The Loverboys
(Coffee secret exposed)

Episode 31

By: Faith Lucky.

Jeanne’s Pov:
When I got home, I helped Molly shower and eat. Then we sat in the sitting room together, watching a movie.

The loverboys were yet to return, but Mrs Tristan returned not long after.

“Mum!” Molly called elatedly and ran to embrace her.

“Oh, darling. How’re you?” She asked after planting a kiss on her forehead.

“I’m fine, mum”.

‘Good evening ma’am” I greeted with a bow.

“Good evening ,Jeanne. And how’re you today? ” she asked with a smile.

“I’m fine ma’am. Thanks”
She smiled and looked at Molly.

“By the way, Molly, isn’t Chloe your classmate?” She asked.

“Yeah, she is” replied Molly.

“Uhm…didn’t she invite you to her birthday party tonight?” She asked and Molly sighed and returned to her seat next to me.

“She did, mum. But I’m not going” she replied.

“Huh? Why?”

“Well, I couldn’t go alone. And I knew none of you would want to come with me.”

“Molly! You should have just asked.

“Huh? Do you really think I’m ready to cry out my eyes again, begging you guys to come with me like I did during the school function?”

Mrs Tristan scoffed and shook her head.

“You’re so funny, Molly.
well, Chloe’s mum invited me to the party. So I’m going. Now, get dressed” she said and Molly’s eyes beamed.

“What? Really mum?” She asked in excitement and Mrs Tristan smiled and nodded.

“And you’ll be coming with us, Jeanne. Just in case molly needs anything. So, get prepared as well.” She said and took the stairs.

I’ll be going with them to the party?

Molly stood up and dragged me up with her.

“Come on nanny. Let’s get ready for the party”.


Hm. If not that I know the celebrant’s a kid, if someone had told me this was a kid’s party, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I walked into the dazzling hall with Molly and Mrs Tristan.
The whole place was buzzing with life and not just kids, but adults were present as well.

Boys and girls dressed in suit could be seen walking around with trays of snacks, drinks and so on.
The party was fabulous.

Some of the kids called and waved at Molly and she waved back at them.
Hm. She was already a celebrity at this age.

“Look whom we have here” a woman said as she came up to us and gave Mrs Tristan a hug.

“Hello, Christen. Long time no see” Mrs Tristan said after the hug.

“Indeed, my dear. I’m so happy you were able to honor my invitation”.

“Good evening ma’am” Molly greeted in her tiny sweet voice.

“Oh, darling – my daughter’s rival in class. How’re you today?” She asked with a smile.

“I’m fine.”

“Good evening ma’am” I also greeted.

“Good evening, pretty” she replied and looked around.

“Uhm…your son isn’t with you?” She asked Mrs Tristan.

“Nah. He’s not even at home” she replied.

Oh! I understand. Busy bee” the woman said and they laughed.

Alex that barely has time to have breakfast. How does she expect him to attend her daughter’s party?

Immediately, a little girl dressed in a royal way scuttled to us.

“Molly!” She called in a smile that revealed all her white teeth.

“Chloe!” Molly also called and embraced her.

“Wow Chloe. You look like a princess” she said and she laughed.

“Well, yeah. It’s my birthday” the Chloe replied and they giggled.

“Oh! Happy birthday, Chloe” molly said and gave her a flower she was holding.

She collected it and smiled.
“Thanks, Molly. Come with me. Sophie and the rest have been waiting” she said as she held Molly’s hand and they ran away together.

The both mothers laughed.

“Kids and their lifestyles” Chloe’s mother said and shook her head.
“Please, do enjoy the party, Mrs Tristan”.

“Sure, dear. Thanks” Mrs Tristan replied and she walked away.

“Please, keep an eye on Molly, Jeanne” she said and also left, going to greet other guests who were probably friends of hers.

I sighed and walked over to a table to sit.
On the table where I sat were drinks, cakes and sweets.
Hmm. This was totally a rich man’s party.

I took a cupcake from the table and ate from it. It was so delicious.

I ran my eyes around for Molly and found her in the midst of other girls, talking and laughing.
Well, I better keep an eye on her. She’s Mrs Tristan’s princess.
But I’m so tired and really want to go home and rest.

Just then, I saw someone walk pass where Molly was – someone familiar.
It was a young lady, gaily dressed in a long red gown that exposed all her back.

Of course, I know her!
She’s the same lady we had almost knocked down the other day on our way to school; the one who had said something like:
*You’ve really become this pretty, huh?*

Yes! She’s the one.

What’s she doing here?

