual
act. Lizzy picked the camera from the bed and began to skip from one image to another. The
images she saw were worse than the first. She saw her husband in s*xual acts with
Clara, Stella, Bimpe and some unknown women.” Lizzy went numb with shock. She knew her husband had problem with keeping himself in check when standing in front of fully endowed ladies, but to have s*x with his friends, some of whom were married was beyond her imagination. While they sat on the bed, staring at each other speechlessly, a deafening knock was heard on the door. Steve was not expecting anyone and neither was the knock in tandem with how he told the maids and porters in the hotel to knock on his door. They were still wondering who that might
be when the knock came again, this time louder. Lizzy leapt on her husband and began to tremble.


“I think Steve is not on the run from anyone. He may be on the run for what he knowns and might have done,” Clara said, her eyes darting about.

She had remembered what Steve was going to kill her for some weeks ago.

“Six months ago, my account was credited with
three million naira. I got the three million two days after I accompanied Steve and Bimpe to a meeting. I could not make sense of the things that were said in that meeting until now. I think Bimpe and Steve sold false information to a man about Eve and Stanley. I know it was
about a video. I was asked if Stanley had made s*x videos before and could make some
and I said yes. Steve even showed the man the video we made about that time in Mayo’s
house and said to the man that Stanley made it. The video was not meant to leave Mayo’s
house and yet he brought it out.
Stanley did not make that video, Mayo did. They were making money by betraying one of us. I was paid three million for my part in the meeting!” Stella and Chucks were shocked and

“Does anyone know where Bimpe and her family are at the moment?” Stella asked after a long silence. No one answered her.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone about this before now?!” Chucks yelled, finally uttering a word after what he had heard.

“I didn’t see anything wrong with it then. I thought Bimpe and Steve were using Stanley’s
name to pitch for a job. We have all at one point or the other used university students to
make s*x videos and sold them to foreign buyers. Believe me I did not know it could be worse.”

“Could it be that Mayo is innocent? Quite frankly since all this began, I haven’t seen Bimpe acting like she was concerned. What could she and Steve have done?”

Chucks’ phone beeped and he picked it. It was a text message and it read,

“Chucks, you have been marked, get lost.”

Calmly he stood to his feet and said, “Ladies, I forgot, I have something to pick up for my brother. I will meet you again in the evening. Make sure you stay safe.”

Clara had her eyes fixed on him, she had the quickest mind amongst all of her friends. Immediately Chucks left her house, she said to Stella,

“I don’t trust anyone anymore. I have a feeling Chucks just told us a lie. Did you notice, he no
longer tells us much about his investigation. Let us follow him and find out where he is going.”

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