“Adultery occurs in the head long before it occurs in the bed,” Chuck Swindoll.

Fred pov
Sometimes I don’t get my wife, one minute she is mad, the next minute she is a complete different person, like she is all loving and soft. Take for example this morning we talked like normal human beings and before she left for work, we even had s*x.
Let’s just say luck was on my side this morning, things could have taken a totally different turn but here we are I feel satisfied. I want peace to reign in my marriage so I will distance myself from Anna for atleast until the dust settles between me and my wife.

When I get to work, I head straight to my class and get started with the lessons.
At break time, Anna sends me a text inviting me for breakfast but I decline her offer. I manage to avoid her the whole day and when the bell rings, I quickly grab my stuff and head for the car park.
“Fred?” I hear her voice as I am opening my car door but I pretend not to hear her. She calls my name again for a second time and I turn around. I plaster a smile on my face as she walks towards me.
“Hey,” she gives me a look
“Hey you.”
“Are you avoiding me?” she asks
I laugh, “Why would i?”
“I have been trying to talk to you and you haven’t been available, wait did you wife say anything bad about me?”
I shake my head, “My wife didn’t even say anything about you.”
“She attacked me last night.”
“I am sorry on her behalf that won’t happen again,” I quickly say
“Are you sure you are okay?” she asks
“I am perfectly fine.”
“My car hasn’t been fixed yet,” she scratches her head, “I need a lift home.”
I bite my lower lip, I have to find a way of saying no without hurting her feelings, I know Anna is a great friend but my wife and kids come first.
“I am sorry I can’t give you a lift, I have to pick up the kids from school.”
“And what happened with the maid?”
“She is around I just want to spend some time with them.”
“Okay,” she responds with a frown. “I will get a Taxi.”
“Alright, I will see you tomorrow,” I get into my car and drive off, I really feel bad for not giving her a lift but I don’t wanna fight with my wife anymore.
When I get back home, the kids are already home.
“Yes sir.”
“I am giving you the night off, I will prepare supper for the kids my wife is going out on a dinner date.”
“Thank you,” she smiles
“You are welcome.”


Tasha pov
When I get home from work, Fred is preparing dinner with Talia and Taylor. He gave Fatty the night off because he wants to spend some time with the girls.
I head straight to my room and I freshen up, I am running late for my dinner with Kai, I had an emergency meeting at work so I got off a little later than I should.

I quickly check my closet and decide on exactly which outfit I will be wearing. A few minutes later, I am clad in a pair of blue ripped jeans and a red silk blouse with a matching throw-over. Then I set out a pair of high heeled shoes out of my closet and slip my feet into them.
Afterwards I tie my hair back into a knot then I apply a little make up then I grab a bottle of perfume and spray myself all over my body. Satisfied with my look, I grab my purse and head downstairs.
I walk into the kitchen and stand by the door, watching Fred and the girls, they are so busy baking, they don’t see me watching them, I always wanted a family of my mine and now that I have it, it feels like something is missing to make this complete. Maybe I should have a son a little handsome boy to run around the house, a new baby always brings light into a home.
“Mummy,” Talia wakes me from my reverie.
“Hey baby.”
“You look beautiful.”
“Thank you.”
“You are ready to leave?” Fred asks
“You look beautiful as usual, take care of yourself and have a great night,” he walks close and leans in before he lightly kisses my lips.
“Get a room,” the girls say at the same time.
“Oh please.”
“I have to go I will see you all later.”
“Bye, I love you,” with that note, I walk out of the house to my car. The drive to restaurant brings back memories of my first date with Kai, that night that I almost changed my mind and went back home. I feel like a teenager in love, Kai always excites me in a different way.

A short while later, I park my car in front of the restaurant and step out, I head straight for the entrance, the minute I walk in, Kai and I lock eyes.
With a huge smile on my lips, I slowly walk towards him, he stands up when I get to the table, then he eyes me from head toe and again, my heart races, maybe he doesn’t like the way I look.
“You look amazing,” he says
I let out a sigh of relief, “For a minute there I thought you didn’t like my outfit.”
He laughs, “With those curves that you have, any outfit looks amazing on you.”
“I will take that as a complement.”
He k!sses my forehead and pulls a chair for me and I sit down, the restaurant is small and cozy, I love the fact that it is not crowded.
“I am glad you could make it,” he says.
Before I can respond, the waiter walks to our table and we place our order.
“So how have you been?” I ask when as he pours me a glass of wine.
“I have been okay, just been missing you since you sidelined me.”
“I didn’t sideline you.”
“What did you do?”
“My marriage was crumbling down right in front of my eyes, I had to do something.”
“I see, how are things with Fred now?”
“Good, we had a minor misunderstanding last night because of his friend from work but now things are okay.”
“Yes, the same b!tch.”
He laughs, “B!tch?”
“She is a b!tch.”
“I see.”
“So how is your wife?” I ask
He hesitates before he responds, “She is okay.”
“Tell me about her.”
“Your wife.”
“I don’t know, I am curious.”
“My wife and I have nothing in common, we are always arguing because we can’t seem to agree on anything.”
“Did you ever love her?”
“I thought I did but I guess sometimes love alone isn’t enough.”
“I see.”
“You know I want to make things work with her but I feel like something is missing.”
I smile.
“That is exactly how I feel about me and Fred.”
“I honestly don’t know what to do.”
“Me too, I look at Fred and I feel like there is something missing in our life.”
“It would be easy to walk out if we didn’t have a child together.”
“Ya, tell me about Sofia the first.”
He laughs, “My little Sofia is everything she completes my world she keeps me going.”
“Would you want to have another child in future?”
“Yes,” he face lightens up, “a little boy to run around the house.”
“OMG,” I exclaim
“Can you read minds?”
He hits me playfully, “Why?”
“That’s exactly what I was thinking about this morning, a little boy to run around the house.”
“Well we think alike.”
There is a brief silence between us after that as we eat.
“So?” we say at the same time.
“You go first,” he says
“So, I came here with the intentions of breaking things off with you.”
“I think I should give you a chance to be my friend, you and I have a lot in common and you get me in a way that nobody does.”
He raises his eyebrows and gives me a mocking look, “Are you pulling my leg?”
“I am serious.”
“Wow, this is the best news I have heard in years.”
My eyes twinkle, “I am glad you are that excited.”
“Let’s make a toast.”
My smile brightens as I lift my glass, “To new friendships, adventures and having fun,” I clank my glass to his before taking a sip.


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