Tasha’s pov
At four thirty, I turn off my computer, pull out a mirror from my bag and quickly redo my makeup. Then I walk out of my office and head for the elevator.
I step out of the elevator a few minutes later, walk to the car park and get into my car. I drive out of the driveway and turn to my right towards Kai’s apartment.
I pull into his driveway forty five minutes later, stepping out of my car I walk towards the front door and knock. When he opens the door, he gently pulls me to him wrapping me into his arms, he k!sses my neck and whispers,” I have been thinking all day about the things I want to do to your body.”
My heart slams hard against my chest and a wave of desire sweeps through me.
He leads me into the living room, I drop my bag on the floor and sit on the couch he sits on stool across from me.
“How was work?” he asks as he leans down in front of me and removes my shoes.
“Work was hectic,” I respond
He lifts my feet onto his laps and begins to gently massage them. I close my eyes in bliss and give in to the enjoyment of his hands. He slowly works himself up the calves of my legs then my thighs.
A wave of ecst@sy races through my whole body, starting from my head down to the tips of my toes as his hands enters between my legs at the upper inner thigh.
This is a whole new level of pleasure I don’t want it to stop.
A moment later, I decide to take off my blouse and he stares at me in amazement.
“I have never wanted any woman more than I want you right now,” he says quietly.
I can’t speak I merely nod my head as I continue to enjoy the feel of his hands on me. He pulls me to him and k!sses my neck then I unbutton his shirt before I rub my hands through his bare chest.
He presses his lips on mine we k!ss and caress each other our tongues merge in a hot wet dance of desire. As we continue k!ssing I feel a swoop of intense hunger sweep through me banishing logic and reason.

When we finally have s*x, it is everything I have ever dreamt of, it’s s*x like I have never had before. When we are both spent, we finally fall asleep in each other’s arms.


Anna’s pov
“What did you do to finally convince lover boy to take you out for dinner?” Trish asks as she works on my makeup.
“I didn’t even have to do anything, I just asked him out for dinner.”
“Does that mean he is falling for you?” she asks
“Fred is unpredictable, you can never know.”
“Make an impression tonight.”
“Flirt with him, seduce him if you have to.”
“Won’t that scare him away?”
“Be creative girl.”
“I am done,” she says
“I love it, thank you,” I smile at her as I stand up.
I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself. I am clad in a white dress with a plunging neck line. The dress is tight and very short but it clings in all the right places accentuating my curves.
“Isn’t this too loud?” I ask
“You look amazing,” she replies meaning every word.
“That dress is to die for its long enough to cover the goodies but short enough to create interest. If you play it right, Fred will be in your bed tonight.”
“I really can’t wait to have him in this bed,” I respond.

A short while later, there is a knock at the door, “I think that’s my queue to leave,” I grab my purse.
“Go grab your man girl.”
“Alright, stay safe.”
Trish is staying with me for a couple of days she had an issue with her landlord.
I march down the stairs and walk towards the door, when I open it. Fred is standing on my door step looking handsome as usual.
“Shall we?” he asks, I extend my hand to him thinking he will walk me to the car but he quickly walks ahead of me and I walk right behind him, he didn’t even look at me for more than a minute and no complement whatsoever about the way I look.
He opens the door for me and I slid into my seat then he walks around to his seat, as soon as he gets in, he starts the car and drives out. The drive to the restaurant is quiet, there is utter silence expect for the music playing in the background. I keep stealing short glances at Fred but his eyes are focused on the road.
When we finally get to our destination, we step out of the car and head straight in, we are lead to a table at the far end of the room and surprisingly it’s a table for three and not two.
“Table for three?” I ask, maybe we have been assigned the wrong table.
“I have invited someone,” he responds
“Me,” Patrick walks up to us.
Patrick is a colleague from work, he has been trying to get into my pants for a long time now and I keep rejecting his advances, Fred knows I hate this guy with a passion, why would he invite him over to our date, this night is supposed to be for me and him alone.
“Anna!” he exclaims as his eyes travel down my body, “You look heartbreakingly beautiful,” he says
“Thank you.”
“I am starving can we all sit and order some food?” Fred says
Patrick sits next to me while Fred sits on the chair across from mine.
I am fuming with anger I went all out to make an impression on Fred and not this fool sitting next to me. The waiter walks towards us a few minutes later and we order our food.
“I hope you are not upset that I invited him, this guy here has been bugging me about you,” he laughs
“It’s fine,” I respond
“Really? You won’t strangle me this?” Patrick asks
I roll my eyes at him, “why would I do that?”
“Because you are Anna and no one messes with Anna.”
I choose not to respond.
The waiter brings our food and we start eating, Fred is focused on his phone while Patrick keeps asking me silly questions, the only reason I am responding is because I don’t want to seem rude.
“I am sorry but I have to leave right away, Patrick do you mind taking her home for me?” Fred asks
“What?” I shot him a serious look.
“My wife just texted, her car won’t move, I need to pick her up,” he says
“I don’t mind driving her home,” Patrick responds
“Great,” Fred grabs his car keys, “Dinner was amazing Anna, we should do this again soon, buddy I will see you later.”
And with that he hurries out of the restaurant.
“What just happened?”
“Fred just left,” he says
“I said that out loud?”
“I just played myself.”
“Never mind.”
“Don’t even start Patrick,” I snap at him before I continue eating my food even though I am no longer hungry. I went through all this for a man who doesn’t seem to notice me.


Tasha’s pov
When I wake up a few hours later, I shower, get dressed and head to the living room Kai is sitting in front of the television though he is focused on his phone. I stand at the door and stare at him as he types away, from the expression on his face, he must be enjoying the conversation and suddenly I feel jealous.

“You are up?” he asks when he finally notices me.
He walks over to me and wraps his hands around me before he lightly k!sses my lips.
“I have to go,” I say pulling away from him.
“Is anything the matter?”
“You have to eat something,” he says
“I am fine.”
“I cooked for you the least you can do is try and eat.”
He leads me to the dining room where he dishes up for me and I eat in silence. After I finish, I go back to his room and grab my stuff. I am still picking some of my things when he walks in.
Then he grabs me, pushes me up against the wall and pins my hands above my head then he looks intensely into my eyes and the next thing I know, his lips are on mine. As usual his body feels so good against mine and his lips are as soft as ever. I melt in his hands as he k!sses me and all the anger that I felt towards him is gone.
“I am sorry, if I hurt you in anyway,” he says finally.
“You didn’t hurt me,” I respond.
“Spend the night.”
“Your offer is tempting but I can’t,” I respond
“My husband…,”
“Forget it,” he cuts my sentence short before I finish, grab your bag so I can walk you out to your car.


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