You can’t handle a cheating man, no, you can’t! A lot of ladies have asked me stupid questions that make me wonder if the brain is in their skull, 100%.

“He has different chats with other ladies on his phone but I still love him”. No, you are still stupid!

“He keeps talking to his EX and does not care about me.” No! You don’t care about your own mental health talk less of your life!

“A lady always come to spend weekend at his house, I have talked to him, begged him to know if I offended him, he says no but didn’t change, what should I do?” Have a brain reset!

“Each time I tell him to stop being close to his EX, he gets angry and abuses me but I love him so much, how can I change him?” You are the one who needs a change! Yourself esteem is almost down to zero and your high level of tolerance for abuse is amazing!

The lady who stabbed her husband in 2017 did so when she discovered he was cheating! She ran mad, lost her senses and drew cold blood out of him, now she is losing her life after she has been sentenced to death by hanging, you don’t want to get to that point!

A woman cried out for help on social media after she discovered her husband had married another woman without her knowledge and had children for him. She asked people to pray for her as she was literally losing her senses. She was fast becoming a psychiatric case!

Another woman murdered her own husband and buried him under a bridge somewhere so no one will know. His adulterous life style pushed her to kill him.

One woman couldn’t take it anymore and sliced off her husband’s pen!s!

Another woman poured hot, boiling oil on her husband while on sit in the toilet. The list goes on and on…

Cheating is traumatic! A lot of men don’t know or understand this! If they do and really understand the consequences, no man will ever cheat on his wife!

You can’t handle adultery! It all starts from courtship but a lot of people are blind by the stupidity they call love, get married and start crying “wolf!”

A man who can’t control his pen!s when he sees you and must have s*x either by consent or r@pe will have affairs like crazy in marriage! You are not the reason he couldn’t control his er*ction, he has serious issues with self control and will have s*x with your friend, sister or mother when your are sick and can’t have s*x, you travelled or you just put to bed and you need about 3 months space for your body to heal!

That is why we keep preaching abstinence/virginity till marriage! It helps you control your libido and when necessary in marriage!

You can’t change a cheating guy! You are not God, neither are you the Holy Spirit!

Once you notice, he chats with his EX full scale, is avoiding you, flirts with other women, he is always asking for s*x, he chats with unknown women from morning till down and he is not taking correction, for your peace sake! For your future sake! For your life sake, END THAT RELATIONSHIP in peace!

Don’t let any man push you to commit murder or manslaughter! There is no excuse under heaven strong enough to excuse murder! You do it, you will face the wrath of the law and your parents, siblings, friends and family will mourn your loss when the judge sentences you to death! All that shit can be avoided now!

Jesus says you are to love your neighbour as yourself meaning, love yourself first, take care of your mental sanity, before proceeding with a relationship with another human being!

Once he is cheating, pick race! Don’t waste your time!

A cheating guy is immature, irresponsible, juvenile and not a soul you can waste your time with. You can’t change him! That’s God’s business! Leave him to God and save your life!

May the good Lord grant you understanding!

Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele, 2020.