I looked at her as she walked majestically and passed a corner.
I stood up from my seat and uncannily started following her.

This lady really looks familiar to me. I just can’t explain it, but she does look farmiliar to me.

I followed the corner she had taken and met her on a quiet passage – alone.
But she couldn’t see me because I was hiding behind the passage before hers and she was backing my direction.

Then, she brought out her phone from her red purse and seemed to make a call.

“Hello? Denah?” She growled on the phone.
“How the hell did Owen get my number?

“Listen to me, Denah. I’m out of DM and I so don’t worry any connection between myself and them anymore. I’m trying to go on with my life here and I don’t want any problems. I want them to stay away from me.”

I listened keenly to the call she made and wondered whom she was talking to.
But, I’d have loved to have a word with her.
I don’t know, I just felt like meeting her again.

“Nanny!” I heard Molly”s voice from behind and I turned to see her scuttling towards me.
Bad timing.

And she tripped and fell on the floor.

“Baby” I called and ran to her immediately.

“Are you alright?” I asked as I helped her from the floor and she dusted her body.

‘I was looking for you” she said.


I bit my nails and hurried back to the passage where the lady was. But she wasn’t there anymore.

I took the next passage and continued going round, but she was nowhere to be found.

Then, I looked through the window and saw her driving away in a big flashy jeep.

Oh-oh! She left already.
Too bad!
I really wanted to talk to her.

“Nanny, is there a problem?” Molly asked as she stood beside me and I sighed and shook my head.

“I don’t know, baby”.

Evans’ Pov:

Oh, God!
I’m in a damn serious trouble. Like, I’m so ruined.
Where’s Jeanne?

The loverboys were back and sir Alex has just requested for a cup of coffee.
And Jeanne was nowhere to be found and I’ve been trying to reach her on phone, but she wasn’t picking up.

What do I do now? Only Jeanne knows how to make Alex’s coffee the way he likes it.
If I do it now, he’s definitely going to spot the difference and get suspicious.
What the hell do I do?

I entered into his room with the cup of coffee in a tray and I met him sitting on the bed, operating his laptop.

“Why did it take you so long?” He asked with his eyes still fixed on the system and I cringed.
The real problem hasn’t even started, yet he’s complaining.

“I’m sorry sir” I said with a bow and kept the tray on a stool in front of him.
I better get out of here before he tastes the coffee.

On my way out, being in a hurry, I hit the table close to the door and some items fell on the floor.
Oh, damn!
Alex was already taking up the coffee.

Oh, Jeanne. We’re both dead today.

I quickly bent to pick up the items. But just when I was done and was about leaving, I heard his voice.
“Evans” he called and I felt my heart skip.

I coughed a little before turning around to look at him.

“S…S…Sir?” I stuttered.

He tasted the coffee again and made a grimace on his face.

“Why does the coffee taste different today?” he asked and I felt cold ice running down my throat.

“Huh?” He asked and looked at me and I tried thinking of what to say.

“It…It does?” I asked, but he didn’t respond.

“oh! Well, sir. you see, I’m…I’m just really busy right now in the kitchen. So I must have missed the recipe. I’m terribly sorry for that” I said, hoping I was convincing enough.

Surprisingly, he dropped the coffee back on the bed.

“Take it away and make another” he said and stood up, going to a drawer in the room.

Whaat? This guy’s got to be kidding me. He really wants to put me into trouble?

Why can’t he just drink the coffee for tonight?
At least this was what he’s been drinking before Jeanne came in.
What do I do now?

I’m so stuck here. My hands are tied. Even if make another coffee, I wouldn’t be able to make the exact type Jeanne make and Alex’s going to get suspicious again.

There’s so no running away from this.

I’m sorry Jeanne. But there’s nothing I can do.

“S…Sir” I called as he rifled through the opened drawers, looking for something.
I took in a deep breath.

“I…I have a confession to make, sir” I said and he paused to look at me.
He was muffled.

“Confession?” He asked.

I took in a deep breath again.

“It’s…its about your coffee, sir” I said and he looked more interested.
But that cold look wouldn’t leave his face.

Oh, Jeanne. I’m so sorry for doing this. I know you might get into trouble for what I’m about to say.

“Sir, I’ve…I’ve not been the one making your coffee” I said and he furrowed his brows.
Now, he looked perplexed.

“What’re you talking about?” He asked in that cold voice and despite the fact I was a guy, it still made me nervous.

Okay; this is the moment.
“Sir,” I called dreadfully.
“Jeanne has been the one making your coffee”.

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