DEEP SECRETS : Episode 31 – The End

DEEP SECRETS EPISODE 31 08:15 AM, IDARA MAXWELL HOUSE “Why don’t we go see my mother right away?” Eve asked, eager to get going. “Your husband said you are not feeling fine, why don’t you at least sit down and have a bite of the food on the table?” Idara asked, still keeping the warm … Read more

DEEP SECRETS : Episode 21 – 30

DEEP SECRETS EPISODE 21 11:20 PM, BAY APARTMENTS A knock on the door hushed Steve and Lizzy. They were not expecting anyone. Steve picked his gun and moved towards the door. This time he was determined to use it. A female voice, saying, “Room service!” from outside, calmed him a bit. He tip-toed back to … Read more

DEEP SECRETS : Episode 11 – 20

DEEP SECRETS EPISODE 11 01:13 am, A Mansion outside the City. “Whoever made the videos knew what she or he was doing. I can tell you that I and my wife have been framed up. Someone wants us to take the fall for their sins…” Stanley said. Eve, Stanley and the three doctors were startled … Read more

DEEP SECRETS : Episode 1 – 10

DEEP SECRETS EPISODE 1 “You are the best friends I have had in my twenty seven years of life. The day Stanley introduced me to you all; I had no clue as to how much blessing friendships with you all would become to me. I want to say once again, thank you.” Eve began to … Read more